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Chapter 12 of first Kings begins with Solomon’s son Rehoboam who became king of Israel in his father’s place. Solomon did two things that ultimately led to the overthrow of his kingdom: a. Deeds of kings of Israel and Judah - 1 Kings 14-16. "1 The writer of Kings organized his material around the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah, beginning with David and ending with Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. Northern kings struggle for control (1 Kgs 14:21–16:34) God judges King Ahab with Elijah the prophet (1 Kgs 16:35–22:53) Quick outline of 2 Kings. The last days of David (1:1 to 2:11) 1. Title. The 40 year reign of King Solomon. Summary of the Book of 1 Kings. Drunk With Blood. Ministry of Elijah - 1 Kings 17-21. Solomon's wives and his downfall - 1 Kings 9-12. Solomon reigned because his authority and wisdom came from God. Injustice Cruelty and Violence Contradictions Family Values Intolerance Interpretation Language Women Homosexuality Science and History Sex … 1 Kings 18:41-46. I Kings Outlined. Outline of the Book A. Building the temple and palace - 1 Kings 5-8. Outline of 1 Kings. David's death, Solomon's ascent as king - 1 Kings 1-2. This summary of the book of 1 Kings provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the Book of 1 Kings. The book of 1 Kings may be divided into three major parts: I. (1 Kings 1-11) 1. The united monarchy and the golden age of Solomon (chapters 1-11). III. Solomon’s Reign (1 Kings 1-11) The Divided Kingdom (1 Kings 12-16) Elijah (1 Kings 17-22) Summary of 1 Kings. He made alliances with the world. The construction of the temple and Solomon’s private residence. Solomon crowned and David’s final exhortations. Analytical Outline of 1 Kings, by James T. Bartsch, WordExplain.com 5 E 2 The summary of the furniture which Solomon caused to be made 7:48-50 D 7 The completion and dedication of the implements for the house of Yahweh 7:51 C 9 Solomon's Dedication of the House of Yahweh 8 D 1 Solomon’s bringing in the ark of the covenant into the house of (5-6) 3. God judges Ahab’s family with Elisha, Jehu, and Hazael (2 Kgs 1–10) More kings of the North and South rule Israel and Judah (2 Kgs 11–16) Israel falls to Assyria (2 Kgs 17) 1 Kings. Solomon’s great wealth, power and wisdom. Adonijah, David’s fourth but oldest living son, attempts to take over the throne (1:5-10) Selected Verses. Solomon built the temple. FAITH AT WORK . Near the time of David’s death he appointed Solomon to be the next king. Absurdities. A Topical Outline. 6 Dr. Constable's Notes on 1 Kings 2020 Edition Chronicles is written from a theological standpoint, the author of Kings employs a largely narrative-annalistic approach. (1) 2. Outline of 1 Kings . Northern tribes' revolt - 1 Kings 13. Watch our overview video on the books of 1-2 Kings, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. To get from Suriname, South America to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Dottie and I will take four flights. As I write this outline I am soaring in a jet plane about 30,000 feet in the air. I. David and Solomon A. Trivia Questions. (3:1-2) b. Jeroboam, who resisted Solomon’s policies, heard about Rehoboam’s coronation while he was still in Egypt (remember he fled from Solomon). 1 Kings Chapter 12 Summary. David ruled in Israel for 40 years (1 Kings 2:11). Outline of 1 Kings, James T. Bartsch, WordExplain 4 B5 The Reforming Reign of King Asa over Judah 15:9-24 C1 The Spiritual Reforms of Righteous King Asa in Judah 15:9-15 C2 The War between King Asa of Judah and King Baasha of Israel 15:16-22 C3 The Summary of Asa’s Reign 15:23-24 B6 The Evil Reign of King Nadab over Israel 15:25-32 Outline of 1 Kings. Solomon's wisdom and government - 1 Kings 3-4. Introduction. Sickness of David (1:1-4) 2.

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