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Locate the Nuclear Launch Code The code is located in Harbor Grand Hotel.As soon as you enter, the quest “Best Left Forgotten” will be completed and this objective willl be added to the “Cleansing the Land” quest. 0. Almost all Harbormen are dead, with only a few making a desperate last stand. Enter the main hotel building and go to the second floor. Whether you convinced DiMA, spoke to High Confessor Tektus, or just decided those harbor guys were jerks, you can travel to the Wind Farm Maintenance Building just outside of Acadia, down the slope to the East in a bunker on the side of the cliff. When choosing to destroy the Nucleus the player character will have to insert the nuclear launch key in the Vessel. If either The Heretic or Witch Hunt was resolved aggressively, the player character will receive the title of Inquisitor and the perk Inquisitor of Atom as rewards. Doing so will turn all Children of Atom hostile and will initiate a 30 second countdown upon which the submarine will go into lockdown, followed immediately by the launch of the nuclear warheads. For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Cleansing the Land glitch? Do note that by doing this the player character can't go back and destroy the Nucleus as well, should they desire so. xx001b44 Fallout 4 Far Harbor guide with complete walkthrough of The Way Life Should Be, Cleansing the Land and Close to Home DLC main quests. Video Walkthrough - Nuclear Launch Key / Nucleus Destruction. Once the Nucleus explodes, the player character will be given the perk Far Harbor Survivalist. You can either play the protector of the Children of Atom and agree to keep the key safe, or tell DiMA that the cult needs to be vaporized (or lie and do it anyway). GuyInDogSuit. (Warning: Far Harbor Spoilers) - posted in Fallout 4 Spoilers: I had DiMA turn himself in to the harborpeople and he was executed, as I didnt support the idea of replacing somebody (Tektus) with yet another synth. Protect Far Harbor by keeping the kill switch in safe hands (yours), or using it to eliminate the entire settlement in one fell swoop. I'll have to get into the safe room in the Harbor Grand Hotel. Tektus will praise them, but then urge them to destroy Far Harbor. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Once outside, take a look back as the place explodes with the power of a nuclear blast. Xbox achievement image. With a high enough charisma, you can actually convince him that blowing themselves up is the way to go - and he’ll encourage you to flip the switch - heralding lockdown in 30 seconds. With all this in mind, you can really go about it any way you want, you can try not to kill off any settlement, or perhaps kill one to choose sides - or even two if you only really want one settlement to reign. I have a question about Cleansing the Land achievement in Far Harbor. The Sole Survivor has 30 seconds to leave the Nucleus. So far it seems like this was the only real peaceful solution however, since now that DiMA is gone and I have completed every … Inquisitor of Atom is a perk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.. Fallout 4 Commands Commands Companions Weapons Item Codes Perks Special Ranks Achievements Console Keys. If the player character previously convinced. At this point, you can confront DiMA and lead to one of two choices. The Nucleus is no more. Page 1 of 2 - Cleansing the Land - Neutral Ending? *spoiler*". Quest Location Walkthrough Strategy Guide/Tips Cleansing the Land Quest To Destroy Far Harbor To Destroy The Nucleus To Destroy Acadia Acadia’s fate isn’t a resolution for the other factions, but this section is still worth noting. Dive into the water on the other side of the tugboat to find a white submerged boat, and enter through the top to find a built-in safe that has the nuclear launch key. The Fallout 4 Subreddit. Log in to view progress Cleansing the Land Achievement | Fallout 4 Wiki Sign In Both perks have the same effects, and the difference is merely how some NPCs address the Sole Survivor. After inserting the key, you have about 30 … location For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Cleansing the land...". Cleansing the Land Turbines 1 and 2 will be protected - as they are for Acadia, leaving Turbine 3 the one you will need to activate via terminal to upload the kill command and shut down the defenses for Far Harbor. If they resolved both quests peacefully, failed them, or avoided them altogether, they will instead receive the title 'Crusader' and the perk Crusader of Atom. Acadia: The Nucleus: Far Harbor Far Harbor: Best Left Forgotten I need to get out of the sub bay! Allen Lee will react happily about the news, but Avery will insist upon a moment of silence. To do so the Sole Survivor will have to visit the wind farm maintenance and enter the kill switch code in the Turbine 003 regulator terminal. Leaving the hotel the way to came, head out around the back and make your way to the Southwest corner of the island to the Fringe Cove Docks. Cleansing The Land trophy in Fallout 4: Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land" - worth 15 Trophy XP. It could have been an accident or self defense or something other. Fallout 4 Wiki will guide you with information on weapons, armor, enemies, perks, maps, guides and walkthroughs. Cleansing The Land achievement in Fallout 4: Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land". Complete Cleansing the Land Next Brotherhood of Steel faction quests Minor quests Learning Curve Prev Brotherhood of Steel faction quests Minor quests Quartermastery. Cleansing the Land is a Far Harbor Quest in Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Fallout 4 Commands . Comment #4 by Trox12 Thursday, June 16, 2016 @ 08:18:21 PM You have to start this quest (by going to the hotel where the Nuclear Launch Key is located) before finishing the quest "Reformation" or … It is worth 20 points and can be received for: Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land" Fallout 4 has 84 Achievements worth 1600 points. Additions:-Bunker Hill finally added (I recommend not removing the Junk Walls, they will cause LOD/Culling Issues.) Find guides to this achievement here. Cleansing the Commonwealth Fallout 4 Guide. Cleansing the Land: DLC「Far Harbor」メインクエスト 【開始場所】DiMAの貯蔵物、ハーバー・グランドホテル 【開始条件】「Best Left Forgotten」で風力発電所の停止スイッチコードを回収する、もしくはハーバー・グランドホテルの中へ入る 【ニュークリアス壊滅ルート報酬】Perk「Far … Cleansing The Land achievement in Fallout 4: Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land" - worth 20 Gamerscore. Cleansing the Commonwealth is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.. Synopsis. Far Harbor achievement/trophy Problem is, there's no dialogue option for it when I speak to him. Fallout 4 Commands / Achievements / Cleansing the Land. Welcome to the world of Fallout 4, the ambitious fourth game in … That gives you just enough time to exit The Vessel and make a dash for the exit. 0. Jul 19, 2016 @ 4:36pm Bug with "Cleansing the Land" subquest So in my quest log, I have the subquest "Confront DiMA about the wind turbine kill switch." While you're at it share the video too! Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Cleansing the Land You face a choice of three rather destructive ways to end your trip to Far Harbor in this guide to one of the closing quests to the latest Fallout 4 DLC. Obtaining [edit | edit source]. Hey guys, I played a ton of Fallout 4 at release but never played the DLC so I finally started a new playthrough and am working my way through it. Using the password you gained from DiMA’s memories, you can enter the safe room to find two dead bodies, a holotape by one of the skeletons, and a safe room terminal that further explains what happened, and where the launch key is now. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC – Cleansing the Land and The Way Life Should Be Assuming you’ve grabbed the Wind Farm Kill Code as part of Best Left Forgotten , … Reinsert the fuses and open the door, at which point the defense system will come online via two turrets above, and two Assaultrons down either corridor. Now you can return to DiMA, and much like the Wind Farm Kill Switch, it’s your choice what to do. Contents. The hotel is crawling with many Super Mutants both inside and out. requirements Although destroying one of the two factions finishes the quest and grants the achievement Cleansing the Land, the player character can still choose to destroy both factions. Why am I reading this?! With the knowledge of either of DiMA's contingency plans for both Far Harbor and the Children of Atom who occupy The Nucleus, you have a big decision to make regarding what to do with this new information. Both codes needed for the destruction are obtained in the previous quest Best Left Forgotten. Full list of all 84 Fallout 4 achievements. You can either convince DiMA through some speech checks, or take matters into your own hand. If you enjoyed press the like button and subscribe. It's done. 600+ XPFar Harbor Survivalist for destroying the Nucleus1600 capsCrusader of Atom / Inquisitor of Atom / Atom's Bulwark for destroying Far Harbor on behalf of the Children of Atom. reward When choosing to destroy Far Harbor, one can optionally give the nuclear launch key to High Confessor Tektus.

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