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Porcelain Furnaces in the Modern Dental Laboratory. They have the most real and non-gimmicky products out there in the market. Comfort Plus, LC Heating & Cooling is here to help with all of your furnace repair and furnace installation, air conditioning repair and AC installation and hot water tank repair and installation. If room temperature decreases below the room thermostat set point, the system is energized to deliver heat. Since heat pumps generally have an operating efficiency of 150%-300% or greater (depending on outdoor temperature), the Comfort Plus system allows the heat pump to satisfy as much of the heating requirement it can on its own. 0000069892 00000 n The heater has an adjustable thermostat that forces air out with a maximum of 1500 watts of power. 0000070804 00000 n Their products are praised for their high-quality performance and heavy duty … The Comfort Plus/Heat Pump combination, when used with off-peak electric rates, is the most economical heating and cooling system available. If you want to stay warm in the winter without cranking up the thermostat, a space heater is a valid option. Refer to the Configuration Menu (Pages 2.14-2.15) for information on the appropriate settings for the application. 0000128276 00000 n The variable speed blower delivers a more consistent, even temperature throughout the house to provide a more comfortable environment. 0000133390 00000 n The built-in thermostat and dual wattage selection allow you to choose your desired heat setting for the area being heated. 0000135321 00000 n 0000125795 00000 n 0000126143 00000 n ��L���v�Q���xi�U�ɚ�kz��Er�7F���UQK�D���4U������ ��&ޘ��C� 1���g�j 0000028496 00000 n 0000063385 00000 n 0000031854 00000 n 0000127109 00000 n 0000133773 00000 n In heat pump applications, the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit replaces the resistance strip heat or secondary heat, which is typically required as a supplement or backup to heat pump systems, with low cost, off-peak stored heat. endstream endobj 703 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[19 473]/Length 38/Size 492/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000124171 00000 n The Comfort Plus is factory configured for automatic charge control with a direct wired outdoor sensor. 0000139351 00000 n If air temperature after the heat pump coil is below a comfortable level (generally less than 90° F), the Comfort Plus unit’s core blower will modulate low cost, “Off-Peak” stored heat into the duct stream so comfortable heat (generally 90° F or higher) can be delivered into the home. 0000125471 00000 n Using fan-forced air, the5000-watt, 17,065 BTU space heater ceiling-mount heater distributes heat across a wide area to keep your space comfortable. 0000124074 00000 n Target MyOfficeInnovations VM Express $15 – $25 $25 – $50 $50 – $100 $200 – $300 $300 – $500 buy online & pick up in stores all delivery options same day delivery include out of stock 100-300 sq. Phase-balancing is recommended when making connections in 3-phase applications. What is the “perfect” oven for your needs? 0000008220 00000 n If the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit is located in an area where this amount of radiant heat is excessive or not desired (such as a small room or an unheated basement), the Static Heat Recovery Unit can be used to move the majority of this heat to a more desirable location. Portable 5,120 BTU Forced Air Fan Heater Electric Furnace The Comfort Glow EFH1518 is the perfect portable The Comfort Glow EFH1518 is the perfect portable fan forced space heater for taking the chill out of the air whether you’re at home, at the office or camping in your RV. 0000147465 00000 n 0000025685 00000 n 0000153034 00000 n Size: 18 1/4 inches wide X 15 1/4 inches deep (from bracket to front of element). The Steffes Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace (5100 Series) adds a new dimension to heating by blending hydronic heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology. 0000151842 00000 n n-4��^�?�iva=�S;�Ԯ�{�~�;N��@Z7d�;BL�ԾYO��� Q�2 ����y��x. Provides automatic static heat recovery of heat coming off Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnace outer panels, Factory pre-wired to interface with Comfort Plus Hydronic control logic and output temperature sensing (no additional electrical components required), Variable speed supply blower to ensure comfort, optimum performance and operational cost savings, Quiet operation with automatic ramp up and down speed control, In “Fan Only” mode, the blower operates in low speed providing uniform air circulation and constant air filtration, Connects directly to a Comfort Plus Hydronic Unit (left side), Hardware and wiring is included for easy installation, Comfort Plus on-board controls automatically regulate operation. 0000149487 00000 n 0000039000 00000 n 0000039172 00000 n 0 0000144645 00000 n 0000146593 00000 n 0000026656 00000 n <<2DAFF2DD95C49B499859A421136EC39C>]/Prev 1072668/XRefStm 5237>> Nominal size 16" x 26" x 5" (Actual size 16 1/8" x 25 3/4" x 4 7/8") Superior frame strength utilizing double wall construction and die cut fingers. If you sell your home, the “Comfort Plus” warranty can be transferred to the … 0000130251 00000 n 0000151920 00000 n The widespread oscillation combined with patented blower technology gives you up to 1500 watts of warmth turning most chilly rooms or offices into a place of warmth and comfort. 0000125095 00000 n 0000129394 00000 n 0000131907 00000 n 0000140515 00000 n 0000071885 00000 n 0000125338 00000 n Comfort Plus Services provides the necessary upkeep of all makes, models, and styles of heating equipment in Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas. 0000130638 00000 n It is a versatile appliance that can serve as a back-up for an electric furnace during on-peak times, replace a duct heater, or supplement a fossil fuel system. 0000005585 00000 n Utilizing this option can maximize efficiency when the system is installed in an area with minimal heating requirements such as a utility room or garage. The air handler will also direct the heat lost statically through the furnace’s outer panels into the ductwork for delivery into the living space (automatic static heat recovery). 0000124839 00000 n 0000126629 00000 n Our team is prompt, courteous,… 0000147064 00000 n Comfort Glow is one of the best brands you can invest in when it comes to ceramic heaters. A duct sensor constantly monitors outlet air temperature and modulates the precise amount of stored off-peak heat needed into the duct to eliminate cool and uncomfortable discharge air temperatures. trailer 0000008029 00000 n 0000473419 00000 n }��� %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000138196 00000 n This ceramic safety furnace features ceramic fin heating elements that permit maximum air flow for fast whole room heating. 0000145139 00000 n 0000134625 00000 n 0000127031 00000 n 0000140202 00000 n 0000032212 00000 n 0000144235 00000 n startxref The optional Steffes Air Handler is configured with a variable speed (ECM) blower to provide extra comfort as well as added cost savings. ���~_���׺���L߳Ƿ�9��ޮ��17��=����W���+���"|��k����.qdt�2�o�&�2�p��� 0000148034 00000 n 0000123533 00000 n 0000140980 00000 n 0000039070 00000 n 0000138505 00000 n 0000128604 00000 n 0000061098 00000 n 0000134939 00000 n 0000152619 00000 n 20 PSIG standard (60 PSIG and 125 PSIG options available as special factory orders), 1 GPM per 10,000 BTU of required output at 20o F temperature rise (10 GPM maximum), .1 ft @ 2 GPM .2 ft @ 4 GPM .2 ft @ 6 GPM .7 ft @ 8 GPM 1.1 ft @ 10 GPM, Grid-interactive Electric Thermal Storage, Maximum Static Pressure (inches water column), Provides for a high efficiency, low cost heating and cooling system all in one, Optimizes system performance by allowing the heat pump’s efficiency to be fully utilized, Eliminates the cool discharge air temperatures associated with heat pump systems during low outdoor temperatures. 0000018401 00000 n Other exceptional benefits include: During operation of the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit, there will be some heat which passes from the core and radiates through the outer surfaces of the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit. 0000143676 00000 n ft. 300-500 sq. 0000152519 00000 n 0000130560 00000 n AC Repair, AC Service, Heating Repair, Air Conditioner Service & Furnace Installation At Comfort Plus Services, we set ourselves apart from the rest through quality customer service across Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas. This heating design is both economical and efficient. 0000026216 00000 n 0000027168 00000 n 0000136179 00000 n 0000134237 00000 n 492 0 obj <> endobj Shop all Comfort … 0000132599 00000 n Element extends approx. 0000008143 00000 n 0000004649 00000 n 5120 BTU Ceramic Electric Furnace with Thermostat and Fan Backed by 1500-Watt and a Powerful ceramic Backed by 1500-Watt and a Powerful ceramic heating element, this portable heater allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your room. 0000127499 00000 n 0000142631 00000 n Our team is prompt, courteous, in uniform, and professional. 0000152880 00000 n 0000146986 00000 n The Steffes Air Handler includes a return plenum supply air blower and plenum, water coil and air filter. 0000131829 00000 n xref 0000071416 00000 n 0000150924 00000 n 0000128682 00000 n 0000152415 00000 n 0000036071 00000 n 0000137031 00000 n 0000136257 00000 n 0000133851 00000 n 0000011866 00000 n Quiet, Clean Comfort A dense, ceramic fiber combustion chamber provides a quiet and efficient operating furnace while foil-faced high density insulation reduces operation sound as well as heat loss. The furnace impresses with superb quality and esthetics, and offers outstanding firing results, user safety and convenience. 0000128198 00000 n The Comfort Plus unit can be a stand alone furnace or installed with a heat pump for greater efficiency and energy savings. The Steffes Comfort Plus Forced Air furnace (4100 series) is a type of Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) system which utilizes low-cost, off-peak electricity to provide economical and comfortable heating. 0000129472 00000 n 0000129866 00000 n hބ�=hA�߹�ۛ���^.�;5ɚM��A%�v��QR؄��Ձ�vb��Sl�W^��DRŀFl,,.��X�b��"����w��*~0����� ��yhd��;y8D�':��|��́����n�+�V:r�;���� �:��8 \�ǵ����=G� 0000131438 00000 n A sensor monitors air temperature after the A-coil. 0000140124 00000 n See our Areas of Service. We use JavaScript to create the most functional website possible for our customers. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! 0000021691 00000 n It is painted and fully insulated. 0000140902 00000 n Our strength is in our high standards of job performance and fully trained professionals. Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnaces Specifications Chart (5100 Series). 492 213 %%EOF 0000027735 00000 n h�bb�f`b``Ń3� ���ţ�1� g� 0000071052 00000 n 0000144723 00000 n ft. 0000140593 00000 n 4.4 out of 5 stars 13,705. 0000026833 00000 n 0000131026 00000 n The Steffes Air Handler is an optional device designed to interface to the Comfort Plus Hydronic heating system to allow it to provide forced air heating in addition to radiant heating. 0000038881 00000 n 0000146092 00000 n George (Yatz) G. Gundrum, BA, CDT. �}�{�m*r��k9�����yL��N��1���? 0000032033 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000150040 00000 n 0000127813 00000 n 0000125997 00000 n 0000125900 00000 n $!�9j�!̓"��C�X�șcE���mpV�)���Kr�ɵ�֖D�#n�Pi�א�RA'ɪ�X�2�H�朔=|61Cnk[�{Ҫ��ـ���m����9�d�8������#Nfp�"�F�qxҖC[F¹�v8@�v��F�v�'힏�Ҹ8�M�HP����L�9�v�M.��g����\Ç�r��� JP:�=�h��A-�e9ϕ�a- Dv�eW� :KY� ��P��oq�M�^/B�(/Y ΈU�;���?z^P �β�Á=���f6*���㌽�%�qŵ�S �Q;| �Cm-�&��U���͋_e�[�BW��R葃)d�p�Qn@��ū;r[…r��B�@;|������+Y)u���nC�|�p�(ps!Q��x��a=�QG0�n�+���5䬻!���hcS�[��q�-�2����x2���9U�Sb�T�����'A�� �ft.˧S�'�#r���@`���+ 0000124985 00000 n 0000007673 00000 n Buying guide for best ceramic heaters. Combining the heat pump’s efficiency with the off-peak Comfort Plus system yields very low operating costs for the end user along with great comfort. 0000032535 00000 n 0000015113 00000 n The Comfort Plus Hydronic unit allows the heat pumps efficiency to be utilized even during cooler outdoor temperatures. Consult a building contractor or architect if you have structural weight concerns of the installation surface selected. 0000136953 00000 n 0000138893 00000 n 0000133468 00000 n 0000123945 00000 n Specialties: Comfort Plus, LC Heating & Cooling is here to help with all of your furnace repair and furnace installation, air conditioning repair and AC installation and hot water tank repair and installation. 0000139273 00000 n The room thermostat in the home is set to desired comfort level. 0000059895 00000 n 0000071443 00000 n 0000027141 00000 n 0000141691 00000 n 0000070680 00000 n 0000152237 00000 n Standard Features Model No.OUFB75-D3-3A Dimensions: H 54" x W 19-1/2" x D 30-5/8" BTU Input: 67,500 to 85,500 BTU Output: 57,000 to 72,000 AFUE: 84.0 Min Nozzle Size: .50 GPH Max Nozzle Size: .65 GPH Type: Modular Blower Airflow: Upflow/Highboy Air Flow Capacity (CFM): 1220 Fuel Type: #2 Fuel Oil Standard Features: 67,500 to 85,500 Input BTU, 84% Eff. 0000061168 00000 n The integrated vent plate angles can be adjusted for efficient airflow, providing targeted heat to where you want it. Page 19 24 VAC. The “Comfort Plus” Extended Warranty program complements ECR’s Standard Product Warranty by providing labour coverage and additional years of parts coverage depending on the plan purchased. H��W]�� }�_1���ꊤHI�a���"@�����"�;������=�fw4{�^ �qwF��"ɛ�?����ˣG7�>��ْ�Ǐ�n�{���ׯ�{�|����f^���n��}^��;F����o�?>\n�k�%6��74�������yy�����g��3~��xf�xzVdz9�L������h�n��aњ��M@��r+����j��׺.ǪIj-��I�ܗ��7ߜ���S#Z ���v� 慭��a���6"��6���=~Y����� Z��+0�zb��P����,��w�[�d԰~�nKg��J�i���.s[�J�f��=�d�����UR!�����Q\�my���R1e�U�[f��Z��������H�jY¶�%�8#���t2�('��yO5�~��R�[�H���x֤����J��b_a�&xsҦ���!a���o~zr{�y��v��#X� ��)ec]n�����,���\Z��,���ϊ?c�e�y�. 0000135399 00000 n 0000135791 00000 n 0000135017 00000 n 0000025823 00000 n A dense, ceramic fiber combustion chamber provides a quiet and efficient operating furnace while foil-faced high density insulation reduces operation sound as well as heat loss. 0000143192 00000 n During off-peak hours, the system converts electricity into heat and stores that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks located inside the unit. 0000135869 00000 n 0000114287 00000 n As outside temperatures decline the stored heat in the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit is used in conjunction with the heat pump’s heating capacity to satisfy comfort requirements. Built-in circuit breakers eliminate need for a service disconnect, Optional air handler and static heat recovery unit available, Full list 5100 Series Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnaces features. ETS systems convert electricity to heat during off-peak hours and store that heat in specially designed ceramic bricks located inside the unit. Shop Comfort Glow™ Quartz Heater with Remote 9244399, read customer reviews and more at 0000136567 00000 n Lasts up to 6 Months! endstream endobj 493 0 obj <>/Metadata 17 0 R/Pages 16 0 R/StructTreeRoot 19 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 494 0 obj >/PageWidthList<0 612.0>>>>>>/Resources<>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 495 0 obj <> endobj 496 0 obj <> endobj 497 0 obj <> endobj 498 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow]/DeviceCMYK 536 0 R 538 0 R] endobj 499 0 obj <>stream 0000141769 00000 n 0000032911 00000 n 0000144079 00000 n The Steffes Air Handler not only allows the Steffes Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace to supplement the heat pump and provide comfort modulation when needed; but, it also will direct the heat lost statically through the furnace’s outer panels into the ductwork for delivery to the living space (automatic static heat recovery). 0000027874 00000 n Comfort Zone® heaters are nationally recognized as the leading brand of quality space heaters for the home, the shop and the office. The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is a fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled firing unit, ideal for all dental ceramic firing requirements. 0000124445 00000 n Comfort Glow Ceramic Safety Furnace 5120 BTU Heater 800/1500 Watts Thermostat. 0000131516 00000 n 0000070542 00000 n State-of-the-art engineering and top quality components combine to provide clean burning warm air comfort—plus many models come 0000130948 00000 n 0000153466 00000 n �ե"�҈�y��8����yh�X��[���) 5O*?K�>� �h҂@��2��)����~����.��u^�a�b ���B�牘C�7�+��e�Ԃ˲�l��h�r��AЋ5�Dmh���!�?9�p��M��8ÌZC�6��-LE����)��q{�b��[�a@���������|�6/��]��ayq��p:F�W����� 0000126551 00000 n At the same time, the Comfort Plus unit’s supply air blower is energized. New listing Pelonis Del-Rain Original Ceramic Disc Furnace 1500 Space Heater. 0000139732 00000 n If the heat pump doesn’t have the ability to satisfy comfort and space heating requirements, the Comfort Plus system modulates into the duct the precise amount of its stored, low cost, off-peak heat to ensure comfort for the user at all times. Plus, it has a fan-only mode for year-round use. 0000145612 00000 n Heat pumps can be operated to much lower temperature allowing for full utilization of its efficiency and optimizing system performance. 0000145217 00000 n 0000071168 00000 n Adhere to all national and local electrical building code placement requirements for electric heating appliances. 0000025956 00000 n This item Comfort Glow BDISC6 Original Brown Box Ceramic Disc Heater 5,200 BTUs Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500W/750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use 0000138583 00000 n ��1�Y��J�4 7Pw .�X�3����KN�XD�W#�#D������,�L��EF+� m�&JF%����6q�όNM����F�e5�����!��,�:[e.q����_Po���1[_vP���(a�� B���2[�Z��[�u�u�Bh��-B�!���.�c7c�Qg�W�QP���C��-�,Y7 �{�~*F�����>�0 Ceramic space heaters are especially popular because they can quickly heat an entire room and are known for being durable. 0000148112 00000 n If the air temperature is warm enough to provide comfort to the homeowner (generally 90° F or higher), the supply air blower simply delivers the warm heat into the home through the supply air duct. 0000125192 00000 n 0000127891 00000 n 0000132982 00000 n To interface the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit to a heat pump, the Steffes Air Handler is required. 0000130173 00000 n 0000129788 00000 n It includes 2 heat settings, a fan-only setting and an Adjustable thermostat, all on a top-mounted control panel that will make adjustments convenient and … 0000137343 00000 n With an air handler, the furnace can provide forced air heating as either a stand-alone system or a supplement to other ducted heating systems such as a heat pump. 0000143598 00000 n 0000148603 00000 n 0000149565 00000 n ft. 1000-1200 sq. 0000049286 00000 n If single feed to the element and blowers/controls is desired, an option single feed kit is available. 0000138971 00000 n Connects directly to the Comfort Plus Hydronic Unit (right side). 704 0 obj <>stream 0000070000 00000 n 0000070285 00000 n 0000125717 00000 n The Steffes Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnaces (5100 Series) blends hydronic heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology. 0000127421 00000 n 0000142709 00000 n 0000123796 00000 n 0000143114 00000 n 0000132215 00000 n See our Areas of Service . 0000151002 00000 n During on-peak hours or when the demand for heat is at the point where the heat pump alone cannot satisfy the heating requirements, the stored heat is used to supplement the heat pump. 2 1/4 inches past bracket to the terminals. The Lasko 5588 Electronic Ceramic Tower Heater has an elongated ceramic heating element, more than a foot taller than most tower heaters, to extend your comfort zone. 0000123572 00000 n 0000139654 00000 n 0000133060 00000 n 0000147543 00000 n The Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology allows the Comfort Plus Forced Air Furnace to convert electricity to heat during off-peak hours, when the demand for and price of electricity is low. 0000152710 00000 n 0000150520 00000 n Specially-designed ceramic bricks within the units store vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. Thanks to its optimum ergonomic design, (Contact the factory for more … 0000071292 00000 n 0000147956 00000 n 0000125568 00000 n 0000141288 00000 n 0000134547 00000 n 0000151419 00000 n 0000124320 00000 n Our NATE-certified, highly trained professionals are proficient in heat pump, boiler, furnace, and ductwork services. JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site. 0000129086 00000 n 1-16 of 184 results for "comfort furnace infrared heater" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. 0000114326 00000 n The internal controls of the Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace automatically regulates the operation of the air handler. 0000124568 00000 n 0000031476 00000 n because it is more efficient to operate than a typical standard blower system, it consumes less energy to reduce the overall operational cost. 0000070625 00000 n A dense, ceramic fiber combustion chamber provides a quiet and efficient operating furnace while foil-faced high density insulation reduces operation sound as well as heat loss. 0000136645 00000 n 0000060638 00000 n Unit is factory configured with multiple-line voltage, single phase circuit connections. 0000149080 00000 n Get the best deals for pelonis disc heater at 0000129008 00000 n 0000144157 00000 n High efficiency filter media collects small dust particles before they can collect on your coils. There are required installation clearances to account for. 0000132293 00000 n Accumulair® Filter for Comfort Plus™ Part # ACB1400, F825-0548 & FR1400. In the last 60-plus years, the dental laboratory has undergone many expected changes, not least of which is the advancement of porcelain furnace technology. 0000150442 00000 n Create a comfortable environment in your workspace or garage with this heater. 0000070928 00000 n 0000148525 00000 n 0000149962 00000 n 0000123699 00000 n We are located in Troy, MI. Comfort Zone 5120 BTU Ceramic Electric Furnace with Thermostat and Fan, Black Backed by 1500-Watt and a Powerful ceramic heating element, this portable heater allows you to … 0000149002 00000 n 0000152315 00000 n 0000005237 00000 n 0000146170 00000 n Upon a heat call from the room thermostat, the heat pump’s outdoor compressor unit is energized and warms the A-coil in the return air duct of the Comfort Plus unit. EUR 29.21 + EUR 23.93 postage; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. 0000142091 00000 n Free Shipping by Amazon ... 1500W/750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use. 0000007535 00000 n 0000145690 00000 n 0000137421 00000 n 0000137732 00000 n 0000138118 00000 n 0000060163 00000 n $36.99 $ … The size and heating ability of the system required for an application is dependent on the heat loss of the area and the power company’s off-peak hours. The 1500-Watt, fan-forced heater with thermostat has 2 adjustable heat settings. The supply air blower draws air from the home across the air filter and the heat pumps A-coil extracting heat from the coil. ��� Comfort Zone® uses many technologies like Quartz/Infra-Red, Quartz Radiant, Halogen Radiant, Ceramic/PTC, Oil-filled Convection and fan forced models. 0000124693 00000 n 0000005426 00000 n In applications using the Steffes Air Handler, the Static Heat Recovery Unit would not be needed as the Steffes Air Handler will provide for automatic heat recovery as well. 0000137810 00000 n When used with a heat pump, the Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace can be used as the back-up heat source and to provide comfort modulation. EUR 35.41 + EUR 28.85 postage; 0000027847 00000 n 0000141366 00000 n 0000134159 00000 n 0000132677 00000 n 0000142169 00000 n Provides option for ducted heating and cooling with Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnace.

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