eco friendly alternative to shower puff

They are much kinder to your skin & the environment and make for a great plastic-free alternative to scratchy plastic puffs. They can easily be cut to any size and can be used for basically any cleaning purposes. $7.49 $ 7. Even so, this is the most practical shower alternative that most people will turn to. This is not exactly the relaxing environment you’re looking for. They’re super soft and extremely absorbent—one sponge can hold an entire cup of water—which makes them great for cleaning up countertop messes or even washing your car. Here are even more cleaning tools to help you reduce your carbon footprint! Some people simply do not enjoy baths as much as they do showers. The Color, Feel, and Depth of the Ink4. It's definitely a great tool to add to your cleaning arsenal! This body puff is made from totally natural fibre, Ramie. Erica's Top 10 Clean Swaps for a Healthy Home, Michelle's Top 10 Picks for Mental Wellness, Becky's Top 10 Picks to Start Improving Your Digestion, Katy's Top 10 Must-Have Products for Traveling on the Go, The Gentleman Stationer's Top 10 Picks for the Best Stationery Goods. They are fully compostable and even arrive in paper packaging free of plastics. People won’t notice that anything is different about you and you’ll be able to go about your business. You will need to comb your hair out in order to ensure that you don’t have any white flakes in your hair. If you can’t shower because you are having trouble standing up, there is something that can help you. In this example, the white curtain has a greenish-gray leaf pattern that makes the whole room appear fresh and clean. 97 (CDN$ 3.74/Item) FREE Delivery on your first order. There are many people who take baby wipes with them when they go out camping too. In this guide, we’ll go over the factors you should consider when choosing a retainer cleaner that’s right for you, plus a tip for keeping your retainers in tip-top condition. You just might need to clean your body too, depending on how dirty you are at the time. Baby wipes are very inexpensive and you can purchase them just about anywhere, so this is a solid shower alternative to consider. These silicone sponges feature two different scrubbing surfaces–one with bristles that’s more gentle and one with ridges that’s got a little more scrubbing power to it. This is a great solution for a few days, but it isn’t the best long-term solution. This type of alternative will appeal to people who avoid the shower due to medical reasons. This set of sponges is made without any plastics or chemicals in a factory so non-toxic that it doesn’t require protective gear. We require payment within 7 … 4.1 out of 5 stars 623. Top 10 Best Erasers in 2020 (Staedtler, Prismacolor, and More). It’s a quick process and you’ll never even feel inconvenienced. Fortunately, there are some plant-based scourers that do the job just as well without contributing to microplastic pollution. At least having someone outside the bathroom door may be enough to keep you safe. The advent of modern deodorant options made this an uncommon practice. Learn more about eco-friendly cleaners, how to avoid falling for greenwashing claims on store-bought cleaning products and more on our Eco-Buzz Blog! The health of the environment is more important now than ever, and alternatives to plastic are popping up everywhere. This will allow you to maintain proper hygiene while letting yourself heal. Want to go 'green' in your bathroom? Details. The 6 Best Eco Friendly Straws. Apr 15, 2019 - Eco-friendly shower puff which is handmade in the UK with premium cotton to be extra thick, fluffy and made to fit in the palm of your hand nicely.They are much kinder to your skin & the environment and make for a great plastic-free alternative to scratchy plastic puffs. Quantity: Shower chairs are another alternative that you will want to consider. Description A sustainable alternative to the nylon shower puff, using ramie, a plant-based fibre that is both durable and naturally resistant to bacteria. $13.97 $ 13. 17. To pay for your goods, please use the eBay checkout, by pressing the ‘Pay Now’ button at the top of this page. Ensure Your Sponge is Antibacterial-Free. Regardless, if you have the option to take a bath, then this is going to be your best bet. As it stands, a lot of normally available commercial sponges are made from cellulose and hemp fiber, plant-based materials that will naturally biodegrade over time. When you can’t shower for a stretch of time, your pores will begin to get clogged up. While they aren’t exactly vegan. In this guide, we’ll go over the different factors you should look for when deciding on a reusable pollution mask. So just remember that if you’re looking for a sponge to clean the bathtub, you’ll probably want it to be on the larger side. If you use baby wipes to wash yourself up, you should be able to stay relatively fresh. Check out our list for more! Shower Puff 4 Pack Black Bath Sponge Shower Loofahs Pouf Ball Nature Bamboo Charcoal Mesh Bulk Puffs Large, Shower Essential Skin Care by WhaleLife ... Shower Scrub, Eco Friendly Luffa by Lulu Essentials. A lot of us have learned that microwaving a sponge will kill the bacteria, and that’s true–mostly. This will allow you to go a little longer without having to take a shower or wash your hair. The easiest thing that you can do is purchase some baby wipes. They also said it falls apart easily but that it lathers up well. This method isn’t exactly quick, as you will need to comb out your hair. Apply some of the apple cider vinegar to your armpits and other areas of your body and you will smell ten times better. We kept all of this in mind as we hand-picked the best non-toxic candles on the market! If you are particularly dirty, changing into fresh clothes isn’t going to cover up that fact. Unit price / per . Baking soda doesn’t cost a lot of money and it can help to eliminate greasy hair. Related: Types of Shower Doors | Types of Shower Curtain Connectors | Outdoor Shower Ideas | Primary Bathrooms with Open Showers. Luckily, a lot of eco-friendly sponges–loofahs and cellulose sponges in particular–. Using it on your armpits and other sweaty regions of your body works great. If you combine changing into fresh clothes using the baby wipes as mentioned above, you will feel relatively clean. Condition: New. However, this simple practice isn’t always an achievable goal especially for busy moms who need to keep up with other more demanding daily tasks. Changing into a fresh pair of clothes is a very simple way to freshen up. Humans have been using sea sponges to clean for millennia. The scouring side is tough but non-scratch and made 50% from agave. Here, we'll be introducing the following four important points to check when you choose an eco-friendly sponge. Here's the list of our 10 favorite eco-friendly sponges, chosen for their superior materials, lack of antibacterial ingredients, and more. Reviewers say that these are a bit flimsy and don't hold up to tough messes, so it would be best for cleaning up fresh or low-grade spills. Filed Under: Blog, Easy Eco Swaps. These are your typical kitchen sponges with the larger, more irregular holes. Top 15 Best Japanese Gel Pens in 2020 - Tried and True! It also doesn’t have a rope, which makes it a little trickier to use in the shower! Although some skin types don't necessarily react well to oil-based moisturizers, you may be pleasantly surprised with Yay for Earth. Maybe you’re planning a trip to somewhere with poor air quality like China or India, or maybe you’re just gearing up for the next wildfire season. If you’re reluctant to throw it away too quickly, rotate it to a part of the house where using an old sponge isn’t going to do any harm. This face moisturizer is a great low-waste option because you can reuse the jar, and it's female-founded, which we love to see and support! Alternatively, you can buy little bamboo bags that you pop your bar of soap into for a bit of an upgrade from a flannel. Shower chairs can be great, but sometimes people still require supervision. Discover why Old Factory's Scented Candles were our favorite, and explore other options using our handy buying guide at the end. As long as you let it dry out properly between uses, each piece will last about three months before it starts to break down, at which point you can feel free to just. But first, we'll start off with our top 10 favorites, split into Adult and Kid sizes. This method really does need to be paired with using baby wipes in order to be as effective as possible. Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. A gentle and natural plastic-free alternative, these ramie shower puffs provide gentle exfoliation and will help caring for your skin every day. — Rhianna Walker Get a pack of three from Amazon for $14.83+ (available in 13 other designs). It should only cost a pittance and you’ll be able to start washing your face with it right away. Another important thing to do when you aren’t able to shower is simply getting a fresh change of clothes. Using baking soda as a sort of dry shampoo is an effective solution. 49 ($1 ... (4 Pack) Large Bath Body Sponge, Shower Scrub, Eco Friendly Luffa. You likely already have a bathtub and will be able to switch over to taking baths right away. This means that someone will need to be present even while they are using the chair. - Eco-friendly materials create lathers perfectly and let you enjoy your shower time. So much so that in tests our pouches kept food safely chilled for a full 24 hours* - 60% longer than other alternatives. If one of your biggest problems is that your hair is getting incredibly greasy, you should be able to solve things with a bit of baking soda. CDN$14.97 CDN$ 14. Natural bamboo shower puff, very eco friendly and sustainable. They’re heat resistant, so feel free to boil them if you want to be extra clean. The material your eco-friendly sponge is made from is going to be what determines the most important aspects of your sponge–how hard it scrubs, how long it lasts, and how Earth-friendly disposal will be. Scroll down below to find out how. 2 reviews. Not everyone who owns a shower has a bathtub, as some showers are simply stalls. Rinse and squeeze out excess water, hang to dry after each use. Your sustainable journey likely doesn't end with sponges. I'm also a fan of the all-natural ingredients and the love and care put into each package. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and can really help your skin look better. Final Verdict: I'm still team bath cloth. Use a mop or rag to scrub down the floors with the solution. No need to rinse off! No one likes having greasy hair, as it can feel somewhat nasty to the touch. These silicone sponges have a similar shape and texture to normal sponges but don’t soak up water or grime, so you never have to worry about gross smells or bacteria building up. Buying a simple shower chair will allow you to take a shower while sitting down. Buy 2. But with all this hype, there’s also naturally a ton of misleading information and marketing out there.In this guide, we’ll cut through the rubbish and break down exactly what you should look for when choosing a biodegradable or compostable trash bag. This is such a game-changer for skin and makes embarking on a low-waste journey easy! Even washing your hair in a sink is something that can be effective. The material your eco-friendly sponge is made from is going to be what determines the most important aspects of your sponge–how hard it scrubs, how long … This is inexpensive to do as well, so it’s definitely worth trying. Natural Ramie bath pouf is great for exfoliation. Environmentally friendly bath and beauty products, ethically sourced, natural, plastic free and Ideal for everyday pampering. In short, we’re all better off using less wherever we can. Shirley is a content creator (find her @classifiedcloset on YouTube and Instagram) who focuses on sharing her experience with living a... Top 10 Best Biodegradable and Compostable Trash Bags in 2020 (BioBag, ProGreen, and More). Made from bamboo fibers; Payment. Eco Alternatives to Shower Puffs! Just because a sponge is eco-friendly doesn’t automatically make it the best sponge for you–you need to think about what you’re scrubbing too! This is another shower alternative that can help you cover up the symptoms of not taking a shower. Also, these shower chairs are not all that expensive, so they should be affordable to purchase on any budget. It can be a good part of a shower alternative, but it is not an entire solution. Natural Shower Puff. From shop HookAway4Crochet. On top of that, they are relatively durable and resistant to odors. For something a little different, why not try a silicone sponge? Finally an eco friendly alternative to those scabby shower puff things! DesignThis is how we tested and found the most exceptional Japanese gel pens. Bamboo is a great material for a shower curtain, creating an environmentally friendly option that can also look pretty and light in a bathroom. Here are natural alternatives to common bath products that will create a safe and relaxing bath time ritual: Eartheasy Soaps Use This: Earth Easy’s soaps ($5.95) are all-natural soaps that are free of parabens, sulfates, phosphates and artificial colors and fragrances. Tags: cleaning, kitchen, reusable, sponge, zero waste. Changing your undergarments is probably the most important aspect of this shower alternative. Even so, this is the most practical shower alternative that most people will turn to. Natural ramie shower puffs are a natural alternative to those nylon/plastic shower puff things. Required fields are marked * These candles are often soy- or beeswax-based and scented with all-natural essential oils. At the end of the article, we've also included a tip on how to make your own mask! Those who don’t have someone to help them may not be able to make use of this method easily. However, the other 50% of the scouring pad is polyester, so it isn’t biodegradable and not compostable. Sale price £7.00 Regular price. Natural Ramie Shower Puff. If you are going to go to these lengths to make your hair less greasy, you could just go ahead and wash your hair. Test each of the following remedies on a … Buy cheap white ones that can be washed in hot water with Borax and eco-friendly, no-fragrance soap. I have been using the plastic bath loofahs for years not giving a second thought when I tossed them over in the recycle bin once they seemed to 'serve their purpose'. If you need to avoid taking showers for a few days due to an injury or your shower needing repairs, you’ll need a method to stay somewhat clean. We’ve also got a list of our 9 favorites to help you get started, with guardClean's Mouthguard, Aligner and Retainer Cleaning Spray taking our number one spot. The sponge side of this cleaning tool is made from cellulose fiber including 25% recycled paper. It has slight ocean-y scent and is kept as natural as possible, which means the product photo may not reflect what you get. If you change your clothes, you will smell a lot better. They’re designed to grab onto oil and grime and repel water, which inhibits bacteria growth and prevents odors. Top 10 Best Non-Toxic Candles in 2020 (GoodLight, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, and More). Everything Else 18. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent way for you to cover up the smell of your body. Many people are not aware that apple cider vinegar was widely used in the past to help people smell better. So we researched materials and pored through Amazon reviews and came to the conclusion that the best candles for you and your home are non-toxic and free from paraffin, phthalates, and lead. Your email address will not be published. $12.74/ea. Conventional scouring pads are great for scrubbing off tough messes, but they’re usually made from plastic, which breaks down as you use it and slips down the drain. This type of alternative will appeal to people who avoid the shower due to medical reasons. 3pcs Eco-Friendly Soft Mesh Shower Pouf Cleaning Exfoliating Brush Bath Puff. If you are a bit on the heavier side due to your injury, you will be happy to know that the shower chair being shown here supports up to 350 pounds. Scrubbing Ramie Bath Puff makes you feel clean and fresh. Naturally, they are compostable and biodegradable, but you won’t have to worry about that for a while as they can last several years of use. - These bath loofahs are made from PE, which is odorless, smellless, non-toxic. (Muji, Pentel, and More). $13.13/ea. Love my new non plastic zero waste and eco friendly shower puff. Gift Wrapping & Message Available At Checkout. It’s made only from recycled cotton and jute, it’s machine washable, and it will last up to four months of heavy use. How the Nib Felt against Paper5. I must confess I didn’t, (sighs), but I did discover alternative waterproof wall coverings for our bathroom spaces, namely wall panels. This will help the look of your face but it won’t really get you clean. You don’t want it to be obvious that you put baking soda in your hair, so it’s a good idea to go to some lengths to comb out your hair and inspect yourself after using this method. Bulk savings: Buy 1. Conversely, if you find yourself cleaning a lot of cups, for example, a smaller sponge will fit more easily and allow you to clean more thoroughly. They’re also naturally bacteria-resistant and can withstand years of use, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking down and entering the waterways. Multi-Buy: buy 2 or more for 10% off. Since you’re looking for a sponge that isn’t antibacterial, you have to know how to keep it clean. It’s excellent for times when you simply do not have access to a shower, and it doesn’t cost too much money. Related: Bathrooms with Corner Showers | Types of Caulking for Showers | Bathrooms with Glass Walk-In Showers | Alternatives Tile in the Showers, appeal to people who avoid the shower due to medical reasons, shower without having to feel like they are in danger, baby wipes are useful for multiple purposes, Another important thing to do when you aren’t able to shower. To create that spongey texture, they’re dried out and essentially left to become plant skeletons. Loofahs are plants that are closely related to cucumbers. Sponges are moist and full of holes–the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. But it’s not your fault. It is a different experience to the plastic shower puff things, it does need a bit more work to get a lather and really doesn’t work with shower gel (don’t worry- I am converted to your soap!) This is a handy tool that helps people to enjoy a refreshing shower without having to feel like they are in danger. You’ll be able to use this inexpensive method to ensure that you smell fine. And skip the fabric softener because it can cause itching and rashes." You can use these unscented wipes to clean up and stay fresh without having to take the time to shower. Olive oil contains a ton of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin. Baby wipes don’t cost much at all, so anyone can make use of this shower alternative. Plastics have a way of sneaking into even the most benign-sounding items. This tool can help someone who feels too unbalanced to take a normal shower. Simply dampen the poof, add liquid body wash or rub onto your favourite soap bar and use. The ones with tiny holes are probably made from polyurethane. Shower chairs are another alternative that you will want to consider. Also, baby wipes are useful for multiple purposes, so you’ll love having them around. When consciously cutting down on plastics and making more Earth-friendly choices, it’s important to analyze even the small things. You’ll feel fresher and people won’t be able to tell that you have not showered recently. If you leave the baking soda in, then people are going to be able to tell that you did something to it. Eco friendly shower puff HookAway4Crochet. You’d never guess this was a 12-pack of sponges! This "unsponge" is about as eco-friendly as you get. Balance3. cleaning surfaces like counters and bathrooms, regular and heavy cleaning use or cast iron, effective and somewhat eco-friendly cleaning, Pick a Material Based on Toughness and Disposal, Look for an Attached Scouring Pad Made of Plant-Based Fibers, Top 10 Best Biodegradable and Compostable Trash Bags in 2020, Top 10 Best Biodegradable Dish Soaps in 2020, Top 10 Best Eco-Friendly Sponges in 2020 (Trader Joe's, Scotch-Brite, and More). Here are alternatives to enzyme pre-soaks and bleach for tough stains. It lathers well for me and it's not as abrasive or exfoliating as a plastic one but I feel clean. This biodegradable shower puff is strong and naturally resistant to bacteria, it works hard to exfoliate the skin and getting the blood flowing. The moisturizer soaks in nicely and leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated afterward. It’s great for all sorts of tougher cleaning, whether it be dishes or something outdoors. The sweet orange and vanilla bar smells good but isn’t as strongly scented at the ‘soap on a rope’. Eliminating this problem is easy when you use baking soda, so don’t hesitate to give this a try if you have a greasy hair problem. Use with a soap bar of your choice to remove dead skin and increase blood flow, leaving the skin rejuvenated and … Greener Clean Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge, Plant-Based and Designed to Inhibit Bacteria, Gentle Silicone Scrubber With Two Surfaces, 100% Recycled, Compostable Plant-Based “Unsponge”, A Simple, All-Plant Sponge for Household Cleaning, Heat-Resistant, Odor-Free Sponges for the Kitchen. Even if you are hurting or having some problems, you should be able to take a bath. A little goes a long way—especially because it's oil-based, you don't actually need as much as you think. It will invigorate your face and cleanse your pores, making you look as good as possible. Since they're made completely from silicone,  hold soap very well, so you’ll likely find that you’re using a bit more soap than you’re used to. But it’s still a better alternative to a 100% polyester scrubber, so this is good if you’re looking to do better without giving up on what you’re used to! But in Japan, where stationery makers are all vying for the top spot in a heated market, even the smallest improvement in design and the faintest sparkling of genius can make a difference. Eco-friendly alternatives for real people at great prices. The bathroom is often the last place in the house to be switched to LED or more eco-friendly lighting options. You aren’t going to be able to avoid showering forever. This sea sponge is soft and gentle–perfect for washing delicate skin or nonstick cookware. You may even be trying to filter out viruses! If you are very injured, you might require some assistance to get into and out of the bathtub. Your other clothing should be changed out as well, but pay close attention to your undergarments at the very least. Depending on the severity of a person’s injuries or their physical conditioning, they may not be able to stand up from the chair without assistance. Switch to an eco-friendly aerating shower head, which gives the feel of a power shower, but saves water and uses far less energy. Now let’s take a closer look at the rest! Perhaps you might be looking for eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic loofahs.. well, I was. Quantity Qty. They are machine washable too, making them last so much longer, years and years with the proper care, saving you … Arrived promptly and well packaged too. Say, using an old dish sponge to clean the bathtub, for example. Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, this #1 best-seller solar charger is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional rechargeable battery pack. Those who have severe injuries may need to have some type of supervision during the bathing process. ... Natural Shower Puff. So if you’re looking for a sponge that’s also got a little grit to help you clean, look for sponges with scouring pads made from. If your shower is being repaired, this should work fine while you fix things up, however. If you want to be able to appear as clean as possible, you will certainly need clean clothes. Do you have any eco friendly alternatives to sponges that you use at home? Just wet and lather with your natural soap bar. Regular price £7.00. Read on to find out why! You can use these to easily clean yourself so that you can stay as fresh as possible given the circumstances. A shower chair can potentially help someone regain their feeling of independence. If you are having trouble taking showers, it might be best for you to switch to being a bath person. Baby wipes can actually be a really good tool for you to make use of if you cannot use your shower for some reason. This can lead to you feeling dirty and your skin looking bad. Details about 3pcs Eco-Friendly Soft Mesh Shower Pouf Cleaning Exfoliating Brush Bath Puff. The Cheek Puffs are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes. In fact, the word “sponge” comes from the animal. The most important part of your clothing to change regularly is your undergarments. It scrubs and scours better than a polyester scrubber and is compostable. Rinse clean and leave to dry between each use. Fortunately, there are practical and natural ways to manage one’s personal hygiene and stay clean even without taking a shower. They’re gentle but can also be used as scouring pads depending on how the silicone is shaped. Buying olive oil is very easy to do. Bleach Alternative For a nontoxic laundry bleach alternative, add some lemon juice to the rinse cycle. Sponges, for example, are named after an animal, but most of our cleaning sponges are actually made up of plastics. Some reviewers wish it lasted longer, but many compared it to non-eco-friendly options in terms of quality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So to ensure that you’re getting, These sponges are soft and great for surface cleaning and dishwashing, although they don’t have a lot of hard scrubbing power and tend to have a shorter lifespan—if you’re using them in the kitchen, you really. Even so, apple cider vinegar can be very useful today. Washing your face with olive oil is an effective way to cleanse your pores. If you’ve ever worn a retainer or clear aligner, there have definitely been times when you’ve noticed strange odors or unsettling build-up on it, no matter how well you’ve rinsed or brushed it. Luckily, there are some natural remedies you can make use of to mitigate the damage. No amount of special products or remedies is going to completely replace showering or bathing. You need to be able to bathe at least semi-regularly for the sake of hygiene. Amazing! Read to the end to check out our tip about how to stop your garbage from smelling, as well. How the Grip Felt2. Retainers are full of nooks and crannies that can be hard to clean, so it’s a good idea to look for a cleaner that’s specifically made to handle that task.But there are a lot of different options when it comes to retainer cleaners, so it can be hard to pick through them to find what will work for you. Before we take a closer look at the must-have products for an eco-friendly bathroom, here’s a quick overview of some of the top ones: Last update on 2020-04-11. The best way to apply this face lotion is to use three fingers to warm up the moisturizer and then apply it on your face. Top 9 Best Retainer Cleaners in 2020 (Retainer Brite, Avistar, and More). In fact, microwaving your sponge does kill all the weaker bacteria, but it also, Make sure your sponge has an opportunity to. Source: Traditional candles–particularly the scented ones–can often leave you with a headache or your bookcase covered in soot. Pick a Material Based on Toughness and Disposal. Sale ends in: 02d 03h 34m . You should use these methods to help, but should not count on them as a complete replacement for showering. Shower Puff 4 Pack Black Bath Sponge Shower Loofahs Pouf Ball Nature Bamboo Charcoal Mesh Bulk Puffs Large, Shower Essential Skin Care by WhaleLife. As someone who tries to make eco-friendly choices, I recommend them." Top 10 Best Reusable Air Pollution Masks in 2020 (Base Camp, Coxeer, and More). Also, check out our tip on how to best use your candle at the very bottom of this article! And while they kind of work to keep your cleaning device clean, they’re also harmful to the environment, particularly marine life. It can easily be cut to a smaller size and will last for over a year with proper care. Some reviewers have said it's much smaller than expected, so it's best for very sensitive jobs that don't require a lot of scrubbing. Instead, the two parts are hand-stitched together. It’s also not that practical for those who live in drought areas where conserving water is considered more important. For older adults, showering isn’t as easy although keeping clean is just as important. Floors For a simple, effective tile floor cleaner, simply combine one part white vinegar with two parts warm water in a bucket. Flick the Lights. How Smudgeproof it was6. And, although they may not be as artistic as Wall and Deco’s, they are affordable and offer a streamlined look to shower/bathrooms. If you put some baking soda on the greasy parts of your hair, things will start to dry out. So happy with it, such a simple and easy swap to help the environment. Simply wash your face with some olive oil and a little bit of water to ensure that you look as good as possible. This natural eco-friendly body puff is a great plastic-free option for use in the bath and shower. If your need for a shower alternative is more due to having problems standing, then a bath is a perfect option for you. There are various brands and types of erasers such as plastic, rubber, and kneaded erasers—some of which are better suited to erase pencil or pen.In this article, we’re going to help you decide which eraser you need and recommend you the 10 best erasers on the online marketplace. See my eco-friendly faves on Amazon. Eco-friendly Exfoliating Bath Sponge Cellulose Sheet Bath Shower Puff Wash Ball For Baby Body Cleans , Find Complete Details about Eco-friendly Exfoliating Bath Sponge Cellulose Sheet Bath Shower Puff Wash Ball For Baby Body Cleans,Sponge Bath,Bath Sponge,Bath Body from Bath Brushes, Sponges & Scrubbers Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiashan Hengfu Sponge Products Co., Ltd.

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