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Jason Ruse, business development director at Key Partnerships said: “While it is almost impossible to talk about the later life lending market in 2020 without referencing the pandemic, it is good to see that the referral market has been remarkably robust. Equity release is a type of lifetime mortgage which is a loan that’s secured against your home. Almost half of all equity release new business in July to September was for these reasons – up from 37 per cent in Q1 and 44 per cent in Q2, according to the latest figures from Key. AE3 Media reserves the right to change the programme, speakers, dates or venue at any time, without notice. Mortgage arrears: what are the options? “Safe in the knowledge that not only are rates at historic lows but through modern flexible equity release plans they can service interest or make ad hoc capital repayments if they so wish to mitigate the impact of roll-up interest.”. Mortgage: Equity release being used to cover debts – £588million used to pay back arrears PENSION-aged savers are tackling their debts with wealth from their property, according to new research. How do you release equity? This was down by 1% from the same time in 2016. Mortgage: Equity release being used to cover debts – £588million used to pay back arrears. The options available to manage your mortgage if you lose your job. Once you have registered and your application has been accepted, then you are expected to attend. The loan is repaid later, usually after you die or move permanently to a care home. Using equity release for debt consolidation and to cover mortgage payments has soared since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in March. Equity release referrals keeping flowing despite Covid, Equity release rates fall to historic low, Mortgage Advice Bureau moves into later life market in alliance with Key, Equity release borrowers using property wealth to pay off debts, Shift to property wealth to fund care costs in later life, How equity release sector is adjusting to challenges, Equity release figures hit by pandemic and lockdown, Buy-to-let availability falls amid rising demand from tenants, Mortgage approvals soar to pre-Credit Crunch high, Hanley Economic selects Berkeley Alexander as its general insurance provider, ASTL: Bridging applications leap to record levels in Q3, Other inc. Accountants, Law Firms and Care Firms. Applied across the sector that would amount to 840,000 tenants. Within this total there were 1,350 BTL with more significant arrears. Get our most competitive rates. The Equity Release Council is urging to advisers to ‘respectfully and robustly’ challenge clients’ motivations when looking for lending solutions in its new Best Practice Guide, published today. You don’t need to have fully paid off your mortgage to do this. Newsletter; Magazine; News . Remortgaging is the most common way of releasing equity. But this began to slow when Covid-19 struck. The loan is repaid later, usually after you die or move permanently to a care home. Thinking about Equity Release? He also has experience in the protection, pensions, workplace benefits and HR areas. I was delighted when Treasury Minister John Glen agreed in advance to review any policy proposals the LSE came up with. You borrow money secured against your home. Equity Release Mortgages 1 May 2019 Equity Release Mortgages Regulatory and technical developments Robert Bugg, FIA Paul Fulcher, FIA In this paper we discuss equity release mortgages (“ERMs”) as an asset class for life insurers. 0. How many of the three main protection policies most commonly used, term life assurance, critical illness (CI) and income protection (IP) do you personally have? Equity release is, in a nutshell, a way to unlock the value of your property and turn it into a cash lump sum. Mortgage prisoners . Mortgage: Equity release being used to cover debts – £588million used to pay back arrears The head of North Carolina's college system knows who to blame for Chapel Hill's botched reopening: Not the school but 'students behaving irresponsibly off campus' This term can differ from your current mortgage term. At the start of 2020, Moneyfacts data showed there were more than 700 deals available for those with a 10 per cent deposit and just shy of 400 available at 5 per cent. First Time Buyer Credit Check. Remortgaging is the most common way of releasing equity. This is the verdict of Key Partnerships which revealed, before the pandemic hit at the start of the year, 2020 was on course for a bumper year when it came to the referrals market. Meanwhile, 77% of tenants paid off some or all of their arrears between September and October, while a further 50% paid back arrears between October and November. The mortgage is usually repaid from the sale of your home when you die or move permanently into residential care. please sign-in using your email and password. An equity release scheme allows the borrower to take out the equity that is in the home. Nearing retirement? When asked why, they had decided to refer equity release cases rather than transact the business themselves, 26% – the same as in 2019 – said their network or head office preferred them to pass on to a specialist. ‘Expect a government U-turn on stamp duty’ – Star Letter 18/12/2020, The only argument for stamp duty extension is second lockdown – Star Letter 11/12/2020, ‘Some remortgage applicants are savvy enough to do it themselves, others are not’ – Star Letter 04/12/2020, How will lenders differentiate between Covid debts and high risk borrowers? Equity Release Quick reference Guide Chapter 9 By the end of this guide you will be able to describe the administrative aspects of changes in circumstances including leaving the property on death / long-term care in relation to equity release. Pension aged individuals can access the equity (cash) tied up in their homes through either home reversion plans or lifetime mortgages. Whilst the average arrears were between £251 and £500, the survey finds that of those in arrears, 18% now have rent debts of more than £1,000. To ensure you get the right equity release mortgage for you, MoneySuperMarket have partnered with Fluent Mortgages and their expert equity release advisors. While mortgage brokers were the main driving force behind the introducer market, as they sought to complement their standard and later life mortgage offering with equity release, the number of new independent financial advisers (IFAs) choosing to refer fell sharply from 25% (2020) to 13% (2019) as they focused on their core businesses during the pandemic. “Often driven by customer demand, they wanted to support their customers with their needs in such a way that they felt comfortable that they were receiving the support they needed. The study carried out by research consultancy Dynata found that seven per cent of private renters, or 840,000 tenants across the sector, have built Get our most competitive rates. It might reduce your monthly mortgage payment, freeing up money to repay your other debts. The level of rent owed by tenants in arrears in November was equivalent to the level recorded in May but didn’t quite reach the peak of 127% recorded in August. The figures come just a day after Association of Mortgage Intermediaries chief executive Robert Sinclair told Specialist Lending Solutions the FCA was particularly concerned about debt consolidation advice in the equity release and second charge sectors. Poll: Is your business operationally resilient in the event of an IT meltdown? September 1, 2020 . With Equity Release you can. Equity is the difference between the current value of your house and the amount you owe on it. Between August and November, the percentage of tenants … So using the example above, if you remortgaged for £100,000 and your existing mortgage was £80,000, you would release … Equity release schemes. Equity release; Protection; Mortgage Tech Series; All specialist finance; Blog; Webinars; Awards; Specialist Finance; Digital Editions; Subscribe. The needs of clients were also an important factor and 26% said that they chose to refer as a client had asked and they wanted to support them (this was 19% in 2019). An equity release mortgage involves a lender giving you cash in return for a share in the proceeds of the sale of your property further down the line. Including industry news, adviser business strategy tips and market commentary. Equity release is a means of retaining use of a house or other object which has capital value, while also obtaining a lump sum or a steady stream of income, using the value of the house.. You have successfully registered for Premium access, please check your email for your temporary password. Ruse added: “It’s interesting to note that half of introducers felt that they or the networks they work for viewed equity release as a specialist product requiring specialist advice from a highly qualified expert. Choose a term that suits you best, from 5-30 years (to maximum age 70). You can contact them here or call 01204 899581. It meant, in 2020, 1% fewer introducers signed up on a monthly basis compared to 2019 but it meant mortgage intermediaries now accounted for over half (56%) of the market. You are already registered for our newsletter. This term can differ from your current mortgage term. in Later life lending There was a 1% fall in the number of new introducers entering the equity release market compared to last year, but the market remains robust. The proportion of sales for uses on these last two categories fell by six per cent and five per cent from March. Abbey Mortgages-abbeymortgages.co.uk 126 North End Road West Kensington London W14 9PP 02087488549 Suitably qualified replacements may be sent if you are unable to attend; however, the organisers must approve them before the event takes place. Key also noticed an increasing number of equity release advisers were now referring cases, potentially due to the impact of the pandemic on customer interest or pandemic staffing challenges. Landlords with buy-to-let mortgages often find it useful to be able to release equity from one or more of their rental properties, for a variety of reasons such as releasing equity to buy another property.. Newsletter; Magazine; Buy-to-let News. Equity release is a way of raising money from the value of your home without having to move out. Release Equity . Borrow anything from €15,000 up to 90% of the value in your home.

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