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The European Shorthair is a cat breed that hails from Sweden but it also has roots that go back to the Roman Empire. This video is part of the Freyja the Cat series which features this European Shorthair named Freyja who I adopted in Italy. European shorthair - ERY-SYD cat show Hyvinkää 2010-06-06.JPG 777 × 1,300; 332 KB European shorthair - ISROK cat show Kuopio 2009-11-14.JPG 1,118 × 894; 278 KB European shorthair - URK cat show Vantaa.JPG 1,064 × 1,503; 492 KB There has been much confusion and debate as to the origins of the European Shorthair. The European Shorthair, called the European in FIFe and WCF is a cat breed originating in Sweden. European Shorthair Cat History "It is believed that cats owned by the Romans - utilized in vermin control and hunting - went on to breed with feral European cats, where those offspring became the foundation stock of the European Shorthair. It is easy to teach an American Shorthair to perch on their cat climbing tree instead of shelves and to scratch their post instead of the carpet. Exotic Shorthair Kitty is the best choice for beautiful, healthy, affectionate, lovely and adorable Shorthair Kittens. Rank Country Life expectancy Influenza vaccination rate, people aged 65 and over, 2016 (%) 1 Monaco 89.4 2 San Marino 83.4 3 Switzerland 83.0 4 Spain 82.8 56% 5 Liechtenstein 82.7 28% What traits are unique to the European Shorthair? Being developed from some domestic breeds, the European Shorthair possesses a unique personality emerging as an excellent family pet. But what about their other physical attributes? European Shorthair Counterpart of the Britain British Shorthair and the American Shorthair American, this animal is derived from the common domestic cat ("alley cat"). They get on well with other cats and other pets, provided they have been raised in a group of cats and have not spent several years as the only cat in the household. But exactly how big is the American Shorthair? When it comes to grooming, the European Shorthair is a fairly low-maintenance feline. Common colors include brown, black, tan, and gray, and they're often seen sporting distinctive tabby patterns. And why do these have such a long lifespan? Explore Colorpoint Shorthair life span data with pictures, ... European Shorthair. Euroopa Lühikarvaliste kasside tegemised Eestis. The European Shorthair was first recognized in 1949 by the Federation International Feline (FIFe). Tamaño: Mediano a grande. Having said all these, it is noteworthy that the European Shorthair is an especially diverse breed and each one of these breeds is an individual. Oriental Shorthair. These eyes come in a great variety of colors, including green, amber, and blue. Let’s find out below. The only real things to be concerned about is brachycephalic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, heart disease, and respiratory distress syndrome. Either way, they are a strong and robust race.The common European cat has a wide and rounded face as well as a thick tail at the base and sharpened tip. This breed is generally healthy, and with proper care, an American Shorthair’s lifespan can stretch to over 20 years long. Otros nombres: Gato romano, Gato común europeo, Celtic shorthair, European cat. Mekong Bobtail. Moreover, they love the owners, as a rule, especially highlighting one of the family members, they will never show aggression, they will be faithful and devoted companions, without overloading the owners with their own needs. Because this breed has such a wide gene pool, they don’t have any breed-specific health issues to look out for. European Shorthair – self-contained cats, even slightly aloof, they spend time alone with themselves, without requiring constant attention and affection. The term has also been used as an elaborate way of referring to common domestic cats of Europe, causing some confusion as the pedigree cats of this breed also should resemble the typical domestic cats of Europe. The European Shorthair is considered by some the ancestor of all cats; one of the most popular and oldest cat breeds found in Europe. The first cat to be registered in this breed category was born back in 1940—although evidence can be found indicating that this cat breed was established as early as the 1930s. – in that case, the European Shorthair is just the right choice! Genetics can affect lifespan by a few years, so you might want to avoid the Sphynx or Manx breeds (8-14 years) and instead give your heart to an American Shorthair (15-20). European shorthair cats are characterized by considerable adaptability. American Shorthair and British Shorthair are astoundingly similar cats in terms of their demeanor and character. 98 likes. The European Shorthair is not easily perturbed – it perceives what the current situation is about easily, as it has a lot of domestic cat genes. Health and Potential Health Problems. Origins of the European Shorthair. A German Shorthaired Pointer is not considered to have the intelligence of an adult dog until they are two years old. The European Shorthair, called the European in FIFe and WCF is a cat breed originating in Sweden. They both have thick and muscular bodies, round eyes, and lovable personalities. Color de ojos: Verdes, amarillos o azules.Ojos de distinto color (ejemplo: uno azul y otro verde). Cats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They even have similar lifespans! It is referred to as a natural cat breed, which means that the cat came about naturally without any human intervention. Scottish … Meet a kitty with great sprit: the European Shorthair!More Cats 101 Video: It is likely these native cats were tabby, as the Shorthair has similar coat markings." For more details about European Shorthair Cat Breed, click here. The European Shorthair is a breed of cat that you'll see in a large variety of colors and markings. Browse European Shorthair kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Reconocido por: FIFe – WCF (como Celtic Shorthair). With an impressive lifespan of 15-20, the European Shorthair are typically very healthy creatures due to their natural development. European Shorthair cats are a moderately active cat breed. Kucing European Shorthair adalah kucing domestik yang sudah dijinakkan sejak ribuan tahun lalu dan mendiami beberapa wilayah di Eropa. The average lifespan of German Shorthaired Pointers is between 12 and 14 years. The British Shorthair or European Shorthair is probably the oldest English breed and one whose ancestors came to Europe and Britain with the Roman soldiers. They are independent and intelligent so they enjoy challenging games and activities as well as hunting for mice. They have, however, a few striking differences as well in terms of their personality which sets them apart. Is a European Shorthair the right Cat for you? Robust and well muscled, its … according to VioVet. Care and health issues This is a very hearty breed with no known hereditary health issues that are specific to this breed. Alligevel er der mange som lader deres kat løbe frit omkring. The British and European Shorthair cats are identical and the name just reflects where you live. The contemporary European Shorthair cat first appeared in Sweden as kitties with all of the best traits (friendly, playful, active), and the breed remains popular in Scandinavia. [1][2] But, if you’re like most of us, you aren’t shopping around. We breed Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale with Golden Shaded, Silver Shaded and Chinchilla colors, green or blue eyes Shorthairs. Nombre científico: Felis catus. Natural/Mutation. Explore Colorpoint Shorthair life span data with pictures, origin and history. Fullas European shorthair DK. Ifølge loven skal katte holdes på egen matrikel. País de origen: Europa, África, Asia. A healthy European Shorthair has an average lifespan of between 15 – 20 years. European shorthair even known as Celtic shorthair originated in Europe more than 2000 years ago, attaining recognition in the 20 th century. To get a better idea of your cat’s expected lifespan, check out this list of cat breeds and average ages. The Romans used these cats to protect their food supplies from rodents and as companions. Most breeds fall within the 10-15 year range. European Shorthair owner reviews, health, training. Origins: Europe, North America Lifespan: 12-14 years Eyes: Hazel, green, gold, blue Energy: Medium Temperament: Independent, friendly, easygoing and playful Weight: Males 5 – 6 kg (11 – 13.2 lbs), females 4 – 5 kg (8.8 – 11 lbs) Colours: Every colour is accepted Grooming: Requires weekly grooming About. The average lifespan of a cat depends on a lot of variables -- from diet and exercise to their overall health to their breed. 24 talking about this. European Shorhair cats in Estonia Her vil der komme billeder af vores lille opdræt af European Shorthair katte. The Shorthair’s coat, as the name implies, is short, but also thick and dense to protect the cat from weather and injury. The European Shorthair’s eyes are a little on the small side for its face, giving it a shrewd expression. They do not tend to be lap cats, lazing around the house all day but they also are not incredibly demanding of your attention. European cats are usually of medium size although it is common for males to be somewhat larger and more muscular than females. Adopt a European Shorthair from a shelter near Boydton,VA. British Semi-longha... POPULAR CATS. Brazilian Shorthair. As such, different cat breeds have different life expectancies. These cats have an average lifespan of 15-20 years. You might also hear them being referred to as a common "house cat". Each European shorthair cat is an individual personality. [3] The term has also been used as an elaborate way of referring to common domestic cats of Europe, causing some confusion as the pedigree cats of this breed also should resemble the typical domestic cats of Europe. The American Shorthair is a medium-sized cat weighing between 8 and 15 pounds, with the females weighing less. At a glance. German Shorthaired Pointer Lifespan & Health. Kucing ini cenderung lebih banyak ditemukan di wilayah Skandinavia. The European Shorthair is an easy cat to look after, their coats require little care other than occasional grooming to remove dead and old hair as they do not tangle and they don’t tend to get very dirty. Dikenal sebagai kucing yang adaptif, sosial dan setia. From the early Roman settlements, the European Shorthair was revered for her hunting skills on the first modern farms as European life in the Middle Ages transitioned into an agrarian society. Are you looking for an affectionate, loyal companion who still has a bit of a wild cat in it? European shorthair cats have an impressive lifespan of 15–20 years and are typically a healthy, robust breed thanks to their natural development. Compared to other dogs, the breed is cognitively slow to mature.

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