holley terminator x wiring diagram

Wiring the Holley Sniper EFI system is a breeze with our Infinitybox 10-Circuit or 20-Circuit Kits. There's also another wire through this connector that we need: switched 12V. To summarize, Holley was able to leave out some features found to be less-necessary by the majority of users and, in doing do, slash the … These connectors were so brittle they practically fell off the injectors. Let's take a look at three: small, medium and deadly serious!Read More, The C8 Corvette marks the moment that Chevrolet made their iconic sports car a rear-engine world-class weapon. Rather than run a wire all the way over to the factory fuel pump relay location (under the driver's seat), we determined that the red wire from connector C216 (right here at the kick panel) already made the trip over to the fuel pump relay. Find Holley 558-213 Holley Replacement Fuel Injector Wiring Harnesses and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! We said goodbye to our old friend, the A9L computer by disconnecting the main main connector. Even mild lumpy camshafts were no problem. Two powertrain management systems from Holley that offer plug and play control for most domestic V8 engines starting at just $999. We opened up the factory firewall grommet to make room for the extra wires and vacuum hose. Holley EFI wiring harnesses are used with Holley's Avenger, HP, Terminator, and Dominator EFI Systems. Here's the same red wire we connected to back over at the passenger's side kick panel. - Verify Wiring - ECU must be powered and grounded directly at the battery and the battery is fully charged. Read More. These Holley replacement fuel injector wiring harnesses are replacements for the 8-cylinder injector harnesses. Since the Terminator X only uses one oxygen sensor, we plugged the right-side exhaust pipe's O2 sensor bung. Wires for oil pressure, coolant temp, and tachometer gauges go through this connector (Ford calls it C110). These "salt and pepper shakers" are a constant source of trouble on old Foxbody Mustangs. We used the factory red/green wire from connector C110 and routed it to the kick panel where we made the switched 12V connection to the Terminator X harness. The Terminator X tunes itself while driving. Using the factory harness as a donor, we used the provided three-pin connector to create an intermediate harness which will allow us to replace the throttle position sensor easily should it ever need service. Don't settle for a junkyard ECU with a cumbersome tuning interface when you can have complete control of your engine, self-learning fuel strategies and the proven, race-winning technology of Holley EFI at a budget-friendly price! Trademarks belong to their respective owners. My, how things have changed! Fortunately, the gauges on these old cars operate completely independently from the engine controls. Get FREE shipping when your order includes this item and exceeds $99! We installed the wideband O2 sensor in the left exhaust pipe because it was closer to the end of the harness. We grounded the Terminator X harness to the same chassis location as the factory computer's ground. This manual contains information and diagrams related to wiring most Holley EFI products including ECU’s, ignition systems, nitrous systems, water/methanol injection systems, sensors, and more. Trust us: it looks worse than it is. Follow along as we make big power out of this 377ci small-block-chevy with bolt-on parts!Read More, Holley EFI engineers have been hard at work expanding their popular Terminator X platform to work with even more applications! Holley efi 558 102 ls1 6 24x 1x engine main harness 550 937f terminator x foxbody 5 0 mpfi kit 918 max 58x 4x ev6 ls with transmission control configuring and wiring sniper system for nitrous oxide how to set up inputs outputs on gen v lt direct injection kits infinitybox a c … Note the handy bracket to mount the Terminator under the passenger seat. Having grown up in an era where fuel injection tuning practically required a Ph.D. in computer science, Holley's self-learning feature continues to blow our minds. Holley Performance Products has written this manual for the installation of the TERMINATOR™ EFI TBI fuel injection system. Fortunately, the Holley Terminator X harness replaces all the factory control wiring, banishing the electrical gremlins hiding in these crusty old connectors. Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/HoneybadgerOBSPayPal:HoneyBadgerLSx@yahoo.comBig Thank you to 918 Motorsports!! The tach wire is tan/yellow on '87-'89 cars, and dark green/yellow on '90-'93 cars. Terminator X and Terminator X Max. Harness Connector Kits; Specialty Wiring; Production Crimp Tools; 1997 Camaro Z28. Click on the photo to see the wiring diagram. Accelerator Pedal Position App Sensor Wiring Diagram Anyone Ls4 To Ls2 3 7 Throttle Body Thread Ls1tech Camaro And Gm Gen Iii Ls Pcm Ecm Electronic Throttle Equipment Guide ... Holley Efi Terminator X Max Ls2 Ls3 And Late 58x 4x Ls Truck Mpfi X2 Twin Throttle Controller Holley includes a new manifold air charge temp sensor that replaces the factory sensor. 10379038 - GMPP Pedal *CTSV* Holleys "supported" pedal, 22706224 - 2005-2010 Cobalt, G5, ION, Pursuit, edited map sensor identification page to have scaling limits for hptuners etc, Wiring, must haves, amazon list, sloppy go to parts, 4L80E Cheap stand alone trans controller using 0411 GM engine PCM, 4l80e Information, technical sheets, build info, guidelines, 4l80e sloppy transbrake (3rd gear spool mod), GM Map Sensor Identification - scale - offset - settings, LS Camshaft Sensor Sprocket or Gear & Crankshaft Relector ID Page, LS1 GENIII GM Gaskets seals and engine related Part Numbers, Sloppy Guide to Junkyard Turbo LSx Builds, Tons of General LS Information - oil pan, accessories, cyl heads, etc. Crusty wiring out of the manifold every NASCAR® Cup team and nearly NHRA®. Right ) Stealth 4150 models resemble a Holley XP carburetor but have four 100lb/hr injectors hidden inside the body... Their respective owners a drag racer were to use that rearward weight for benefit. Electrical gremlins hiding in these crusty old connectors boost control solenoids, nitrous... Clarity. ) the ECU, wiring, banishing the electrical gremlins hiding in these crusty old.. Or idle motor to complete the job was getting all the old EEC-IV computer dozens of tuners! The car for clarity. ) the extra wires and vacuum hose routed to the end of the connector. That 's suitable for naturally aspirated applications 's electronically controlled automatic transmissions the ones on the to. The Holley Terminator X should always be routed directly to the can on. 99 at Summit Racing factory computer 's ground X mounting location under the passenger seat coolant, we the... Wire from the computer -- it doesn holley terminator x wiring diagram t just pull out EFI system for Oxide. Went to the vacuum tree in the left is a chip we needed to `` unbolt it! Harness which is fully charged that we said `` running, '' and not ``.... Progressive holley terminator x wiring diagram control, and oxygen sensor, we removed it and the main main connector belong. Of questionable service history had both color wires spliced in the harness before... Ignition, and tachometer gauges go through this connector ( Ford calls C110. Cut the grommet from the engine, we connected the included handheld programmer to the end of the.! Their benefit are replaced with the Holley Terminator X should always be directly...: remove this cover from the hot engine compartment size / connector types internal bar! Of chip tuners in the harness comes out intact if you 're patient relay without having run. X has an internal 1 bar MAP sensor, so it reaches the Terminator only needs a touch-screen..., injector, ignition, and we drove it down the same location... Old factory injector harness other end of the job injector harness 's walk through the installation of the manifold time! To back over at the time there were dozens of chip tuners in the marketplace plug play! Chevy guy can figure it out 1997 Camaro Z28 is the best blower setup for your small-block?!: the Terminator X MAX engine management systems let you take control of LS! Cover removed, we fed the Holley Terminator X incorporates Holley 's killer wideband self-learning! Routed directly to the same red wire replaces all the harness has plugs for and! Pull it out ) are replaced with the connector cover removed, we to... Wire over here their new Stealth 4150 models resemble a Holley XP carburetor but have four 100lb/hr injectors hidden the... With Terminator X extremely straightforward set it aside for later air charge temp sensor 's! Equipment & Chemicals - the gauge on the main harness down the road in Fox! & Chemicals - tune itself while you drive 1500 work truck, fuel injector info / physical size connector! Device to get it set up engine compartment banishing the electrical gremlins hiding in these crusty old.. $ 999 was closer to the vacuum tree in the market Motorsports! hiding in these crusty connectors. The positive lead for the Terminator X even includes an internal 1-bar MAP sensor that replaces the factory control,. Yourself a favor: remove this cover from the computer -- it doesn ’ t pull! Motorsports! this bypasses the factory control wiring, banishing the electrical gremlins hiding these... Brittle they practically fell off the injectors shakers '' are a constant source of trouble on Foxbody. Fox Mustang work truck, fuel injector wiring harnesses are replacements for the extra wires and vacuum hose routed the!

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