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Geneticist is the only class can play solo but not alone. You can access to Homunculus status table by Alt+R Generally useful as Geneticist always have to bring a lot of items for their skills. 2.) 1 level. Increase Healing effectiveness of used Condensed Potions by 100+10*Skill Levels%. Have 1*Skill levels% chance to break target's Armor and/or Weapon. During the quest, three alchemists torture it and eventually the Homunculus gets set free. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. Probably the most popular of the four, due to it's Caprices autobolt ability, and the instruction change skill gives the player additional brewing success rate, 1% for each level.Filir: I'll just leave it here to let you know about this option. I believe this because I played a Mid Rate back in 2010 and people were complaining about Vanilmirth's Caprice in Battlegrounds because the BG armours make you take more damage from non-Demi-Human sources. c: All the king's horses, and all the king's men. Chaotic Benediction - It randomly uses Heal up to the current Chaotic Benediction skill level to either one of the following: Player (you.) The real difference is that these items can only be used by one character cla… Fire Homunculus Skills and Stats Water Homunculus Skills and Stats Wind Homunculus Skills and Stats. It also draws the wearer's potential abilities. Should you try to make one, the in… The level limit for a Homunculus owned by an Alchemist or Biochemist is 99. 0.4: Leveling Spots Being a tank makes leveling a lot easier on yourself and on your wallet. Note: Even though it isn't affected by size, race and class bonuses, but it does with long ranged bonus. 3. Currently, it is only possible to skillup the Homunculus using Devilmon. The healing amout is not impressive, but it can be use to interrupt monsters cast skills. you must have Shinobi card before AFK leveling your Homunculus in Orc Dungeon level 1 or level 2 and please stay close to the wall or An Obstacle object near you, so the owner will cloacking while atked by the enemy on there But if you rich you can make something crazy like : + 9 Easter Egg Shell +9 or +12 HBP (Deviling Card) Level 1-10: You can level up on spore and poporing on payon field without even monitoring your character. First and foremost, you must be an Alchemist or Creator. This page lists recommended leveling spots, with the maps and monsters associated with them. Gains experiencepassively based on character level. Demonic - Biochemist | Neutralizer - Lord Knight, Hi! Are you having a hard time choosing where to gain experience and level for your Homunculus Vanilmirth? In this guide , i will try to share my experience in. Biothetics: Gives you the ability to have a homunculus, Ressurect Homunculus: 30 second delay after your homunculus dies, and it brings it back to life, Call Homunculus:  calls back your hom after you have died. You'll need the following headgear to awake into, This weapon is potentially to enchant up to, The easiest Garment that has high refine and give massive amount of. (All so how you get your initial Homunculus). After accepting all the above quest, turn in all quest you completed before while waiting for your Homunculus being Loyal. and i dont see anything bout homunculus in that guide? Since you can just quickly change a garment with Flamel Card and spam Condensed Potions and have the same Healing Amount. Currently the highest damage boosting Garment, even better than, Suitable for genetic in many way as it provide, The boots focus on damage and damage only, no ultility usage, only recommend to use if you combo with. Homunculus is a special pet that can assist you in many ways : Tanking, Buffing, Dealing damage. A pair of shoes worn on top of normal shoes for additional defense. Requires at least 910 intimacy to unlock skill. Shields are incredibly useful items in Diablo II. Are you having a hard time choosing where to gain experience and level for your Homunculus Vanilmirth? A Homunculus(Plural:Homoculi) is a type of magical creature that can be transmuted through the transmutation circle. In the begining i level my homunculus in the leveling room and eventually move to these maps when my homunculus can survive. I don't think it would get more exp if you let it damage the enemy mostly. You will have enough skill points for other needed skills anyway. Provide various bonuses depend on base stats ( the one with 90 or higher benefit from this item ). Remember that this shield doesn't provide a single defensive option and also its def is 0. I'm sticked to OD2 atm and I wanted to know where should I lvl her at this lvl until 150. Thus, my guide will focus mainly on soloing. We've recently opened a new server - if you'd like to give it a try, please check out our website at, This is not recommended for shared computers. : Where (*) is skills obtain-able after evolution. Even though my wiki name is Alice but my ingame name Is ”Otowa Yonko”, feel free t… You seeking for ideas building your own Genetic. The skill has 0.5s After Cast Delay and 0.6s Hard Animation. Needs a complete set to have bonus effect. The way I generally do it is: Level 1-10: Drops/Porings/Lunatics (pay_fild08) Level 11-20: Rockers (pay_fild07) Homunculus decides randomly which one it uses, you can not influence its decision. Amistr is mainly used when MvP'ing, as it's the only homunculus able to take a few hits from some of the medium tier MvP's. 2. This skill is always success, but the amount of products is affected by following factors ( the higher, the better ) : Consume 1 Alcohol Homunculus gets no Experience at all. Homunculus gets the full experience from the monster. Other than creating potions, they also have the ability to protect allies' equipments from breaking. Feed your homunculus once between 11 and 25 to boost its intimacy, thus progressing towards evolution and higher stats / a different sprite. The former page was structured more for pre-renewal. Basis of Life, passive. For reference, I'm level 78 now and my Amistr is level 63. Level 1-10: You can level up on spore and poporing on payon field without even monitoring your character. This guide is based on server I’m playing – NovaRO. Several functions may not work. Player gets all Job Experience from the monster. Base chace of effect = [25+10*(Skill Level - 1)]%. Recommended enchant : ( enchant NPC Susan Grey at, Second enchant : ATK +1~3% or Increases Long Range Damage 1~4%. Even if it's a starter accessory but the power is nearly mid-game period. Generally I won't recommend to have this one even for start or later stage of the game as there are many option easier to obtain/enchant that much surpass this one but I'll just leave here to let you know that it exists. ATK +10 Refine Level +7: ATK + 1% Refine Level +9: ATK + 1% Force Shadow set Force Shadow Gauntlet Force Shadow Ring Force Shadow Pendant ATK +10 If total refine level of entire set at least +20: ATK + 1% If total refine level of entire set at least +25: ATK + 1% Type: Shadow Weapon Refinable: Yes Requirement: Base level 70, gef_fild06 (Glast Heim Entrance, go right), yuno_fild04 (Warper -> Juperos -> Entrance -> go South), Getting first time reward Sarah and Fenrir for beginers, Getting instances stuffs when having (almost) no equipments (Bayeri required), https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=Play_Genetic_with_Alice&oldid=32440, Allow you to rent a Cart which works like an extra inventory with, Spend an amount of Zeny depends on skill level to inflict. Didn't got the Homun you want ? I dont bother with salamanders and kasa because of reflect. Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. Page 1 of 2 - Sera Leveling - posted in Homunculus Headquarters: So I got my Sera 123 yesterday, Pain Killer ftw! However It's usually unecessary even if you aim to 100% success chance. equipment is the Alloy mail+feather mace+prophet cape which respectively is … Got the Homun you want ? I thought that they were only Demi-Humans in Renewal. Evolution Skill: SBR44 If a monster is killed by having both the player and his/her homunculus dealing damage to the monster. The cheapest slotted middle headgear, available for cards. In order to use the pharmacy skill you must have: In order to create an embryo you must have: When you got one successfully itl will look like: Skills: Caprice, Instruction Change, Chaotic Blessings 1. How to achieve [DEX + LUK + INT/2 = 580] : Step 4 : Put stat points and equipments for your brewer now. This skill is good to protect yourself when being surrounded by a large amount of non-boss monsters but not worth maxing out. To obtain a Homunculus, Embryo is required. Consume 1 Cannon Ball to use. Upon joining Eden Group, you are now able to receive. A very basic weapon that you should get as soon as possible which provide nice stats, ATK and help you maintain your HP/SP. Player gets all Job Experience from the monster. This step is no longer simple leveling, because to gain Experiences fast, equipments and/or party is needed, so i I don't recommend to reach 185 when still naked. I don't recommend having this skill. Popularized in sixteenth century alchemy and nineteenth century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human. For a list of the skills used by a Homunculus, scroll down to the end of the guide. After the skill's duration has ended, HP and SP are set to 10. Source: Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Added the following Equipments along with their recommended enchants (if available) : Added the following Equipments (Thank CellteX#2113 for contribution) : To Mid-game Equipments Suggestion ( Brewing ) : Fixed typo (Thank CellteX#2113 for contribution) : This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 03:50. You will find this card very useful in some instance like. Homunculus: Level 156 HP 1,947,853 MP 94,034 EXP 14,249 Additional Points Weapon Points: 1: Speed -35 Attack 4,051 Defense Physical: 300 Magic: 320 Defense Rate Here some info what I know about Homunculus Feeding and Intimacy. It turns loyal when its intimacy is 911 (@hominfo). If you can't equip yourself some leeching gears then Incubus is perfect to maintain SP during long hunt. So you can put it in any unused slots. If a player kills a monster and his/her homunculus doesn't contribute to the kill at all: 1. A strong headgear that can be obtain by just logging in daily and receive. Non-skill attacks are increased by the Lif's MATK value. You are able to access to many popular element ( Neutral, Holy, Shadow ) and even rare element ( Ghost ). In PvM enviroment, this shield helps you reflect, This shield should be +9 or higher if you want to use, otherwise, Even though this garment provide almost the same damage output for. Third enchant : Increase physical damage to boss enemies or Increase physical damage to normal enemies +3~20% ( This is depend on your need ). It is made based on a Server with a starting area, however it should fit any low to mid rate servers. Homunculus is one of the best upgrades for the Alchemist class. The quest for it is also very easy to do so why not? If you need to know how to access a certain town … Geneticist is the highest upgrade in Merchant class Alchemist branch. It's your main source of damage, so I recommend to get it as soon as possible. Increases the sources' profits based on pet level. No other classes have access to the skills required to make, and use a homunculus. More information on this topic is in the Experiencepage. not sure about PVP(acid build is preferred) but PVM earlier level its better to use Amistr since it scales of STR and is easiest to use since its dmg is coming from AA unlike vanilmirth which needs 5 secs cd for high dmg. When a monster is killed by a homunculus alone: 1. Homunculus get no Experience at all, 3. It also draws the wearer's potential abilities. Evolution Skill: Mental Charge Allow you to learn Homunculus related skills. Shields are also an excellent source of resistance, when socketed with gems or various runes. In order to get the biothetics skill, you must become a alchemist and get your platinum skills from the NPC. Consider the following leveling spots ( all monsters are targets ) : Even though its stats look pretty good, but it's not a must-have item. Providing okay-ish damage without refining so much, 2 slotted for more boosting stuffs. Filir is the physical hitter - with high attackspeed and high flee, this homunculus is primarily useful in PvM, and sometimes in Woe as a backup Emperium breaker. Open a shop at Vending-allowed area ( mostly at @go 37 ). -10% After Cast Delay, simple but strong. Here the table how many Intimacy gained by feeding at specific hunger level : Here are my thoughts for each Homun, hope they may help you : I assumed that you play Geneticist as Start Character for this leveling guide. They also have a trust worthy homunculus to assist them in battle. These can be purchased from All in one trader every town 100k or 76k with merchant. Cards are never easy to obtain due to RNG, but the monster is too easy to kill so I would list it here. Open Homun status table by, After Evolution, your Homun will get its power, All you need is feed it with its favorite food. The Moonlight skill deals physical damage, Fleeting move increases attackspeed and attack, while Overspeed increases Flee.Lif: It also draws the wearer's potential abilities. I recommend buy this item in market than hunting one by yourself as the monster is very strong, but the price is moderate if buying. Are all of the Homunculus Demi-Humans on this server? 2. Following are the recommend enchants : Provide immunity to certain status effect depend on required Stats. <>. The Leveling Guide: This guide will have the places to hunt, and the monsters to kill based on your class and level. Once its loyal use a Stone of Sage and it will evolve. Highly recommend to get one at +0/7 as soon as possible when reached required level. This cost of the created source cannot exceed 10 times your all-time mana produced. You're done creating Homun. However, this is a nice guide; well done. Welcome to the most important section of Geneticist class, you may want to ask : "What is Homunculus and why is it so important ?" Alchemists the blacksmith's counterpart, excels in creating potions rathering than forging weapons. Yes, keep feeding it when its hunger level is about 11-24. The only middle headgear with slot that bonus. A sacred earring which is believed to protect its wearer. ATK +5 For each refine level: ATK +1 Refine Level +7: MaxSP +1% Refine Level +9: ATK + 1% Force Shadow set Force Shadow Gauntlet Force Shadow Ring Force Shadow Pendant ATK +10 If total refine level of entire set at least +20: ATK + 1% If total refine level of entire set at least +25: ATK + 1% Type: Shadow Pendant Refinable: Yes Requirement: Base level 70, A pair of gloves that can draw the wearer's potential ability. Even if you are too lazy to do instance for them, many people sell them at giveaway price. To be honest it is not really a guide, but more like a diary of my journey on Genetic that I want to share for you. After the effect expires, inflict Rebound which decrease 25% movement speed, prevents natural HP & SP Recovery, forced to use /swt emote every 2 seconds. If your alchemist is 175, sit down in juperos/magma dungeon and let the homunculus play or mob and cart cannon everything (now your kills should count exp for homun, even if killing alone), you can try entering on 145 gramps map and kill the mobs arround to see if your homunculus is geting exp. Second enchant : Increase physical damage to [any element] enemies +3~20% ( You can ignore this enchant, but I'd recommend bonus damage on neutral enemies ). It isn't recommended to Awake if using for DPS build. As i mentioned above, my guide will mostly focus in solo geneticist players. There are no reasons to ignore fresh, Since you can only keep 1 enchant and reset 2 others, commonly getting 2 wanted enchants is the most. The initial skill is gained via a quest, and the remaining three require skill points to be used. It also draws the wearer's potential abilities. Further increase your Damage, but you don't need to bother farming it if you're using a non-slotted armor. Very good item if your build doesn't include combo needed specific low headgears. Remember to put your homunculus in "Rest" before using @autotrade or the timer will continue to count down, and after a few minutes, your homunculus will disappear forever! A small shield worn on the arm for additional defense. Early stage and Late stage are refered to the when you put the first step in late-game period and after getting some good gears respectively. A must have skill because it's required to use Geneticist skills. This skill is suprisingly good for defense thanks to effect of [Lv 3] and [Lv 4], also nice to clear large amount of high VIT monsters group by [Lv 5]. So if you don't hunt, Can be crafted at ( enchant NPC Redhead at, Recommend farming weapon if you don't hunt. Also remove Ground Skills ( Example : Thorn Trap ). Thus farming for ingredients/items is necessary. Each requires a different strategy to beat, which I’ll outline here: Owner gets full Base Experience, but no Job Experience, from the monster. While playing Ragnarok I met a lot of genetics that playing solo but got lost in their adventure. Step 7 : Start brewing, remember to maintain your buffs during brewing progress. 2. Great for 90+. Homunculus Guide - posted in Guides: IN PROGRESS This is just a little guide for the players that do not know how to create / level a homunculus. So I decided to make this guide hoping it can help them find their own way to enjoy the game as a Genetic. You need equip a Cart to use this skill. Recommend to max out in order to increase duration. So you may consider putting points in this skill to maximize your damage output. Basic armor set that improves survival ability and casting time. is the homunculus reduces its intimacy if its hunger is 100/100? By using this skill, the effective of above Healing items is also boosting by Skill Level and target's Vit ( For [Lv 1] -> [Lv 4]) , Int ( For [Lv 5] ), If a Homunculus has already existed, this skill will call that Homunculus out instead They work to block all physical and many types of elemental attacks, completely negating those attacks when successfully blocked. This skill boosts your mobility a huge, I recommend always have it enable. Strong and decent price for multi-funtional accessory. Evolution Skill: Bio Explosion Alt+right click monster – Target a monster or player. I don't recommend to have this skill because it make your Cart always full to increase its damage. Class-specific items are much like other items. This page has been accessed 95,257 times. Consume catalysts to inflict different effects on, Inflict small damage around you and inflict, Acid Bottle, Marine Sphere Bottle, Bottle Grenade, Plant Bottle, Blue Potion, Anodyne, Aloevera, Embryo, Elemental Potions, Condensed Red Potion, Leave your Homun starving (Hunger bar < 11%). Alt+double-right click monster – Attack the targeted monster/player. Homunculus (masculine, Latin for "little man", plural: "homunculi"; from the diminutive of homo) is a term used, generally, in various fields of study to refer to any representation of a human being.

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