is 5'8 tall for a woman

4’10 is considered dwarfism, so 4’11 is riding that line of scientifically being considered a midget. But no, you're not short, you are average height. Is that too tall? I don't think 5'8 is especially tall - certainly not freakishly tall. Here are other values based in other methods. Sara. 3 years ago. Its average i think. Girls look so … even my little bro who’s 10 will probably end up being taller than me soon, and i know for a FACT my son is gonna be tall like his 6’2 dad haha. 5 years ago. 5 years ago . Favourite answer. 1 decade ago. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you're tall, you should be proud of your long legs and beautiful looks. There are many ways (formulas) to calculate the ideal weight. It doesn't 'depend' where you live really. 7. I'd say women who are 5'8 or taller can be considered tall. The woman actually told Ann she was thinking of committing suicide because of her height. 1 decade ago . I am 5’8 and I’m really into tall girls. I'm 5'4'' but im still young i have alot of growing to do! 12 Answers. And most men comfortable with their height don't give a fuck? I like people taller than me. especially co'z my friends are short. Do you think 5'8 is quite tall for a girl? i’m 4’10 and I've already reached the tallest i’ll be for the rest of my life haha. You're lucky, you area good height. So should a 5"8 girl too tall, and should she wear heels? without them I would need to take ladders every time I went to a supermarket. The below shows the height percentile chart for a 5 foot 8 woman in the United States. Is 5"8 tall for a girl? I'm 14 and 5'7. I am 5'9" :) and a girl It's above average, but it's not really tall. 5'9 and proud! other people think i'm tall too. I'm 5"9.5 and I love it! And 5'10'' isn't on the shorter side of tall, that's 5'8''. Lol so no that's not too tall. Relevance. So, I wouldn't say 5'7 is particularly tall for a woman. Btw I know I could maybe not grow anymore, but theres still the possibility. Here's how to know if you're tall -- and how to make the most of it. I think anything over 5'11" for a girl is to tall just like a lot of men think they are "short" compared to others if they are under 6'. yep it is pretty tall for a girl, as the ruff average height for a woman is 5ft 3 or 5ft 4. No such thing as trying to “slip in” anywhere. Is 5"7 tall for a girl? Favourite answer. 0 | 0. keyandrea. The average height for a women in the U.S. is 5’4. In reality they are some of the most beautiful girls out there. For example, a woman in her 20s who is 5'8 would be taller than 90.3% of women also in their 20s. To me, 5’8 is on the shorter side, but to a women who is 5’0, maybe not. Answer Save. She said it kept her from getting dates, made her feel like an oddball, etc. And you should wear your heels, they’re sexy. I'm 6'4" and I might be attracted to girls for very different reasons. I am 5’8 and I would love to date a girl that’s 5’9! Honestly, we truly don't. 6. Nope, I am 5'8 too. For AUstralia Never. A 5'7 woman is the equivalent of a 6 foot man. but yeah don’t worry, 5’8 is … I’m a 5’10” Asian girl. 5'10'' is tall for a girl irrespective of where you live. This was only 5-9 ! But the second you put on heels, it’s like, whoa, I never realized you were so tall, attack of the 50-foot woman, no, stop it. Part 1 of 2: Determining if You're a Tall Girl. The average height for a women in america is 5'2''! I believe average is like 5'6" 6'2" 0 0. Feet. I'm just wondering whether or not this height is considered attractive? Xper 3 +1 y. i'm 5'5. I think standing up straight with confidence makes such a huge difference to how your height appears to other people so try not to "compensate" by hunching. Tyler. But it doesn't have to be a tragedy. 0 0. My boyfriend is 5'7 and he doesn't care that i wear heels around him either even though the height difference is so he looks like my child LOL.. but i love being tall :) If someone if 4’11, they probably do think 5’8 is tall … If these things have happened to you, then yeah, you are a tall girl. Chocha. I want to wear heels, but i think that i would tower over everyone. So NO its not too tall, plus it's not like you can really change it, so might as well accept yourself how you are. 5’8 is the perfect height for a girl! My mum is 5"3, my dad is 5"8. Anonymous. Hell no girl! This fact is very much apart of my identity. 0 0. tiana. Forum Member 24/04/14 - 21:35 #26. So, I'm 15 and a girl. I'm 5'8. A girl who is taller than 5'8" or 5'9". Think about it- how many tall asian girls have you seen in your lifetime? 8 Answers. How tall is 5'8? 5. This would be a perfect height because still a … girl i’d kill to have longer legs, i think your height is perfect. Age. I think 5'8 is an excellent height for a woman. If I had a choice between a girl that was 5’8 and one that was 5’5, I would take the one that was 5’8. You are defs not short, your boyfriend will be just messing with you since he is taller than you are. BrandonM. Unfortunately I'm stuck at 5'3 but hoping to hit a growth spurt any day now . But dont worry, because you said girl im guessing yoour still in school. Short guys usually don’t care about height, and a lot of them have a fetish for tall girls. Depends on whom you ask. Commonly treated as a freak, or monster. 5'8" is a perfect height, Most men are around 5'10",6" so your not too tall nor too short. It's on the tall side, but not enough to stand out. Being noticeable as soon as you walk into pretty much any room. These values apply for a 25 years old 5 ' 8" heigh woman. People say i have a nice figure but i dunno. My husband is 6' even and his friends joke and call me "bean pole" and "anorexic", especially his female friends. My husband doesn't mind but I still feel odd wearing heels. :( A boy i like is 5"10 tall. For the younger generation, it's fairly average. It's perfect. There's plenty men 6'3'' or taller, does that mean 6'3'' isn't tall for men? and i HATE it not being able to wear heels but this generation especially there is alot more tall woman and men so dont get to annoyed about it think of ladies like Cameron Deaz she is REALLY tall but she is also one of the most gorgeous girls in hollywood. Chihiro94 Posts: 2,667. Would our heights match or look cute together? I’m only 5’8 but I love tall girls. I think 5'10'' girls are hot when they have a figure like Liv Taylor - Don't really like 'em skinny 5'10''s. Lv 6. 0 0. yes it is tall for a woman especially at your age , aswell as you i am tall im probably 5'8. 1 0. (IMO) going by the theory that acceptable male height is 5'10 - 6'2, you wouldn't want a girl that's much taller than 5'8. What is the average height for a woman? 1 decade ago. But half the time, it’s just amusing when guys who are so much shorter than you, hit on you. And wear your heels. Relevance. Create a Custom Height Percentile Calculator Link to Share . A woman who is 5'9" is like a man who is 6'2" level 2. I don't have big hands or feet weither, I wear a size 7.5-8 shoe and 6 ring. My sister was 5'6 at my age and is 18 now and 5'8. Inches. I'm 5'6 now. Also, Marlon Brando is 5’9. Steps . 4 years ago. Hope this helps, and wish i was your height:) For a woman, 5-8 isn’t that tall in Scandinavian countries, but in Asian countries it is for Asians. You don’t need to find a tall guy, you need to find a guy that likes tall girls. I dated a girl who was 5'8" for about two years and I'm only 5'10". Other methods to calculate IBW. Tall girls are just as sexy as shorter girls! Some of the most beautiful women in the world are this tall. Is 5'10 an unattractive height on a woman? Never once did you ever get to be in the front or the Your height is always juuuuust too short to reach the top shelf. 1. (young women from the Netherlands have an average of 5'8 !). Lalalabamba. When I was a teenager I read a letter to advice columnist Ann Landers by a 5-9 woman. (Anything is possible though and a minority of tall girls are into it!) I'm not fat or too skinny. Because at school I always seem to be taller than ALOT of the girls and lots of boys. Google it. Some women are attracted only to taller guys; others are attracted to only shorter guys; and others still are attracted to both.

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