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View ... High energy cubes for horses in training and at the peak of fitness. No. These dietary supplements are blended to balance forage, particularly poor quality forage, and are low in energy. Equivalent to some conditioning or competition feeds. Most people are aware of ‘Spring Fever’ in horses and dread those first days of spring. The purpose of a conditioning feed is to help your horse gain weight. SPILLERS core range of low energy feeds include your feed room essentials SPILLERS Horse and Pony Cubes and SPILLERS Cool Mix and for those of you with fussy feeders there is a tasty herbal mix too, SPILLERS Meadow Herb Mix. Therefore, replacing some of the carbohydrates with fat can provide several benefits. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A horse’s condition is measured on a scale of 1 (emaciated) to 9 (extremely obese). Low energy Looking for a traditional low energy feed ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work? Enter your postcode to find out where WE is. And it will also demonstrate that it is possible to feed your horse a good, balanced diet that will add or maintain weight without making them hot. Goodbye to Flies, Hello to Gastric Health + Body Condition. Don’t forget energy and calories are the same thing. Clearly it is desirable for your horse to show good condition as this is beneficial for its general health. … Energy supplements can help support horses diagnosed with lack of energy due to anemia. If your horse is overweight feed a low energy feed even if you are working him quite hard, or he’ll never shift his wobbly bits! With proven results in reducing ulcer incidence and tying up, it is a great choice for standardbred racehorses, eventers, and any trainers and riders looking for an ultra low starch ration for working athletes. Use our store locator to find your nearest stockist. If your horse is overweight feed a low energy feed even if you are working him quite hard, or he’ll never shift his wobbly bits! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Showing 4 products in a. RECOUP 11™ (Lower energy mix) RECOUP CUBES (Lower energy cubes) RACE 13® (High energy racing mix) RACING PREP 14 (High energy, conditioning racing mix) RACEFIT CUBES (Low starch racing cubes) RACEHORSE CUBES (Multipurpose racing cubes) RE-LEVE®MIX (Cereal & alfalfa free, Low starch racing mix) KENTUCKY BALANCER (Concentrated oat balancer mix) You’ll see the overall energy levels are very similar to other racing or competition feeds, it’s just the energy sources in WE which are different. SafeChoice® Special Care is considered a low-starch feed with a maximum starch level of 11%. SPILLERS core range of low energy feeds include your feed room essentials SPILLERS Horse and Pony Cubes and SPILLERS Cool Mix and for those of you with fussy feeders there is a tasty herbal mix too, SPILLERS Meadow Herb Mix. Stick to starch lower than 15%. These sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and give the horse instant-energy. If you have an excitable horse, Pure Feed’s guide to feeding for condition without fizz should be a reassuring read. Veteran feeds are designed to provide readily digestible, non-heating calories so should promote a little more condition than a high fibre, low energy feed and help to give the older horse just that little extra he needs to stay looking and feeling good. A conditioning feed is designed to increase calories. If you still want, or need, a feed, remember that not all low-carb feeds are created equal. Our feeds are natural, highly palatable and formulated to suit horses and ponies at all levels and in all disciplines. This tag provides essential information on what the hor… Get our latest product news, nutritional advice and lots of other horse related articles straight to your inbox…plus hear about our fabulous giveaways too! These feeds contain mostly slow-releasing energy sources to keep the horse calm while maintaining weight, so they are based on high-quality fibre and oil. Fiber, found in hay or pasture, is an energy source that is often overlooked in horse nutrition. But the best way to do it is often not to feed any concentrated feeds at all. Similarly, horses and ponies prone to or at risk of laminitis, including Cushing’s sufferers should only be fed feeds that have very low starch and sugar levels of under 10% combined. seriously adlib hay is two haynets at least at night and more during day. The amount of this product used will vary mostly with workload. The law requires commercial horse feed manufacturers to put information concerning their feed on a "feed tag," which is either attached to or printed directly on the bag. Equi-Feeds Conditioner Feed 10% (Meal) Reg. Equi-Jewel is the original, research-proven stabilised rice bran product for horses and is the only conditioning supplement to include KER BMC™ to buffer the digestive tract. Feed balancers such as Dengie Performance+ Balancer are an excellent way to top up on the best conditioning horse feed withn vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids including lysine. Fast Fibre® is barley and molasses free and is ideal for the good doer or for horses who tend to be excitable even on low energy feeds. Many horse-feeding opinions and myths make deciding what to feed even more difficult. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. ICE - Low starch, high fibre conditioning pellet ideal for poor doers or underweight horse RELEASE was designed specifically for horses that suffer from this disorder. Looking for bespoke advice for your horse? No! Low energy = low calories. Stick to adlib hay/haylage for now and low energy feeds until you get to know each other . WINERGY VENTIL-ATE is a unique pelleted supplement, scientifically proven to support your horse’s own natural lung defenses. How do you properly feed a horse? If your horse falls into the at-risk category, consider these diet changes. Some horses, for example 'good-doers', tend to use this extra energy for weight gain whereas others will exhibit thi… Feeding Horses - advice about veteran, competition, senior, cool and conditioning equine feed mixes containing oats, molasses, omega3 and soya oils, cereals and vitamins for energy and calming a horse Find out how WE can keep your horse in great shape. Podium Cool Energy is a favourite with owners and trainers looking for a very low starch feed for high performance athletes. Dengie Alfa-Beet (Unmolassed) is a low sugar conditioning feed that is unmolassed and so is easily digestible. The overall digestibility of steam-extruded feeds is higher than grains, sweet feeds, or pellets. Protein is the building blocks of muscle, so ensure your feed contains quality protein. Keeping them occupied can be a worry for many horse owners and providing snack balls can be a great way to help reduce boredom and provide a more natural ‘trickle’ feeding rate. Maybe a squirt of oil. Lower in energy and protein compared to other feeds, may be useful as a cool feed but should be fed more as a supplement than a “complete” feed Rice bran High in fat, has excellent conditioning properties and good for horses unable to tolerate grain Many are terrified of the aspect of feeding oats to their horses – in fact you’d probably be surprised to hear they are actually quite low in energy. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. There are different kinds of conditioning horse feeds used for different purposes, for example a Topline feed will add muscle and conditioning to the top of the horse’s neck. This guide explains what food types are prime contenders for causing fizz. Energy Balance the protein content of your horse's grain mix with the protein level and amount of the selected roughage to ensure the protein-to-calorie ratio is maintained within acceptable limits. Grass is naturally high in sugar and this is even more so during the spring and autumn months, with sugar being upwards of 20% in spring grass. Its exclusive formulation provides powerful nutrient support through a specific combination of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E and Selenium. Give the horse all the low sugar and starch hay he can eat with a protein/mineral supplement as needed, and he'll not only be healthier, he'll be happier too. It is a non-oat micronized feed with a high fat content and increased vitamin E and selenium concentrations that aid in … Low energy = low calories. Purina ® EquiTub ™ with ClariFly ® is a triple win for horse owners, because it contains ClariFly ® larvicide to help control house and stable fly populations, includes Outlast ® gastric support supplement to promote gastric health and proper pH AND includes Amplify ® high-fat nugget to support endurance and bloom. V17027 (Act 36 of 1947) A low protein feed with a relatively higher energy content to keep up the conditioning of an adult horse, especially when receiving high protein roughage sources such as Lucerne or certain pastures. It has a short soak time and is suitable for laminitic prone horses and … WE and You. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It’s very low starch making it ideal for horses and ponies requiring a cereal free diet, such as those prone to tying up or sensitive to cereals. Know the protein level of your roughage source so you can properly balance your horse's diet. Keep your horse in great shape. Yes. It is … Aim to get your horse’s energy source from a mixture of fibre and oils, as opposed to cereals. Equi-Jewel® is a scientifically formulated high-fat, low-starch, and cool-energy conditioner. Superior digestibility of steam-extruded feeds helps horses extract more energy from less feed. Find out which of our feeds is most suited to your horse or pony. Check out the digestible energy levels in WINERGY Equilibrium High Energy. However protein alone isn’t enough – you can’t form a good topline without correct exercise. This would generally mean muscle instead of fat – it would tone and build muscle mass. The first is that because fat i… Fast Fibre® is particularly useful for horses with dental problems, as it can be used as a partial hay replacer if necessary. WINERGY Equilibrium is a revolutionary feed, the result of 20 years of ground-breaking, original research into the nutritional and digestive health of thousands of horses. Conditioning Feed For Horse: Why Use it? A high fat feed designed to be fed whenever your horse or pony needs a bit of extra cover or to provide the energy to fuel it's workload. I would use hifi, pony nuts/fibre nuts, non mollased sbeet. Is WINERGY Equilibrium Growth just a stud feed? For example: any horse with liver problems requires a low protein diet in order to reduce the strain placed on the already damaged organ. Diets tend to be formulated initially to meet the energy needs of the horse and then adjusted regarding protein, minerals and vitamins. To improve topline you need to concentrate on your horse’s muscle. With so many feed, supplement and hay choices available, many people find themselves wondering exactly what their horse needs for good health and nutrition. Digest+ Conditioning Cubes High fibre, low starch cube for optimum condition & digestive health View product Conditioning Fibre Healthy condition & coat shine from within View product Senior Conditioning Mix Ultimate nutrition for horses requiring weight gain View product Low Starch Feeds. Excessive carbohydrates can lead to colic, ulcers and other ailments as well as create vices in the horse. Looking for a traditional low energy feed ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work? However, the large amounts of grain, traditionally high in carbohydrates, needed to maintain the correct body condition score of some of our intensely worked horses (race horses, polo ponies, etc.) These supplements support all the components of healthy red blood cells, not just iron. Horses require energy for maintenance, to maintain their body at rest, as well as for any additional activity such as growth, gestation, lactation and physical work. can be harmful to their health. When the daily caloric intake of a high-starch ration was kept low, the horses had lower post-exercise serum CK (a measure of muscle damage) than when this feed was … Low Sugar Low Starch Feeds For Your Horse’s Treat Ball As winter approaches and turnout time is limited, horses and ponies may spend more time stabled. Keep it simple and low key for now and you can always upgrade if necc. Low in starch and low GI it provides calm sustained power. Contact our dedicated Care-Line between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for help with nutritional advice. Rich in rice bran oil makes it an extremely cool energy ‘low fizz’ feed. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. caloric needs can be met through hay and grain. Is fibre and oil enough to power a horse in hard work? Most horses do great with a moderate level of starch in their feed however some horses have metabolic conditions, such as EMS, Insulin resistance or laminitis, which require a reduced starch level in the total diet. Most performance horses? For conditioning & coat health A nutritionally complete all-round feed, formulated for horses and ponies in light to moderate work of all disciplines. Super-fast soaking sugar beet blend for all horses and ponies, Triple fibre blend for maximum fibre goodness. The basic principles of feeding laminitic horses are well-established: Avoid high-sugar and -starch feeds …

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