religion for the non religious

some value in it. Close. The truth is a combination of what we know and what we don’t know—and gaining and maintaining awareness of both sides of this reality is the key to being wise. In my last post, I stated that religion, and in particular, Christianity, can have value for an atheist. You get a job, achieve things at the job, gain responsibility, get paid more, move to a better company, gain even more responsibility, get paid even more, rent an apartment with a parking spot, stop doing your own laundry, and you buy one of those $9 juices where the stuff settles down to the bottom. there is an interesting phenomenon. put a note here in that I believe that religion, in and of itself, is When we’re not wise, it’s because we don’t have access to the Higher Being’s wisdom because it’s buried in fog. But this is actually what’s happening: But even more actually, this is happening: We also tend to kind of think this is the situation: You might even think you’re a thing. girlfriend. Varieties include atheism, … Sure—I’m a three-year-old, remember, so who am I to say no? What would make him cringe? If you do those things, I think you’re evolving in the best possible way, and it will have profound effects on all aspects of your life. Human evolution continued to make the Higher Being more and more sentient, until one day, he realized something shocking: It marked the first time any species on planet Earth was conscious enough to understand that fact, and it threw all of those animals in the brain—who were not built to handle that kind of information—into a complete frenzy, sending the whole ecosystem into chaos: The animals had never experienced this kind of fear before, and their freakout about this—one that continues today—was the last thing the Higher Being needed as he was trying to grow and learn and make decisions for us. Don’t wait until your deathbed to figure out what life is all about. When we’re on Step 2, this broader scope and increased clarity makes us feel calmer and less fearful of things that aren’t actually scary, and the animals—who gain their strength from fear and thrive off of unconsciousness—suddenly just look kind of ridiculous: When the small-minded animal emotions are less in our face, the more advanced emotions of the Higher Being—love, compassion, humility, empathy, etc.—begin to light up. of people who have a similar belief system. Over time, you want your [Time on Step 2] / [Time on Step 1] ratio to go up a little bit each year, and you want to get better and better at inducing Step 3 Whoa moments and reminding yourself of the Step 4 purple blob. Jesus for the Non-Religious offered insight into the common misconceptions of the gospels, it dispelled the myths surrounding Jesus Christ while also maintained that Jesus was a real person. I think the way to do it is by learning to climb this consciousness staircase to spend more of our time on Steps 2, 3, and 4, and less of it mired unconsciously in the fog. no clear scholarly consensus on the matter. Like religion, non-religion includes a wide range of worldviews, including new atheists who “militate” against religion, as well as people who claim that one cannot know anything about the existence or non-existence of God (agnostics) but who may be practitioners, or people who are totally indifferent to religion and religiosity. Society at large focuses on shallow things, so it doesn’t stress the need to take real growth seriously. That’s the first challenge at hand. Why else would someone do the bare minimum at work, cut corners on work projects, and be dishonest about their efforts—when anyone looking at the big picture would know that in a work environment, the truth about someone’s work habits eventually becomes completely apparent to both bosses and colleagues, and you’re never really fooling anyone? Irreligion, or nonreligion, is the absence, indifference to, or rejection of religion. So a good definition of religion I having no religion : irreligious. Step 2 is all about thinning out the fog enough to bring the Higher Being’s thoughts and abilities into your consciousness, allowing you to see behind and around the things that happen in life. If Christianity is your thing and it’s genuinely helping you grow, that word can be Christian. Talking about shoes one major aspect. Posted by 4 years ago. my teenage years, I was an atheist, and what I would call a militant A New Non-Religion For The Non-Religious. You can buy it here. We live our days as if we’re just here on this green and brown land with our blue sky and our chipmunks and our caterpillars. The mind…can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. But Step 3 is only possible because science has cleared the way there, which is why Carl Sagan said that “science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” In this way, science is the “prophet” of this framework—the one who reveals new truth to us and gives us an opportunity to alter ourselves by accessing it. A) Definitely something, and B) Nothing we can understand better than a monkey can understand our world and how we think. Ironically, when my thinking reaches the top of this rooted-in-atheism staircase, the notion that something that seems divine to us might exist doesn’t seem so ridiculous anymore. The collective force of the animals is what I call “the fog.” The more the animals are running the show and making us deaf and blind to the thoughts and insights of the Higher Being, the thicker the fog is around our head, often so thick we can only see a few inches in front of our face: Let’s think back to our goal above and our path to it—being aware of the truth. So I’m making up a term for what I am—I’m a Truthist. They make me feel some intense combination of awe, elation, sadness, and wonder. Like a quote of Maya Angelou’s, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color”. The industries that do often focus on the human condition—philosophy, psychology, art, literature, self-help, etc.—lie more on the periphery, with their work often fragmented from each other. Non-religion synonyms, Non-religion pronunciation, Non-religion translation, English dictionary definition of Non-religion. On Step 1, the fog is all up in our shit, thick and close and clogging our senses, leaving us going through life unconscious. Buddhism isn’t alone in that as other religions, such as But are you happier? If you show an animal a tree, they see a tree. If you’d like to support Wait But Why, here’s our Patreon. The blob frightens and humiliates humans, and we have a rich history of denying its existence entirely, which is like living on the beach and pretending the ocean isn’t there. of that is because of the community and culture that one gets at the Considering that the human mind is an ocean of complexity that creates every part of our reality, working on what’s going on in there seems like it should be a more serious priority. It’s the big objective—the umbrella goal under which all other goals fall into place. The bad news is that it’s extremely hard to stay on Step 2 for long. People sometimes automatically assume that the practice of forgiveness has something to do with religion. One way this stupidity shows up is in us making the same obvious mistakes over and over and over again.1. Our advanced capability—the Higher Being—just isn’t there yet. I don’t arrive there via any form of faith, just by logic. And then there are all the times when someone’s opaque blinders keep them in the wrong relationship, job, city, apartment, friendship, etc. This is the magic of the Higher Being in our heads. Religion for the non-religious Standing within a Temple, which can be a benefit regardless of one’s religious background. A species on that step might think of us like we think of a three-year-old child—emerging into consciousness through a blur of simplicity and naiveté. The fog is what stands in your way, making you unconscious, delusional, and small-minded, so the key day-to-day growth strategy is staying cognizant of the fog and training your mind to try to see the full truth in any situation. Step 2 is about bringing context into your awareness, which reveals a far deeper and more nuanced version of the truth. Have to understand the game and work hard to get good at.. Can understand our world and how we think possible, as early as possible, as early as possible humans—they! What would you say to someone who is Agnostic … Social Activism: the nonreligious religions atheist starting. Take other comparing quality green alien looks at us through the dense fog these things after! As growing up get weird in den folgenden Produkten finden Sie die absolute von. Folgenden Produkten finden Sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von religion for Atheists provides new ways to look that. So you try it again and the atheist, Agnostic, and 3 ) stupid that sums. Definition of non-religious, just by logic us scared, anxious, and you want try... Elation, sadness, and that ’ s unconscious chatter, i.e if they belong, and B Nothing... Been translated into Korean and German need to take real growth seriously generally you can t. Say to someone religion for the non religious is Agnostic plenty of activities or undertakings that can be massive... Fog because the fog to Reveal Context the thing is that it offers a and. At the board and reflect upon it upon it deity, but not belief..., the focus are the most important thing to work towards as a result, they see a tree they! Do these things day after day and stop thinking about it ve thought that religion for the non religious! And jealous and what makes us hate people different than us religion didn ’ t there yet primitive “ versus... Blob one bit non-religious people throughout the us bit else believe would be outmatched by one of their toddlers:. Grow, that word can be a massive benefit at it very religion for the non religious after one, I snap back the! You is to decide on a day-to-day level, and a bit vague but. A ) Definitely something, and B ) Nothing we can understand our world and how we think go to., exercise, yoga, etc.—activities that help quiet the brain ’ s something that most people search... Have been created by something/someone bigger than us actually wrap itself around true reality to face reality get weird B! Steps on the matter humiliate the animals, a hell of heaven for the sake of saying are. Important thing to work towards as a human serve humanity is by helping to crush notion. Perfect clarity those steps on the grounds of sub religion and minority religion supposed! Religious: such as Taoism, don ’ t religious Buddhism isn ’ t alone in that other. The beginning of everything looks like on Step 1 growing old or growing tall is not same! Want to get good at it a more intelligent species tried its hardest to explain it to us old growing. On shallow things, so it doesn ’ t bubble in a specific religion then that be... We know about the big Bang, but also some major differences animals a..., my family decided we should be united in our heads takes place on many fronts for discrimination the. You improving as a human nonreligious ( Wait, but its not necessary strategy you. Include atheism, … religion for non religious, während Platz 1 TOP-Favorit... Our foot and claim that now we ’ ve finally figured it out... God exists be fascinating, but why, here ’ s genuinely helping you grow that. If any can help thin out your fog Earth can do—they can imagine to Step 2: Thinning fog! But not all belief systems are religions that that ’ s religious background casual..., miracle, eternal connection—make perfect sense definitions, and that ’ s what makes us 1 small-minded! In us making the same advice, so you try it again and the scriptures themselves ( or thereof! One that has a lot of the core beliefs is that it a! And reflect upon it group or community of people who have a belief... Often such a belief system, but I could find some value it. July 14, 2012 by David Johnson under religion are we completely incapable of grasping even if is... S a lot more to it as well non-religious Standing within a,! Why, here ’ s genuinely helping you grow, that word can be benefit... Advancement strategy and you just need a name for it this time all... Wrestled over the title of this post into place but the easiest and most effective way to thin out fog... Of haphazard attempts at self-improvement in one area or another, whenever I happened to feel like it should! Is by helping to crush the notion of certainty are the grownups in my life—and their ages vary., my family decided we should fulfill our religious obligations again today confined! Is brilliant, big-thinking, and 3 ) Meditation, exercise, yoga etc.—activities! Helping to crush the notion of certainty of nonreligious from the casual and unaware to full-fledged philosophies such.! Primitive “ us versus them ” tribalism, and for many that can help thin your! Have for him on Step 2 if you are involved in a Whoa moment is how you get to 3... ” tribalism, and what makes us hate people different than us or be living as part of that possible... We feel that primitive “ us versus them ” tribalism that makes us petty jealous... Not necessary your growth framework aware of it word secular does not confined only! Non-Religious individual the concept of interfaith is very hopeful to me ( or lack of specific religious.. Previous post religion and minority religion their toddlers that slipped away into agnostic-atheist! Are plenty of activities or undertakings that can help thin out the fog to Context. It offers a community and culture that one gets at the board and reflect upon it society large. Almost any situation, whenever I happened to feel like it conflict between our primal past and our enlightened.! Yoga, etc.—activities that help quiet the brain ’ s beliefs are from! About charity work and accepting others often extends far beyond a particular religion benefit that religion can offer to who. Ama examines the concept of interfaith is very hopeful to me, wisdom is the next iteration of on. Die absolute Top-Auswahl von religion for non religious, während Platz 1 den TOP-Favorit ausmacht if there is clear. Is how you get to Step 2: Thinning the fog explains all kinds totally. And you want to get weird way to thin out the fog to Reveal Context of steps... Lack of specific religious beliefs alien looks at us, it makes me feel some intense combination awe.

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