smitten kitchen orange cake

2 1/3 cups (250 grams) ground almonds WRONG perhaps you meant 1 1/3? Oh and while I did boil the oranges, I’m curious (off to google) as to why you need to boil them. It reminds me of a snack cake you would have with afternoon tea:). So light and a huge hit with my Do you have any ideas for converting it to use with honeybell (somewhere between clementine and full-sized oranges with a lot of juice) oranges? Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Butter two 9-inch round cake pans, and line them with circles of parchment paper, then butter or coat with nonstick cooking spray. I bought a box of clementines, too early in the Christmas season and they were a tad bitter so I put the whole lot in a bowl, no water and microwaved them until they were soft. I made this last night, and I really really really wanted to douse it with a mixture of lemon juice, rose water and sugar water (a la middle eastern dessert) to give it more flavor. I have a question regarding ground almonds. My daughter made this cake for Christmas, nice. I wanted to try this so badly and was disappointed when I couldn’t find ground almonds (although where I am located at college the only place to shop is Walmart!) Am I overlooking some chemistry based reason for not experimenting with using raw citrus? I have ground the almonds into flour and it is not difficult. The same idea is used in this recipe. How I would love to go get some more. So I didn’t stumble upon your page today until almost EIGHT O’ CLOCK AT NIGHT, but I’m hoping you’ll wade down to the end of the comments to answer a question that’s been bugging me: When recipes ask you to line a springform pan, does that just mean the bottom, or also the sides? It was Divine!! Seriously, it’s awesome how just a few ingredients turn out to be such a fantastic looking (and I’m sure tasting) cake!! I used an immersion blender to chop the clementines. took about 42 minutes on 170°C Just wanted to add, for all the people looking for a nut subsitute, that my mum made this cake for her nut-allergic, citrus-allergic mother’s birthday using semolina and pureed, poached dried apricots, and it worked out great. Great cake. I actually made this a couple of years ago, and had completely forgotten about it. Janet: You should be able to buy other brands of almond meal cheaper online, although a more convenient option would be to buy blanched almonds in a grocery store (I think they run about $7/lb, but don’t quote me on that) and then just grind them up at home with a food processor. I made it with the honey and it turned out wonderfully. It came with a small food processor bowl and blade that have met all of my needs (well except for slicing veggies for gratins, etc. I have concluded that it doesn’t matter what kind of oranges you use. Do you think I could make this in a bundt pan? Blood Orange Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Yogurt Sauce. After 30 minutes, a tester came out clean. So for my recipe I substituted 1 3/4c. Thank you for the recipe : ). When I tasted it, I thought it was good, but not my favourite cake. Mine didn’t turn out very well, but I think it might’ve been that I had old clementines. Hi Deb! Moist, not-too-sweet, and a great gluten-free sugar-free treat! I made the cake this week (using the recipe from , which refers back to Nigella) and we were somewhat disappointed. I hear it calling for the clementines on the table! I love your blog and have tried countless recipes I’ve found here. I can’t wait to have a piece tomorrow. I will probably make it every so often, and mess around with it (use hazelnuts, chocolate, etc.). Some years ago I wanted to make a hazelnut torte, nearly flourless, with lots of ground toasted hazelnuts. I love reading your blog — always something yummy!! Very moist. You make me laugh, Deb. No changes are needed at 5,000ft……….enjoy. (But I did get some spelt flour for your crackers — I made them twice with regular flour and they were great, so can’t wait to see how the spelt tastes!). I did give up some space and bought a “Classic Ostereizer” blender which is a two speed model – fast and insanely fast. Homemade almond meal: if you add the sugar to the almonds it will prevent them from becoming pasty-oily. Now I’m thinking a harder glaze might truly help give a little contrast, though I’d reduce the sugar in the cake itself. Jamie Oliver — probably because they work so well for Tea). Not bloody likely. Thought I’d send through a little tip on the Clementine cake. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 50 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. The edges did brown a lot, but it was almost like it’s own crust and tasted fine, so no one minded. OMG fantastic! try trader joe’s 4 the almonds love your blog! I bought the sweetened coconut because that was all they had at my store, but I’m glad I did because I think it offset a bit of the bitterness from the rinds. I replaced the eggs with a combination of banana, flax seed, commercial egg replacer, and water and I replaced the sugar with 1/2 cup of honey. It’s good… it’s just not cake like, it’s really wet and heavy. Required fields are marked *. My hubby’s cholesterol test just came back this week (higher than ever), but I WANT to make this cake!! After sampling a piece the wait staff fawned all over us with praise. Very tasty, would make great dense, muffin-y cupcakes! Make sure the clementines are COMPLETELY COOLED, room temperature or cooler. I love clementines, but I never think to bake with them. A couple things: can you substitute honey for sugar? Stacey, thank you so much for the agave hint! I especially love that there’s no flour in it so I can serve it to pretty much anyone! This will more than likely fill that niche. I think it’s mis-named, though, because it’s not cakey at all. Thanks! It didn’t take too much work, but I am sure it will work out fine :). I’m definitely going to try to make a no-refined-sugar version somehow this year. Thanks! It probably won’t have the same consistency as using the peels, but it’s definitely an option. I thought the ingredients list would be more involved. Then greased the paper top and sides again. December. My best friend sells produce and he gave me several last season. Thanks, I’m hoping I can try a modified version of the cake! Yay for metric measurements, Deb! Gluten free is a plus.

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