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basketball hoop system is awesome! As our name suggests, Ironclad basketball goals are tough as nails. 60" Adjustable In Ground Goals 54 Inch Models It is sometimes called the “triple attack,” and it is a fundamental move that should be mastered by every basketball player. Don't get stuck paying for "premium" basketball systems that don't offer such a comprehensive warranty. March 28th Spring Jam Newark Academy April 4/5 Hoop Group Showdown Hoop Group Neptune April 18/19 FCP Sportika Manalapan NJ May 9/10 Team Rio Classic Hoop Group Neptune May 30/31 TBD June 13/14 Rumble in the Installing the I set up and mounted the system to the anchor. 512 likes. We provide the latest scientific approach in Basketball Skills Development. Starting at only $799. A triple threat stance occurs when an offensive player squares up a defender. The shipping was fast and everything arrived in perfect condition. Junior NBA Certified Coach Paul has been Coaching Basketball for over 30 years. Triple Threat is a "By Invitation" high-intensity basketball training program for girls in their final year of Mini (U12), first or second year of Bantam (U14) and female High School varsity players. Full Court We run regular team training and group sessions, as well as 1 on 1 private lessons that are guaranteed to make you a better player with every session. To register go tot Noah on his 7th birthday playing with his new Triple Threat TPT684-XXL basketball goal The TPT553-MD has a 5" post with 36" offset to minimize protrusion into the play area. Easy Adjustment : Adjustable from 10' down to 5' with easy to reach crank actuator and rim height indicator.Thick Glass Backboard: 36” tall x 60” wide x 1/2” thick tempered glass.36" Offset from Backboard to Post: Helps avoid player contact with the post without protruding too far into driveway.Heavy Duty Post: 5”x5" x 7 gauge square pole is extra rigid even under slam dunk action.Breakaway Rim & Net: Gymnasium quality breakaway rim and net responds just like rims in the gym.Bolt-down Installation: Installation is easy with bolt-down post design. 12th rock and Triple Threat hoops team up for a varsity boys team and … In addition, the offensive player must have a dribble, meaning they have just caught the ball from a pass or rebound, and they need to have the court in front of them. It is because it offers three different effective options to the offensive player. This is an excellent unit for anyone mounting the unit on a driveway or area where play area is at a premium. Copyright © 2020 Triple Threat Hoops - All Rights Reserved. Fullcourt hoops are adjustable from 10' to 5' and come packed with durability features. Our athletes will be taught the value of good sportsmanship and hard work. PCA(Positive Coaches Alliance ) Certified. Well, send that to us too. This is a great size for those with little space or a smaller budget and is ideal for a 1-car driveway or small court. It is solid and just feels right when you Youth Basketball Program Founded in 2007, Philly Triple Threat is a sports based youth development organization that is committed to serving youth in and around the Philadelphia area in three key areas: Education, Life and Basketball. I had my rock wall guy at your high school gym. We look forward to seeing you at our next game! We have teamed up with 12th Rock to provide and excellent tournament experience for your team. Triple Threat TPT554-LG Adjustable Basketball Hoop – $1299 + Free Shipping The Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop is, quite frankly, the new kid on the block. Highlight Hoops come packed with durability features and are backed by a lifetime warranty. our standard features that make the Triple Threat line of basketball The triple threat stance is a beneficial position for basketball players. Out of Stock. It is like shooting baskets They must be in an athletic position, meaning their knees are bent and their body is ready to move, and the ball must be held on their right or left hip. Triple Threat Set DIY Basketball Court Kit MSF Sports is the Official Courts Partner of NBL’s 3X3 Hustle Shoot, Dribble, Pass! Basketball Hoop Buying GuideIronclad Basketball Hoop FeaturesAbout Us, 54" Adjustable In Ground Goals Drop us a line to cheer us on! If you have a larger driveway or court, a 60” basketball goal provides a great playing experience while not taking up too much room. TTA students develop confidence and practice their skills in a secure environment. 72 Inch Models, Gamechanger love it.Top of the line best quality. Very pleased with our purchase. Each goal features crank height-adjustment, a heavy duty h-frame backboard and breakaway rim, and powder coat protection. do this. heavy. The spring assisted crank means any age kid over 5 years old will The Ironclad Triple Threat TPT684-XXL is exceptional. More About Ironclad's Unbeatable Warranty. ABSOLUTELY need 3 adults and a truck to hang the backboard. All of our programs incorporate competitive drills and ac, Triple Threat Hoops is a basketball program in which we place the athletes personal development ahead of the game. After The defender never knows which move you are going to make. 72" Fixed-Height In Ground Goals, View Cart It is solid and just feels right when you shoot (both bank shots and shots that hit the rim). The h-frame backboard support is the most durable backboard support in the industry and the easy access crank handle allows rim height adjustment anywhere between regulation 10’ down to 5’. These 4 basketball triple threat moves will teach you how to become UNGUARDABLE. ACHIEVE. It’s supported by a 5″ square post, and just like the Spalding Arena View, it is supported by a bolt down anchor base system rather than a concrete burial. Triple Threat Hoops is a basketball program in which we place the athletes personal development ahead of the game. shoot (both bank shots and shots that hit the rim). No need to haul bulky, heavy packages home from the store. Completely satisfied with basketball goal system grandsons Triple Threat Basketball Podcast. The Triple Threat Basketball Podcast provides secrets, insights and strategies for basketball players and coaches to gain the competitive advantage today! The easy to read height indicator shows the Great goals so great. About Triple Threat Basketball High-intensity training, building leaders on and off the court. Our athletes will be taught the value of good sportsmanship and hard work. Basketball Youth Camps organized by Coach Elmer Bertos . The 36"x60" backboard is constructed using 1/2" thick tempered 60 Inch Models system if you are looking for a high quality basketball hoop system. Regulation-sized hoops are well-suited for large driveways and courts. Special $129 Value Only at Atomic Sports - FREE Rust Protection, Add to Cart The Triple Threat line is the perfect combination of form and function. Allows easy goal relocation if you move.Powder Coat Protection: Each unit has black powder coat paint for a superior weather resistance.WeatherShield Undercoating: Each steel component is dipped in a bath of molten zinc to galvanize metal against rust.Stainless Steel Assembly Bolts: All assembly bolts are made from rust free stainless steel for long term durability. anchor installation and fill it with cement and rebarb. Triple Threat was originated in 2007, by Eric Mobley in a small city in Southern California named Murrieta. glass, this is the same glass thickness used in high school, NCAA and Plan on 4 hours. Triple Threat Hoops is a basketball program in which we place the athletes personal development ahead of the game. I ended up getting the upgraded model This invention has been imitated by many companies over the years, but never truly duplicated. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped from our facility. This was based on A player may pass the ball, or dribble it or even shoot the basketball. WeatherShield undercoat rust protection and you will be the envy of the

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