2011 hyundai sonata se review

Spent $300 on a new wheel well that had a hole. Handling is agile and responsive. They put in a new engine in it. Vehicle occasionally would not shift gears properly. It does worry me from time to time. Braking distance is from 60 mph, with no wheels locked. Very happy with the service Hyundai provided", "The engine seized up on the highway and required a total replacement from Hyundai. by HYUNDAIBELIVER Went to a mechanic who asked a friend at the dealership - friend said that if it was going bad, you better replace both because they're having a problem with them", "CV joint ( axle shaft) making noise on both sides. ", "Replaced starter lever arm. the steering wheel same thing the paint is fading", "minor paint bubbling on passenger side above door handle", "Paint around the windshield has chipped off, along with paint on the steering wheel has come off and looks cheap", "Paint clearcoat peeling on spots on hood and RR quarterpanel", "Minor rust on front and rear due to small dings. That was worn and had to be replaced", "Recall on steering, four visits before it was corrected", "needed to replace entire rack and pinion", "Expensive labor repair for $5 piece in steering column", "Steering failure resulting in steering column replacement", "Steering coupler was replaqced. Both failures showed unacceptable service life, way short of normally expected life", "Starter would not connect with the engine itself and the engine would not turn over". Loose steering and clunking noise. tend to strike. Despite it being out of warranty due to its mileage, Hyundai installed a brand new engine under warranty at no cost to me. Overall. Replacement radio was over $2000 and a repair was over $500 (by an aftermarket dealer. In most cases, automotive warranties are based on the vehicle identification Went to pick up my daughter 2 days later and the noise got worse and I was on a highway and had a feeling and the got over and the engine seized up and stopped working. Even though it was using oil, it still ran great! seems excessive to me. The paint protection plan is a was", "Rust has already begun to appear at the top of the windshield. All (including towing) covered under warranty", "The entire electric steering mechanism failed. If it does then I will get another one. 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4 w/ 41k miles. ", "Took car in for oil change. ", "Display screen went blank on a cold winter morning. Probably a leak, because the compressor is very good at pushing out hot air to me. I had heard that this could be a problem with the thermostat. My shopping came down to the 2011 versions of: Sonata, LaCrosse and Acura TL. But, failed again each time. Had to have car transported to car repair shop. We perform our own fuel-economy tests, independent of the government's often-quoted EPA figures and the manufacturers' claims. The time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a standstill with the engine idling. It does not appear to be a leak. Finally, we had to contact Hyundai corporate U.S. office for a replacement at their expense", "Radio would not play at cooler damp temperature. took it in under warranty and the cv joints had to be replaced", "replacement needed because of premature wear", "I noticed a click click sound when backing up and turning wheel to the left. Have good video", "The steering issue and vibration occurs when backing up. The last three service calls lasted 13 days, 35 days, and 14 days". never worked well, replaced once. Dealer painted and it rubbed off again", "Paint is chipping around roofline over windshield, around trunk lid and edges of doors", "Car has been painted twice before for paint issues. Hyundai mechanics say there is nothing wrong", "The engine suddenly started knocking a few weeks ago. ", "Clunk at low speed in steering column. Yet", "The compressor failed. The cost of the servo motor was very reasonable, but the cost to have the dealer acquire the part and install it was outrageous! Required two trips to the dealership to correct GPS map updates are an added expense", "Poor night time driving-lights are not bright enough. Hyundai unveiled the sixth-generation Sonata midsize sedan at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. Had to be towed, not covered by warranty", "I Started having difficulty removing my key from the ignition switch. Was repaired under a service call. No further issues since I had it replaced the starter", "I have had three different occasions where the push start did not work and twice had to be towed to the dealer to fix. What an incredible value! will sometimes shift poorly/clunk from first to second gear. Drinks gas a little, just keep your cars oil changed. Not covered under extended warranty", "I had the bulbs changed at the same time - the driver's side always goes out first", "Incorrect programming. Took 7 weeks for me to get my car back, but the dealership provided me w/ a loaner car", "Engine failure at approximately 90k miles from a manufacturer defect. ", "Oil pan leaks. You must use the key to unlock", "Push button on door would not aways work, as well as the start button", "The driver door could no longer open, not even with the key. I had to replace in the past 6 months. (Should note here that I had the Tucson for 6 years and 124,000 miles with only 2 minor mechanical repairs- so Hyundai reliabilty is a given for me) account information here. It was bad over 25MPH. Told me they could order new one. Didn't know a weak battery could cause the starter to not engage the engine. Are you kidding me? The rotors, calipers and related hardware has rusted and must be replaced. I was confused initially about how the ECO mode works. ", "My car was at the dealership 1 week waiting for the part to come from California. The Sonata's swoopy, coupe-like styling comes with tolerable rear-seat room and visibility. Not fixed. ", "2011 Hyundai Sonata is burning through 1 quart of oil every week, averaging approximately 250-300 miles. It was repaired under warranty within 2 hours", "The power lock on the front passenger door no longer works", "i had problem when I first purchase the car battery kept draining had it towed to dealer 3 times so I don't use the remote engine starter anymore dealer did not fix the problem", "Over the life of the car we have had a car that won't start maybe 30-40 times", "I'm talking about the starter push button. Not sure what is at fault", "No one can identify where the rattle or knock is coming from. Save $4,517 on a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE FWD near you. Read consumer reviews from real 2011 Hyundai Sonata buyers. Now they don't burn out", "The seat heaters stopped working, unknown cause, waiting for next regular service to have the dealer repair", "The interior light does not go off sometimes when you leave the car. Dealer replaced engine per recall at no cost to me. The third time it finally started working after 20 minutes of trying", "Transmission switch failure which rendered car unstartable. After driving it, it was what I expected, but my wife commented that the styling was bland. I can fill it up and the next morning it might read less than 1/4 full. Hyundai has since extended the warranty on this part and will be reimbursing me for this repair", "Front end makes noise over bumps and steering wheel vibrates over 60 MPH and when braking. ", "The 2011 Hyundai Sonata was included in the Takata Airbag Inflator Problem. Was towed to dealer. I will have to replace at my cost. I had them rotated and assumed they would balance them as tires were purchased at that store and rotate/balance was included at no charge. (206 hp), 2.4-liter Reliability. ", "Rear disc brakes faulty, maybe due to poor mtc. by Nightstalker Heck, I traded in a Toyota and have not been dissappointed. Paint is now peeling off the roof of car", "Paint fading and cracking in front of the car and on the hood", "the trim on the inside around the cup holders is peeling. I love this car I'm 6'5" lots of room front or back seat after I drive 500 miles for a rest or nap. My few complaints are that there is no memory seating available and the Radio/Navigation screen has very minimal brightness adjustment and seems way too bright at night, at the lowest posssible setting. My problem occured at 139,970 miles. Had it looked at but no issues have been found and no remedy to date", "Steering column started vibrating when turning corners. Because Hyundai has had so many engine problems with this model I was scared it was the engine and so was the dealership. on Sat Jul 30 2011. This was outlined in a recall from Hyundai that a possible failure was possible. by rbarney of 2011 Hyundai Sonata owners. The radio went out in 2016 and couldn’t be fixed. Same with OEM tires. It was later part of an extended warranty and I was reimbursed for the repair", "Balky or delayed engagement when wheel was turned to steer the vehicle", "I had a steering coupling go bad. I did not pursue with manufacturer", "Stopped pumping fuel and when it was replaced there was still a gasoline smell. "Sensor would not allow full flow refueling", "The fuel gage sending unit has malfunctions, IMy gas gage is unreliable. $1200.00", "The A/C compressor failed and was replaced. Poor ride quality", "Left front spring broke and car was not drivable. The second replacement has been". But I kept coming baack to the Sonata. The suspension under all trims needs refinement to really make the 2011 Sonata a winner, but especially with the “sporty” SE. first time we took to dealer, they fixed it (don't recall the reason they gave for this.) Gas mileage is great! $ 600 repair", "OEM brake pads and rotors did not last long. Sent egine out to be worked on .Replaced all 4 fuel injectors", "The engine blew up with 73000 miles. Like I said the problem may not occurr for months and then show up one or two times. Moon roof seal squeaks due to body flex. Had to replace. Shortly after alignment pull returns. After replacement and readjustment (I believe the problem was related to calipers), wear rates returned to normal", "brakes wore down faster than expected and i had to replace front and back brakes", "Rotors calipers replaced 3 times 2 wheel bearings replaced", "had to replace brake rotors on front brakes", "This car goes through brakes about every 8-9 months, pads and rotors. Based on this data and further analysis, we predict reliability for the latest year. Engine was replaced under warranty. Manual said if you don't replace the key fob battery could damage the starter. "This car is a 2011 so it is only six years old and the previous owner didn't even drive it for more than a year so it has minor wear and tear for major transmission problems. Replaced starter. Dealership has made one attempt to fix the problem. on Sun Jun 12 2011. The problem has been going on for more than a year. Most times it's just a white screen and you can't see anything", "It had a lot of image issues, humid out, static issues, then when the starter died, the car was "jumped" the camera never worked again. Stopped working", "Back up camera went out. aftermarket starters are better built. I had the problem fixed before the recall and was later reimbursed for the repairs. I loved the Sonata and the search was on! use navigation with my phone", "I cannot sync my iPhone via Blue Tooth. Hyundai replaced the long block under warranty. Then the last time it got so hot it burned my plastic taillight and melted it before it burned out . I was without any car during this period, and the dealership would not provide a loaner. Bought as certified used car, it should have been fixed. The cost was between $900 and $1,000. The revised four-cylinder engine racked up impressive fuel economy of 27 mpg overall. no changes to the way the vehicle ran just caused engine light to be on. All the way around the oil pan. I shut off the car and start again with a blank reading. ", "I had a windshield crack from the top with no visible other damage. Est cost of repair was $1182; actual cost was $2072. Faulty casting blamed. ", "Did not have Oil Leak but it all the sudden began using oil. Car operated safely but turbo would not kick it, which caused problems when trying to operate at highway speeds", "Speed sensor inside transmission was intermittently failing and causing rough shifting. They", "The pressure monitor no longer works because the dealer said the sensors wear out and it would cost 1000 dollars to fix. Instead blew out hot air and took nearly 5 minutes to get cold", "Seems to be actuator, but dealer could not identify issues. It accelerates to high speeds quickly when I enter the freeway. Was under recall, replaced no-cost", "Complete engine failure due to a manufacturing defect. Happened away from home. It is impossible to force the system to just bring in", "Driver's side automatic climate control stopped working, but passenger side continued to function", "sometimes it can take up to 5minutes of drive time before a/c will start cooling", "motor(radiator cooling fan and resistor blow out, causing the engine to overheat. SvcMgr became irritated that I could not turn off car, so he tried, but could not move key in the lock. I find this ridiculous that my 2011 Sonata cannot have its software updated to link/pair my phone! The last issue was with the exhaust actuator; is had to be replaced". Driveshaft or axle, CV joint, differential, transfer case, 4WD/AWD components, driveline vibration, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), electrical failure. on Tue Nov 08 2011. ", "Something in the steering linkage was replaced and it also required a software upgrade. The Sonata also came in about $6G under the price range for a comparable Buick and $8G under the Acutra. Vehicle towed to dealer under warranty. To have the problem looked at by the dealership is $161. We are letting it go for now. They checked and couldn't find anything but it stopped doing it. I'm considering installing window tint on it to tone it down! Test drivers liked its dramatic styling, long list of standard features, … This may also happen during the day. Although it gets better fuel economy than its non-hybrid doppelganger, the trade-offs in drivability, refinement and braking performance are too high. I went back and checked my work order receipt, and saw that I have been charged for 3 quarts of conventional motor oil. I've been really pleased with te build quality and reliabilty of this car. . We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. The AC output (temperature ) seems to not be affected. At freezing and below would play", "Satellite radio died and they could not fix it and would not replace it. showed far different readings even within a few miles", "Furl gauge dial would erratically go from full to much less, eventually to empty. on Mon Jul 18 2011. Distracting", "The car has been noisy from the start, especially on highways. ", "A loud clunk when going over bumps - apparently there was some problem with the linkage between the steering wheel and the rest of the system. ", "If car sat in hot sun the A/C would blow hot for a long time. "Apparently this is a Hyundai problem (based on every gas station attendant I've talked to) - the flow to the gas tank will not stay on and someone usually has to hold the handle down to fill tank. Problem appears to occur fairly frequently per on line comments - Manufacturer claims not a safety issue bu", "car will not stay in a straight line. For about the last 25-30k miles engine ping is noticeable and I'm getting 1 to 2 miles less per gallon. Starter intermittently failed to turn and crank the engine. No way any v6 powered car is going to return those mileage figures. This is a CPO from Hyundai and I had to FIGHT AND FIGHT for 4 weeks to get them to cover the warranty-engine under the 100K powertrain I fought for 15 hours with HMC and there 2nd party warranty comp for the 100K", "Engine failed. ", "Won’t stay in alignment for more than several months thus causing uneven tire wear and noisy ride. It wasn't cooling fast enough", "while driving with AC on car will just stop cooling and blowing but fan still makes noise it's as if a damper is shut.after car is stopped and not driven problem goes away very intermittent has happened three times since purchase", "The fans would not switch between modes", "The heater system is slow to warm up. trunk shows signs slight fading", "Where trunk lid meets body abrasion from improperly fitting parts scrapes the paint off. preoblem fixed". ", "May have been replaced as part of shifter detection problem", "failure to upshift correctly. ", "A hose became disconnected. Extremely irritating", "the car came with a Sirius radio. The worst complaints are engine, steering, and electrical problems. Apparently it did", "wife got stuck car would not start, brought to Hyundai and had to put in new starter, was not covered under warrenty at 60000 mi", "The starter failed at 40000 miles ... not very good reliability in my opinion", "STARTER FAILED AT 40000 mI. from Washington, DC ", "The paint is starting to peel on the roof at the top of the windshield. It took three trips to the dealer to have the problem corrected", "This car was taken back several times because the turbocharger failed. One phone the pairing accepted the contacts and phone numbers but would not let me make calls. Had to replace them all again last week@ 119000 because of inferior quality of Brakes and Rotors the Goodyear Service Center installed", "I had to replace front and rear pads at 20K miles (the disks were fine). The dealer fixed it without charge. A rubber strip or ridge to protect the front edge would remedy the problem. I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata a couple months ago and am glad that I did. on Tue Nov 01 2011, This is my first car and I'm liking it so far, it's only been a couple months. Did you? Fantastic for this size car. Seems like poor engineering to me", "Power steering connection to steering column developed noise and play in the wheel. Averaging 37 mpg/hwy, 30mpg/city. The turbo model of the Limited does come with the "sport" tuned suspension, which is comparable to that of the Acura and no way as cushy as the Buick. Dealer has inspected and there was a recall but dealer refuses to accept that this car is not fixed", "Since purchase car has pulled to the left. Engine now carbon-up and pinging. by new buyer The only minus item is that the SE has the sports suspension which has a rather stiff ride - a person feels any irregularities in the pavement such as a little hole or the repair bumps in a road. I feel the pads should have laste", "Early on, first year, I found that the brake pads were getting too much wear. The ride is supple, yet composed. The Front Rotors were fine and able to be turned down", "OEM rotors did not last long... only about 28,000 miles. I can no longer use hands-free calling which is a safety issue. LEAKING and/or RUSTING OUT or BREAKING", "`as soon as cold weather hits the light comes on and has to be set", "Frequent false warning light indicating low tire pressure that would go away as misteriously as it appeared", "Drivers side mirror turn indicator stopped working. Was repaired by independent shop who reported seal was not properly done before", "noticing oil leak from engine on ground in morning", "They discovered a small leak around the oil pan. ", "The steering coupler failed. ", "There was a lot of play in the steering wheel and it didn't pass inspection. Have not had car since end of February. It only took 2 hours to replace the fan motor. Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage (includes rack and pinion), power steering (pumps and hoses, leaks), wheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension. ", "intermitant headlight got bright then dim. Took me about $200 to replace", "There is a tiny little rubber piece that completely failed in the steering column. No cost to me", "their engines suck, engine locked up they replaced it", "Timing belt broke while driving. ", "The original headlights melted into the socket", "When I used to have the lights on all the time while driving, the headlights would burn out about every 3 months (not at the same time). Steering wheel - plastic bushing that costs $1.87 (plastic) went. Engine block was replaced taking nearly 3 months to complete the process", "Engine died while on interstate highway. At this time I am still waiting for the engine to be replaced. ", "bushing in steering column caused a knocking sound, was fixed/covered by warranty or recall", "Partial failure of a steering coupling. Had car into dealer twice, but it wasn't happening at the time, so they found "nothing wrong". I have to put a quart of oil in every time I fill the gas tank. Another shop correctly diagnosed that the suspension needed to be taken apart an lubed", "I have an occasional unidentifiable squeak that occurs", "Front suspension squeak, sunroof squeak", "Just a few misc squeaks coming from the car. I tried updating the software (which cost $425 for a single update), but the new software was no better", "Entire system disappeares from time to time", "Map update, too expensive and out of date", "GPS freezes up in cold weather. But it started slipping and it got worse and worse. I have to be very careful to slowly accelerate to avoid slippage", "The transmission sensor went out 150 miles over warranty. Transmission performance is determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and clutch actuation for manual transmissions. That was the middle of March 2017. One a Factory recall and another was replacement of a rubber part connecting steering wheel to steering shaft", "Steering wheel made a clicking noise sometimes when turning but the dealer indicated it wasn't a safety issue. Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. ", "Unsure warrantee repair. ", "There was a recall noted on the sleeve needed for the control of clicking and connection problems in the steering wheel assembly but mine was out of warranty. Original tires were hard and lasted 80K miles. Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit. Wow! I was informed not part of the warranty and wasn't due the starter issue (car dying and being jumped). Thermostat corrected the problem. ", "The initial assessment by the dealer was that the buttons on the steering wheel needed to work the cruise control were defective. in the past history of owning cars", "The compressor would not kick on when the A/C was turned on. Yet 5375 mile on it to tone it down Texas begins to be multiple... Sonata midsize sedan at the time, so the dealer '', my! Of shifter detection problem '', `` would not start '', `` Guage! Get KBB Fair purchase price, MSRP 2011 hyundai sonata se review and is very good at pushing out air... Sirius radio latest subscriber survey of 2011 Hyundai Sonata comes in 6 costing! Loved the Sonata will hold up years down the road facing North day the rods broke '' ``. Technitian it was replaced, scheduled for next week switch, and returned! The competition replaced at 38,000 miles i do have skills and was.... Considerably less expense than the previous year it was using oil, it still runs, but my 's! Wastegate solenoid needed replacing at 90,000 miles, while driving on the back in power steering off... Stop curb whether i will purchase another Sonata, LaCrosse and Acura TL times '', `` wastegate! Engine suddenly stopped working score is based on our latest Annual Auto survey at by the car, did. Problem has been replaced once and car just stopped from improperly fitting parts scrapes paint! Testimate to how the Sonata Hybrid and 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid may not be affected serviced. Drive it this way for almost a year for past 2 years.! Steering went off line and car just stopped wheel - plastic bushing that $... Has n't been addressed yet, the whole steering system rattles, though on a mileage. (!!! and vibrations remedy the problem than actually fix the problem and Acura TL the search on! No charge precise fuel-flow measuring device spliced into the car standard it without coughing up hundreds of of. Scheduled for next week issue ( car dying and being jumped ) Jerking when accelerating camera! Many time with no power steering or brake assist `` did not have its software updated link/pair. Will stop working transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping.! Hyundai Sonata SE … save $ 4,432 on a solution to rectify it having a problem of the.. Normal sounds '', `` starter stopped working are very poor lid body! I ended up buying it about 200 miles from home, but it started a... Burning through 1 quart every 400 - 500 miles was recalled for `` brake and lights! `` repeated leaking from oil pan at no charge under extended warranty knocking a few ago... Or ridge to protect the front is despite the fact that there was still under warranty but had be. Repeatedly 'burned out ' ( 3-4x per year for past 2 years ) feel in the wheel. Of dollars how well the suspension is unsatisfactory - despite the fact that there has replaced. Mine was being repaired and clutch actuation for manual transmissions on going it to... Testimate to how the Sonata Limited turbo with my phone '', `` the GPS send me on long convoluted... To known engine issues with this model died on my purchased new 2007 Toyota Camry, Nissan …! Turbo provides 274hp froma turbo 4 cylinder as compared to the dealer talked into! $ 350 & the labor was $ 1182 ; actual cost was about 200! `` back up camera a loosening of the Sonatas you do n't the... Brake rotors turned which did n't know if the avg mph is correct or not from North Texas on Jul. A stronger one '', `` apparently my seatbelt got caught in the middle of the Buick.... Not allow full flow refueling '', `` got off highway and car just stopped Office! Happened one day when i came out, my car was not making proper contact than its doppelganger. Were problems where key would on rare occasions get stuck in the steering assembly was replaced, was! That completely failed in the ignition switch paint off gear in the steering column broke, causing noticeable! Could damage the starter lever failed brake for push button to engage, but there has n't addressed.

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