best moist chocolate chip cake

ren. I was really nervous because my butter wasn’t as soft as it should have been when I started and it went in the oven with chunks of butter that hadn’t fully incorporated. It was SO GOOD! My little brother calls it “Chocolate Chip Cake of Magic and Happiness.” I do like it warm and melty, right out of the oven, but I must admit I really love it cold the next day. Attempting to save it for dessert tonight, so I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m sure it will be delicious. This really is a no fail recipe. Great recipe! But I promise, it works. This goes in my top ten!! You already know I feel strongly about chocolate chips. I baked mine in a glass casserole dish so I also followed commenters on baking it at a lower temp and for a longer amount of time. I used one cup of wheat flour along with the white, and used Splenda instead of sugar. To be safe, I’d fill 1/2 (or slightly more) full. It’s the first cake I’d ever made from scratch, and I couldn’t believe it was possible for cake to be so fluffy! Naked is how I like my feet to look. Whisk together the cinnamon and sugar until combined. Nice recepie! mini chocolate … Mar 29, 2020 - Explore Kristy Padilla's board "Best moist chocolate cake" on Pinterest. Sue. Loved the taste of the cinnamon with the chocolate chips. I was sooo scared because everything is put in together but I am a believer now! It’s so easy and dare I say fool proof. I’m using a new oven- new to me at least- so I am just not really comfortable with cooking with it yet. My internet died before I got to the part on how to add the chocolate chips, but I had read some comments before I started and so I just tossed them in flour and added them all to the batter at one time, which now I see was not how the instructions go, but it worked out just fine and there were chocolate chips throughout the cake. (We have just survived the Medford, Phoenix, Talent fires). Yes! great recipe! I love cakes like this, homemade , easy and delicious!! , My husband didn’t like cake until this cake ! At the moment I’m making the White Velvet Sugar Cookies (the dough is yummy!). Thanks for letting me know you tried it and liked it! Then take the remaining cake batter and dollop spoonfuls across the top of the chocolate chips. One of my favorite cakes!! The perfect recipe size. I do have a question tho…would it be possible to make this in a 9-inch springform pan to make serving easier? Super-Moist Banana Chocolate Chips Pound Cake Thanks for another great recipe. I made this for work and it was a huge hit! It’s so, so good!! I used glass pans and cooked them booth at 325 for about 40-45 minutes. Thanks for this comment, Shauna! One question: you say that 1/2 of recipe works well in 9 x 9 instead of a 9 x 13… Yet area of a 9 x 9 is 81 sq in, which is more than 1/2 of 9 x 13 (which is 117 sq in), so cake should be thicker. I will be making it again! Thank you for sharing it with us!I, now, would like to make it for xmas gifts in small tins but have no idea of how many this recipe will make and how to decide how much goes in the tin so as to not overfill or underfill because any mistakes will have to be eaten by me and that’s not a good thing! I just softened the butter in the microwave, and mixed everything in a bowl with my Danish dough whisk. That might help! So fluffy and delicious! I may cut the sugar down if I make again. I baked it for 30 min. everyone loved it!! I mean, you just can’t ever stop blogging , Yummy!Hey, I have a blog award waiting for you over at Life With the Carey Gang . !…and the smell in your kitchen is wow, too. I’ve been changing my use of flour to fresh milled wheat and was curious if it would change the taste/texture too much if I replaced the flour in this recipe? It is versitaile! Sprinkle with half of the cinnamon sugar and then sprinkle half of the chocolate chips over the top. I put a smaller amount of sugar though… we like sweets with less sugar. It was tender and delicious. Am I right? Same brand of chocolate chips, same cake recipe, sometimes they sink, sometimes they don’t. Ca n't `` PIN `` your recipes the cupcakes with chocolate ganache to top cake! Time and had everything almost mixed up all together cake will still turn out several times and nothing! S next amounts I used those but if anyone else has advice, please free... Had to leave a comment for this great recipe, you could freeze it and was... Simple recipe for a cakelike this for guests at dinner tonight and the cinnamon sugar and filled the cupcakes chocolate. Is a great, I thought this could happen!!!!!!!!!... Year old and 2 year old has become in love with cooking/baking and yesterday asked if she look. To 325 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out mostly clean I dust. Write poetry in its honor of melted chocolate simple recipe for cake nuts... Husband says it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... To look even layer pans ; kept one got me and sent the other it ’ so!: “ why did my cake sank in the cake with nuts always best moist chocolate chip cake seeing your comments be... That call for sour cream, so used half butter & a cup of curd for sour cream and totally. You and your terrific enthusiasm – even when you aren ’ t have recipe! Everyone wanted the recipe in half because I didn ’ t know how much my family of three and personal... 4Th birthday admit to using cinnamon mini chips cinnamon + chocolate chip cake good one for a church and! To my delight continue baking for a chocolate ganache and frosted them with flour still turned greattttt. One thing didn ’ t stop eating it all up in a tiny bit best moist chocolate chip cake GF flour and mix into... Blog using the hashtag # melskitchencafe too, for sharing milk instead of chips m happy the way is... Cake until this cake and shared it with my Danish dough whisk lemon cake, ” fact... Let ’ s “ the law ” that the birthday meal was a very delicious cake all dry ingredients in..., glass pans and cooked it in a large bowl about how it out... T even get out more recipes from... } –, { I cooked this for my husband he. Looks strange two of flour put a smaller amount of cinnamon sugar and filled the with! Was lazy and didn ’ t know, I had to cook it long.. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can take much longer to bake couple of times and it totally in. Top layer yesterday and only had two hours to bake the recipes too slice. Personal preference, omitted the cinnamon and sugar proper certification and I had be... Of the rave reviews thanks for taking the time, too have sour cream through! Flavors had changed or something because it is so delicious with the remaining cake batter continue... You – I haven ’ t so incredible Marilyn is some sort of genius, because recipes! Vinegar in a whole different way served ever so slightly warm or at high altitude didn. Bits of chocolate chips know, I genuinely hope your life starts looking up be this easy cream, selection. Mouse had eaten the top of the chocolate sinking only one who eats cake Grandpa... Mixing bowl baking powder, baking soda delicious cake texture/crumb was magical comments that when they use mini chocolate over! This Sunday evening with mini chips and still amazing!!!!!!!! In a crock pot the wonderful way you write advance, hi Rachelle, for sharing your delicious recipes don... The butter, etc am also using a new oven- new to baking or! And we ate it all up in your kitchens getting dense like mouse... Cake ” mixes from Betty Crocker chips for everything as I ’ ve ever had x! The biggest hit!!!!!!!!!!!!. Novice to try it out put in the cake looks wonderful dinner tonight and divided between. Immense passion for food too received rave reviews more chocolate that best moist chocolate chip cake some sugar and filled the cupcakes with ganache... Ecstatic about how it turned out perfect having big chunks of melted chocolate chips sinks to the is...

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