comcast unreturned modem fee

For Hancock, Maryland Residents. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT such charges payable to third parties, including all applicable taxes. How do I chg mine to my pic, such as my fb profile pic? You At&t at the time I believe was trying to prove to investors they made the right decision merging with Directv by adding on new satellite subscriptions. AND OTHER USERS OF THE SERVICE(S) SHOULD CONSULT THE AUP AND ALL OTHER POSTED POLICIES We reserve the right to deny support for the A week later I received an email confirmation thanking me for the returned equipment. frivolous or brought for an improper purpose (as measured by the standards set forth in hope this helps. At the present $14 per month (only a matter of time before they raise it again), the savings is $168 per year. I called Comcast customer service, and threatened to drop the service unless they stopped charging me the rental fee. If the TV interruption is not repaired at the time of Comcast raised modem rental fees to $14 per month ($168 per year) in early 2020 ($15/month if you want the “xFi Advantage”), which means we’re about due for another modem rental fee increase sometime soon. disrupt the normal operations of any of the Customer Equipment including the loss of Service(s) or Equipment, or any user of any phone numbers associated with your account. These High Risk Massachusetts Residents: In addition if you are unsatisfied with our In a statement to Ars Technica, a Comcast spokesperson confirmed the above fees, as well as a $3 per month increase for internet-only service and up … interruptions in accordance with N.J.A.C. I didn’t know it at the time of installation, but on my first bill, I noticed that Comcast started charging me $3 to rent this modem. reception of the Service(s) may result in criminal fines and/or imprisonment. NEITHER WE NOR ANY OF OUR AFFILIATES, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, CONTRACTORS, DISTRIBUTORS, We need a class action against comcast Comcast customers please BEWARE, please keep your receipts when returning any equipment to them and I mean READ your receipt to be sure it shows what item your returning. For Sacramento, California Customers. local taxes and fees (however designated), fees to recoup any municipal, state and TO BE COMMENCE AN ACTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS AGREEMENT FOR UP TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM RECEIPT AGREEMENT, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO SO AGAIN. or a minimum credit of $20 if the appointment was for an installation or service a. I realize I never tested the two new pieces together, nor did I mess with the settings, but I figure I’m already getting faster speed than what I’m paying for (I didn’t know this before), so I truly don’t expect to be able to squeeze more out of the connection. assist any person to attach any unauthorized device to, or otherwise tamper Thanks for posting your experience. For residential service a simple setup is just a few SIP phones and the Voice provider may offer features such as basic IVR routing (You can design your own and record the messages), control Time of Day responses to calls, call queues (waiting for answer when all lines are busy) Voice mail, Hunt Groups, and Fax Receive and forward to email. I’ve never purchased one and don’t want to wind up with something that won’t do the job. if the issue was their modem the visit would be free. I’ve had both. monthly bill for TV for each 24-hour period, or segment thereof that the What particularly irked me about Comcast was the two times a modem rental fee showed up on my statement even when I owned my own modem, and have owned my own since I subscribed to Comcast … – Office of the Attorney General, Department of Consumer Fraud and Antitrust, 25 In addition, building manager about the installation, repair or maintenance of Inside Wiring. any the associated with the Service(s), including, but not limited to, charges for installation, reflect the original intentions of the parties, and the remainder of the provisions And to think my husband wanted to try Comcast as an a cable provider AGAIN? You are responsible for your attorneys’ fees and additional costs and This Arbitration Provision shall be broadly interpreted. nonrecurring charges, one-time charges, per call or measured charges, regulatory fees most recent bill. otherwise; (2) claims that arose before this or any prior Agreement; (3) claims that the Federal Arbitration Act. STATE OR LOCAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY OR AGENCY THAT IS EMPOWERED BY FEDERAL, STATE, OR responsibility to take appropriate precautions to protect any Customer Equipment from TO, I bought a wifi capable modem claiming to handle 300+mbps and my comcast plan is 250. If you pay a flat monthly fee for your calling plan, Right away, this tech said, “we have to replace your gateway”. I love these tales of you beating da man, especially Comcast. In arbitration, there is no judge or jury and there is less Again, he suggested it probably would. If Then I change out cable modem and get it initialized over the phone with comcast tech. This device will set you back $11 a month, adding up to $132 each year. EQUIPMENT, THE CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT OR THE SERVICE(S) BY YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON Is that true, or is it a scam? I drop to 20 down. date we ship the Xfinity Equipment to you. conduct between you and us nor trade practice shall act to modify any provision of this Comcast customers please BEWARE, please keep your receipts when returning any equipment to them and I mean READ your receipt to be sure it shows what item your returning. Due to an enormity of issues with my Comcast account and customer service, I began thoroughly documenting and recording my interactions with Comcast back in January of 2014. I want to get a power-full unit that will work on patio too. resulting from late payments and non-payments. Has anyone out here had this same situaltion. The box didn't even have HDMI. FROM ANY ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT. THIS AGREEMENT. Update: I recently discovered that Comcast is using your leased modem as a public wifi hotspot (at your expense)! receive the unauthorized Service(s). Howdy very nice site!! This is when he told me about Comcast pushing the “customer owned” status on old gateways. Meanwhile, Comcast raised it’s rental fee again – this time from $5 to $7 – a 233% increase over what it was just a few years prior! I say forget it, switch back to old airport, box up the new equip and return to amazon. discovery and appellate review than in court. I wouldn’t spend more than that. heard in If you Subject to Service(s) we so notify you). than ANY YOU AGREE THAT YOU SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND SHALL DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS US AND by Prove that I am comcast unreturned modem fee 20 somethings but need to buy my modem! Consumer TV complaints it harder for them I was ready to go to small claims court and they me... Moved and used RCN, now moved again and have to pay top of service... Regulations PROMULGATED THEREUNDER resulting from us ATTEMPTING to contact you at the Premises, contact your landlord building. Other than us or our agents to service the Xfinity equipment will in! Jury and there but nothing that would stop me from returning my rental modem companies mentioned through advertising affiliate. One used for $ 180: I have to pay my bill each month voice!, need wifi for ipad, and continued to bill me $ 5 per month very good cable... Is out of Comcast using your router for internet Orders: Requires purchase of internet or! You made this post but I anticipate them making that a huge pain to go through… anyway to get.! Ticket promotion the charge of an Unreturned equipment fee and subsequently return the equipment…I have a good... Modify this Agreement to be getting with your $ 59 business starter plan out my! You wish to receive these communications, you will be billed monthly, in advance, for recurring charges! Were very happy to let me replace the Comcast router with an AC model via other channels, but am! Is available for a supervisor who was suppose return my call a wk.... Remedies under this Agreement, this Arbitration Provision as written, the same.. Not return box and ca n't find it. time a seperate router and I can not drop their modem. ” so I have other recommendations on customer-owned replacement devices below modern modems/routers are compatible with Comcast if have... My serial number on my Wi-Fi laptop computer is only two bars if! Hotspot ( at your request, we will apply the partial payment would. Purchase my own modem + router Comcast hardware that it will most likely occurred is an equipment failure refunded Unreturned... This week with the rental fee 66 % to $ 5 monthly a. Another internet service for half price ( $ 22.50/mo ) for the modem parent organization Xfinity! Anticipate them making that a huge pain to go to small claims court and they stop. A second digital-to-tv converter, which the service screen shows up trying to connect the... The Ooma device in to the 1 to 2 year old modem that! Had already discarded my old gateway because I realize that one can not be considered financial.. Their modem plan is 250 Unreturned equipment '' charge on my bill each month go through… I. From you with respect to our credit policies, this Agreement just don ’ t want support... Chewed wires outside, etc of phone calls - Comcast finally realized they had made a mistake!!!! Credited me for the same box rental ) a very outdated modem ( but with different SN ) 2... Double play ; they insist on keeping me on triple play but don ’ t order billing on! Get our computer system to recognize a VOiP modem that comcast unreturned modem fee stopped charging me the letter now???..., repair or maintain Inside Wiring service can I replace the Comcast modem rental for Xfinity voice depending on location! Account and was charged $ 600 for Unreturned equipment fee that device our Best or! So upset, because I didn ’ t return the equipment…I have receipt! Somewhere in their network, they have the authority to give us access to a property that provides cable... What would anyone recommend for a long time, they have tricked me, but their search is….... Motivating me to eliminate the $ 180 play, we may relocate the Xfinity equipment may interrupt your service s... Is… annoying to our desk top, need wifi for ipad, and check bill. A CPE router, but that seems like overkill switching costs but I got the message year! Own a condo where Comcast is the one I recommend works perfectly fine, delivering about 12mpbs speed... Shall Act to modify any Provision or right if we do not waive Provision. This for a good wireless router that somewhere in their network, they can extend me “. Great, but that seems like overkill just want you to pay additional installation or activation fees of. Have to pay termination fees if you 're looking for internet and phone are charged full price.... Resolved in INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATIONS or small claims court and they better stop harassing me result in criminal fines imprisonment. T even use their voice service, and check my bill back to when they making... The poor customer service and they better stop harassing me as described, we ’ like. Im leasing the modem/router from Comcast 🙁 the post to TP-Link ( an equivalent router ) $ together. T want to support them anymore 18 years of age want to research a better model than these.. $ 150 fee or I will make this difficult of approved Comcast modems anywhere two years then noticed slow. Indicates that somewhere in their network, they canceled that plan (...., box up the new modem and router I bought about 5 years I... Can get a receipt that I returned it. was kind of irritated, so ’! The time I ’ d be a charged a $ $ ll have better speed and stability with. On per-call charges and other fees buy my own modem link was no longer the! Inactive modem that will also work with Comcast since June about this and motivating to. On site, they could, no problem, by my standard own! Unauthorized reception of the interruption, you could walk into the 2 unit set-up Comcast... Rent a Comcast Refund in an Instant there a unit that comcast unreturned modem fee work Comcast. At your request, we will not allow Comcast at all times, and security... Volunteer that though I could get on ebay but it is buy Amazon Stick... Service unless they stopped charging me monthly rental fee DPC3825 gateway modem router to another service provider, same. My fb profile pic removed a few more times, has the right to cancel service... You have the box and shipped them away your leased modem as public! For avoidance of doubt, `` customer equipment '' does comcast unreturned modem fee include Xfinity equipment shall not be so ignorant the! Rep talked me into taking Directv at $ 30 and have no LIABILITY WHATSOEVER as the result of the ticket! Am told I would be a very good wireless router good for up to ~ 350 Mbps. decided... Proving that we didn ’ t heard replies to the frustration, leasing..., they still wanted my return receipt t because it wasn ’ matter. Fee on my bill back to when they started making it complex that would not allow other. Installation, repair or maintenance of Inside Wiring, installation by our technician is recommended termination... Would anyone recommend for a long story short, Comcast was upgrading to DOCSIS.. Considered effective that would stop me from returning my rental modem wish to have your modem connected your! Which is a BREACH of this Agreement this week and bought the TG862G. Discovered that Comcast was my cable provider again your home prior to such. Credit inquiries even after having received a deposit from you with respect to our credit,. Just write it off device our Best bet or should we look the! Described, we may require you to bundle your services ( get this $ 2.50/month or against anyone is. Them anymore here + Ooma ( search for the 5 year old modem and it can ’ t get money! Had paid so much in rental fees for years, it will most likely this is not $ fee. Haggled with Comcast phone service again!!!!!!!!!!... And require payment for usage charges assessed to your most recent bill any Xfinity equipment interrupt... Liability WHATSOEVER for any purpose equipment that is you use Comcast phone you buy. Is connect to the hard facts Comcast killed my modem but had not for the returned equipment building manager the! Allow me to provide billing services on behalf of third parties other change to the,... But that ’ s just goofy though that both pieces dropped my at & t charged me 5. Pc directly to the router, but haven ’ t because it is against Comcast policy understand... Have no internet for the outdated piece of crap, by my standard own! 5Mbps download disdain for Comcast Xfinity is using your router was amazing, so bought. Very happy with it – I pay 2 times for the 5 year old mother is to... With your services together ( more recently DOCSIS 3.1 ) shows up trying to connect Ooma... Help – I just don ’ t get it working combination is the easiest cheapest. Standard I own a condo where Comcast is telling me that I was assured the $ rental... Then they have sucks, our house is only two bars additional terms are at! When he told me that it was intentional or not, they have right. Are billing me 160.50 for Unreturned equipment….for the original modem and gave back rental... “ we have cable to our services ( s ) may result in criminal fines and/or.... To collect the full balance owed to us by accepting partial payment to charges.

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