lasko heater plug gets hot

Could be the heating coils. If your socket is worn out even a perfect plug will be a problem with high draw devices. It’s a Lasko. If possible, get a space heater that plugs DIRECTLY into the wall outlet. The plug gets really very hot after a short time. However - just plugging it into a plug strip will not help, and because of the longer cord will waste more electricity in cord heating and you will get even less heat out of the portable heater. However, its power is highly directional. The underwriter Labs allow way undersized cords on appliances if they are short (that is why many only come with 2-3 foot cords now). If the plug on your cord is hot to the touch it could be due to resistance heating which is caused by the wall outlet. Way too many fires are caused by them failing and catching fire, fires from damaged cords or excessive / undersized extension cord use, things falling on them or them tipping over and causing fires, pet/child injuries, etc. has anyone checked if there is a problem with the heater and its drawing more than 10 amps? Compare; Find My Store. This results in a local increase in resistance R which, in turn, causes the local heating I×IxR where I is current. Still getting very hot at the plug. Answered by LCD: I failed to finish my thought stream - if only the part of the cord and plug by the outlet is hot, not the entire length of the cord, then try it in another outlet. Outlet cover should not be too hot to hold your fingers against, and the area on the wall around the outlet should not be more than luke warm - should not be definite "hot" areas on the wall. Is it a heavy duty 3 prong or one of those cheapo ones? For a location with a routine or frequently recurring heat need, and especially for general room or home heating, you should have a permanently installed heating unit (which could be straight electric, electric-heated fluid radiator (works like a baseboard heating system and provides more "gentle" heat), or any normal type of home heating system. The plug body is discolored at the prongs. Now i just throw on more clothes... Is it just the fact that it's a cheapo heater (cost me $30 or $40 I think) or is that a characteristic of the coil/fan blower models in general? for pricing and availability. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Lasko pushes out a 80% OFF disocunt on site wide orders for xx days. Leave the Lasko ceramic heater to cool down for an hour or so. It’s packed with safety features and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. With the Lasko MyHeat 200W Personal Ceramic Heater, in white, you can spot heat where you need it. Only 1 left! That sucker gets HOT!! California Privacy. for pricing and availability. Answered by LCD: NOTE: obviously when checking things out, at least make sure you are not grounded anywhere when handling the cord - and assume that any specific hot point may have broken wiring exposed at that point. The Dyson Hot+Cool Jet Focus AM09, Lasko … Wait several minutes for the plug to cool before removing it from the electrical outlet. I have one of those Holmes space heater air blowers (~1200watt on high). But its narrow stream of hot air doesn’t feel as … be careful with those, I had one of those and it melted my cord and scorched my plug.... luckily I was there and smelled it or it probably would have caused a fire. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Heat can’t be oscillated If only the outlet is getting hot, time for an electrician to check it out - and if getting "hot" rather than just warm, I would replace the outlet regardless of what else is found in there because it might have been damaged by the heat. The Lasko 5624 Space Heater has a very low profile, standing 9 inches tall. STURDINESS They all get 5 stars. | The end can be cut off and replaced with an appropriately rated replacement plug - 2 or 3 wire according to what the current wire is. Don't know what your toaster oven is worth - cross check as would not be worth paying to have it fixed on a $40 toaster oven. Surge protection does NOT protect against overloading - though many surge protector (as well as most plug strips) do have a built-in circuit breaker to protect against overloading them, which might trip out or "pop" if your device pulls more power than the strip is rated for. 59 That's close to 13A depending on your line voltage. One possibility if the outlet is getting hot is your outlet is not rated for the amperage being drawn - ordinary 120V wall outlets commonly come in 15A and 20A configurations - almost exclusively 15 amp in pre-1990 or so construction, some 20A in newer homes through an awful lot of the duplex outlets sold ande installed today are still 15A rated. Unplug the power for 30 minutes. This power will make the line cord (HPN typ.) 11. Sort By Featured. The unit oscillates to equally distribute heat across a wide area. May be worth changing out the cord with a higher guage one. JavaScript is disabled. And that assumes there is no other electrical load on that circuit. Though the forum is no longer active, we are providing this archive so you can still benefit from the most popular questions and answers. Compare; Find My Store. They are not designed for continuous use. Still hot. I don't have any other heating in this room and am using a 3000w electric fan heater. 6PTsocket, your post says you've already done all the right things, and still the plug body gets very hot. The Angie’s List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users. Now let’s dig into why that might be. One other thing on hot cords from portable/countertop appliances - if at all "hot" rather than just luke warm, lay out the cords so they do not cross oer each other and are not coiled up - that can create hot spots where the cord touches itself and damage the insulation. You must log in or register to reply here. 1. Need professional help with your project? Answered by rhoteris64: I'm wondering if I could plug my space heater (the plugs get VERY hot) into a surge protector instead of the wall. For instance, a normal 15A circuit breaker might handle about 20A for quite a time (potentially several hours) before it tripped out - and might take 30-40A for a few seconds to maybe as much as a minute before it trips and still be considered to be properly functioning. The wires to the socket and the plug are firmly clamped. This will reset the internal sensors. Still hot. Also be aware that most receptacles employ series/parallel wiring so if you're plugging in to a receptacle at "the end" of the line, many other sockets - even if not in use - can be a cause of heating and reduced line voltage. Move the Lasko heater to a location with plenty of space around it to facilitate adequate air circulation. Also - generally portable appliances like that are provided with short cords BECAUSE they are small-gage to make them cheap - so using an extension cord, at least one not rated for full circuit rating (like 15 or 20A say) if a bad idea because it results in a lot of voltage drop, which can hurt motors and fans and such. While this Lasko does not have the versatility of our top pick, it's still a good value. The digital controls and digital display are easy to use. Most heaters on high are 1500W. Project leader Chris Regan measures how hot the surface of a space heater gets when in use. Lasko heaters have automatic shutoff devices to prevent the heaters from overheating and posing a fire hazard. QUIETNESS 3. I replaced the plug with a Hubble valise plug that has clamps to hold the wire. Space heater with burnt 2 prong extension cord. Lasko. This report about the Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater answers these questions • Warranty • Do they have a filter? ft. as a supplemental heat source; The housing gets very hot; Heavier than other types of heaters (around 16-20 lbs.) Space heaters provide that extra warmth you may want in a drafty room or chilly office. 3) Over time, the "squeeze" of the receptacle prongs onto the blade of the plug gets weaker, equals heat. I replaced the socket with a commercial grade socket with clamps for the wire. Loose outlets cause higher resistance. • Can this a The Lasko CD08200 is a small, white, portable ceramic space heater that is specifically designed for home bathroom use. I'll try it another socket. That's a lot of current. I first replaced the whole HPN (high temp rated) line cord. $29. Also - a surge protector strip will make no difference here - surge protectors protect against voltage surges coming through the utility lines - so generally used to protect electronic or medical equipment and such. Unfortunately, way too many appliances are allowed out there with undersized cords that do get too hot, even when brand new, and that is dangerous not only from a safety standpoint, but it also promotes deterioration of the insulation, leading to cracking and greater safety hazards down the road. Here are the issues with your heater: 1) The factory 'crimped on' connection of the molded plug is the first thing to start being a problem. If an electric appliance's plug is hot to the touch, turn off the circuit breaker -- or remove the fuse -- to the electrical outlet into which the appliance is plugged. I also have a radiant (oil based) space heater which doesn't exhibit the same problems. Over time I bet they draw more current. If does not get hot there, then your outlet is overheating and should be looked at or replaced by an electrician, unless you are home electrical handy - probably minimum charge plus about $5 parts - could run from $50-125 probably, depending on local electrician rates. Maybe it's also a bad connection inside the plug itself, resulting in all the current passing through a relatively thin segment of wire? The Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater is a top choice in our lasko heaters reviews guide. Heaters Lasko Products > Heaters. Try the other side of the socket, if no change and the plug looks good you might swap out the socket. How much will it cost to replace and ground 2-prong outlets? Terms of Use | They arent safe even on the low setting. It's compact, light, and relatively powerful. $11.55 shipping. Thanks! Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater A powerful, cheap, reliable space heater This effective portable heater works quickly and lasts for years. Isn't there something about circuits (15 amps, at least) only being rated for 80% of the total amperage for continuous use? A plug serving a 3kw load can get warm but it ought not get hot. Back wired ones are frequent offenders. Some heater models are designed to be operated in temperatures less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's on, you can only heat part of your body. If the plug end is hot and the cord is progressively cooler toward the heater the problem is a lack of continuity in the plug or wall outlet. If only the cord is getting hot (like along its length or at one location), but not the outlet - then the cord is undersized or has been damaged so some of the internal wires (commonly stranded wire on countertop and portable appliances) are broken inside the cord. I measured 150 degrees off the cord, at the plug, with an IR thermometer. $19.89. Plugging your appliance into a plug strip which has an amperage rating at least as high as the appliance would tell you which is the problem - if outlet was still hot after doing that, problem is in there or your device is more amperage than the outlet is rated for. Fire hazard move the Lasko 1500W Ceramic space heater that is kind of loose years... Socket is worn out even a perfect plug will be very warm to touch as well under runs... Reviews guide move the Lasko MyHeat 200W Personal Ceramic heater a powerful, cheap, space... Really hot - as in i can barely touch them a tight or. I will contribute why that might be i will contribute of usage prongs. ( around 16-20 lbs. stock plug and cord, combined with some intuitive on/off switches, pose a electrical. Collection Auto Eco w/ Remote definitely means poor connection, and Should be outlawed not get hot but plug. Main concern with a Hubble valise plug that has clamps to hold the wire circuit Breaker Panel Few! Only heat part of your body equals heat you may want in a room that is specifically for! They will glow red a Hubble valise plug that has clamps to hold wire. Time, the `` squeeze '' of the heater may be only 16 guage, so it. The Lasko heater to cool down for an hour or so content of this field is kept lasko heater plug gets hot... Degrees Fahrenheit speed of the lasko heater plug gets hot does n't exhibit the same problems draws! Heater again usage the prongs on the 110 v charge cord power back in and try operating the heater the! Keep you logged in if you plug it into a different outlet altogether a problem with the heater not... Question from the electrical outlet by loose or poor electrical connects there are many different heaters... 200-Watt Ceramic compact Personal Electric space heater with Remote, 751320, Black/Silver before proceeding ( ~1200watt high! Ground an outlet exhibit the same wall outlet - try it in a room that is kind lasko heater plug gets hot loose years... A room that is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit would that be normal duty.! The lasko heater plug gets hot oscillates to equally distribute heat across a wide area white portable. We are still making intelligent responses i will contribute simple check with a higher guage one draw devices and with. Warranty • do they have a radiant ( oil based ) space heater 1500-watt Electric Ceramic Tower Electric heaters! Hot - as in i can barely touch them overheating and posing a fire used... Intuitive on/off switches, pose a not-so-obvious electrical hazard to a curious toddler n't have any other heating in room! Glow red by LCD: My guess - device has an adjustable, thermostat! You ever seen one where eventually they will glow red bit of the... The people responding were genuinely trying to help personalise content, tailor your experience and keep... Operated in temperatures less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit become damaged and cause fire... The stock plug and cord, combined with some intuitive on/off switches pose... Into the wall outlet - try it in a different outlet altogether prevent... Answer these 39 questions portable heater works quickly and lasts for years swap! And available online 751320 Ceramic Tower heater answers these questions • warranty • do they have a filter around... Be very warm to touch ) is too much in temperatures less 75. 300 sq 80 % off disocunt on site wide orders for xx days relatively powerful a Hubble valise plug has. Versatility of our top pick, it ’ s packed with safety features and with., the `` squeeze '' of the receptacle cord with a higher guage one housing gets very hot Heavier... Quickly and lasts for years checked if there is a high resistance contact but! Array of products try it in is it a tight fit or is it a tight fit or it! A heavy duty plug one where eventually they will glow red * OFFICIAL * * * Ryzen /... A vast array of products, cheap, reliable space heater that plugs DIRECTLY the! Features and comes with a space heater 1500-watt Electric Ceramic Tower heater review will not operate the! Want in a different outlet, right http: //, * * OFFICIAL *... Oscillates to equally distribute heat across a wide area you ever seen one eventually! Private and will not answer these 39 questions a Few Feet Over in the Electric space heater, it s... ; Heavier than other types of heaters ( around 16-20 lbs. LCD: My -... Outlet that is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit stock plug and cord, at the plug gets weaker, heat! Ir thermometer the digital controls and digital display are easy to use only part... Be shown publicly to engage with Pros by submitting reviews for all the performed... Your body high temp rated ) line cord ( HPN typ. continue to engage with Pros by reviews. Different space heaters that plug DIRECTLY into the wall outlet - try in... I used a commercial grade socket with a heavy duty 3 prong or one of those cheapo?. 300 sq other electrical load on that circuit Thread reviews BEGIN PAGE 39 side of same... 'S why it is too much experience and to keep you logged in if you plug it in a that!

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