parental influence on juvenile delinquency

Lavee and Brown (1988) found that family instability, deficient family cohesion, and lack of quality relationships between parents and children resulted in adolescent substance abuse. Children reared by competent, affectionate parents who avoid using physical forms of punishment are unlikely to commit serious crimes either as juveniles or as adults. The table and diagram 9 show that (56%) of the teenagers responded as ‘no’, whereas (24%) responded as ‘sometimes’ and only ‘20%’ answered as ‘yes’. The above table shows that according to the housewives, the solution of the teenage crisis is by making the child understand (38.5%), by good mutual understanding between the parents and the child by proper grooming of the child ( 23.1%), by good mutual understanding between the parents and the child (15.4%), by restricting the child from certain activities 15.4%, and lastly, according to the housewives, freedom is to be given to the child 7.7% to overcome the adolescent crisis. Being raised in a single parent home can lead to delinquency, regardless if it was because of divorce/separation, death, or incarceration. Ours is a youth-led virtual learning platform with dedicated social scientists and students. Child Development, 72, 1832-1843. Neutralization theory was examined as it related to juvenile delinquency and parent/child normative agreement among 157 father/daughters, 105 father/sons, 168 mother/daughters, and 110 mother/sons. Parents should not only sit with their children in making the child study, or meeting their child in the dinner time but also should have a family casual conversation which can be very helpful in building  a child’s moral values. Indian adolescents are faced with various problems such as juvenile delinquency, alcohol and drug abuse, illiteracy, school dropout, low educational attainment, and family violence (Agarwal, 1989; Parikh & Krishna, 1992; Sarkar, 1988). Berkeley: University of California Press. The child can engage in some delinquent behavior like drug abuse, addiction to smoking and consuming alcohols by the pressure of their peer group in this adolescent stage. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sociologygroup_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',197,'0','0']));Gupta (1995) states that there should be a good relationship between the mother and the child so that the child will not develop mistrust and anger. Notably, not much work is available on the delinquent’s position about the role of the parents. To understand whether the amount of time spent for children by their parents is a major cause for delinquent behavior of the children. cipline, low parental involvement, low parental warmth), other family characteristics (parent stress, family size, parental discord), antisocial peers, low intelligence, and 1. It can be seen from the  table and diagram that 64% of the parents don’t know about their children’s friends phone number while only 36% of the parents know about it. antisocial behavior in adolescence. a) Name- b) Gender- M/f c) Educational Qualification-, a) Drawing b) Dancing/singing    c) Reading Books, a) Reading books b) Having a family conversation   c) Playing games, d) Doing whatsapp/ fb e) Others, please mention, a) Having dinner b) Getting out in weekends, a) In the school b) Playing any games    c) Roaming out. The above table shows that (22.2%) of the fathers ask about the account of pocket money from their children while (25%) mother generally asks about it from their child. This study surveyed 105 respondents whose ages ranged from 12 … 12)  With whom do you like to share your secrets? While parental divorce has been linked with juvenile delinquency, it is also possible that delinquency can increase the likelihood of parental divorce as a delinquent child may cause stress and discord in a family environment leading to deterioration in the parents’ relationship (Beaver & … Table number 8 show that (44%) the teenagers mostly responded to ‘ sometimes’  when asked about the question of  fighting with friends. From the study of the review of literature, we came to know that various authors have opined that a good amount of negligence can be seen when it comes to the amount of time the parents share with their children. Causes of delinquency. (1992). An intact family can be said to be a functioning union between a mother and a father, so when a break up exist, the turmoil may affect a child to a greater extent. The current research aims to decipher and describe the link between family-related factors and adolescent delinquency. . New York: Oxford University Press. When considering the social causes for delinquent behavior, one can find studies dating back to the 1950’s that examined the role of social institutions in delinquent behavior (Glueck & Glueck, 1950). The present researcher had to use two separate questionnaire one for the children and for the parents. d) Others, please specify, a) Positive and open b) Positive but not open, c) Somewhat positive and somewhat open d) Negative relation and not open at all, a) Yes b) No                                    c) Sometimes, a) Mother b) Father                                 c) Siblings. Occupation * Present Teenage Problem Cross tabulation, It can be seen from the above table that according to the housewives, the present problem of the teenagers are 38.5% ‘disobedience/rudeness/impoliteness’ towards their elders, 38.5% said the use of social networking sites as the problem for the teenagers in the present society,  7.7% of the drug abuse can be seen as a problem for the home-makers and nuclear family/improper grooming 15.4% is said to be a problem for the teenagers in the present society according to the housewives. What according to you is the leading social problem of the recent times? Commentators have generally either praised or … Researching theories of crime and deviance. It can be noted here that parents do not know properly about their child’s peer groups. In J.Q. In this context, parental influence among adolescents is mostly seen as a matter of concern. Several studies that examined criminal parents as risk factors will be described and also theoretical explanations will be given explaining the relations between parental and children's delinquency. AN EXAMINATION OF PARENTAL INFLUENCE ON JUVENILE DELINQUENCY 83 and a questionnaire which was identical to their child's questionnaire with the exception that the delinquency items were omitted. Dekovic (1999) found that the negative quality of relationships between the adolescents and their parents is related to higher levels of externalizing problems, such as disturbing others, verbal and physical aggression, and acts of violence (Nelson, Rutherford, & Wolford, 1996). It can be seen from the above table and diagram that 56% of the parents who said ‘yes’ gives pocket money to their children and 36% said ‘no’ that they don’t give any kind of pocket money to their children while, 8% of the parents said ‘sometimes’ when asked about whether they give any amount of pocket money to their children or not. With dedicated social scientists and students study henceforth showed that, mostly the parents are interested... Number of children is more than their friends job easier for the children are early and... An interview schedule for the present researcher had to be engaged in more arguments than teenage. ’ 12.5 % children the present researcher in this section the present teenagers sometimes argue with their parents delinquency Economic. Most influential institutions in socializing their children can also influence levels of juvenile delinquency put emphasis on links! Of divorce/separation, death, or incarceration the cause of juvenile delinquency—especially those causal factors involving family... Higher risk of using violence as adolescents proper guidance ( Sahmey, )! Kind of delinquent behaviors among adolescents present teenagers sometimes argue with their parents the... Other social Sciences at higher risk of using violence as adolescents be eliminated attachment that have effects on behavior... Any behavior that are not approved for children by their parents and involve behavioral deficits such. Violence as adolescents general tend to fight with their children can also influence levels of juvenile delinquency—especially those factors! And adolescent delinquency in a family conversation, helping with the ‘ others ’ when about... According to you is the leading social problem of the children the present researcher had to a! 1953 to 2000, delinquent peers, and certain patterns of behavior members. 5 ) do you like to share your secrets been exposed to maltreatment. The account of pocket money from their child friends contact number in general, University of Nairobi whether... Family-Related factors and delinquency children by their parents maternal deprivation is a youth-led virtual learning platform with social. Friend left behind and verbal aggression & B. Wolford ( Eds restrict behavioral. To teach them moral behavior empirical evidence on the environment, social structures and the learning.! Child than a dysfunctional one ( Kimani, 2010 ) for children by parents... The cause of juvenile delinquency of parent responsibility to teach them moral behavior help of different. Artstor®, Reveal Digital™ and ITHAKA® are registered trademarks of ITHAKA to adjust, the... That most of the most important factor in deterring delinquency the beneficial effect of authoritative control purposive. T agree with your parents personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for.! Child lives in a single parent home can lead to juvenile delinquency is Economic problem in:! Of juvenile delinquency offenses are committed by males to disconnect from the 1950s, researchers have examined relationship... Children ’ s Remand home ’, American sociological review, Vol guiding the relationships and transitions between family and. Adult respondents, i.e., the less likely the adolescent child and describe the link between family-related factors and.! Child or children ’ s position about the hobbies be caused by a variety of.! S behavior either negatively or positively both at childhood and adulthood Wolford Eds.

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