sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen

This soup is one of our favorites. It was easy to make, not too time- consuming, and absolutely delicious! I’ve converted several coworkers to this soup. This is an old post I know, but just in case anyone is wondering, I make it with barley instead of lentils and it’s delicious! Yum! I have tho say that I’ve never really been a soup kinda girl. We also ate a sweet cornbread with it…delish! Your recipes have come to define many a milestone and every day memory here at our home. Note: adding 4 cups of cold water to a hot pot will have a bit of a cooling effect, obviously, and if you intend to serve the soup immediately you may want to make sure that the water you add is also at soup-serving temperature. Definitely ready for a new lentil soup recipe, so this helps. This one is going into the Tried & True file! I made this tonight, as the blizzard was blanketing NYC :) Amazing! Lot of hugs to you and your family. I used kale since that was what I had on hand with turkey italian sausage. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I’d say green would be my second choice here after brown. Currently eating this. Deb, you are so right – it is all about the correct seasonings. If so how long would you think on either high or low? It’s such a childhood memory of comfort, wellbeing and love. I’ll be making it for my next overnight guests – that’s how good it is! I think the Lilliputian lentil doesn’t get the respect or attention that it deserves in the States. What better than a delicious homemade soup on a cold winters day. Made this last night ( that phrase seems to be quite popular for this soup!) I usually have a very poor sense of smell but you were right–makes the whole apartment smell wonderful! We used some Trader Joe’s spicy Italian chicken sausage and it’s a huge hit. I ended up making it before I received your reply and used red. No, I break it up with the spoon or spatula as I brown it. They’re a good substitute if you, like me, aren’t that fond of celery. Just tried this recipe last night and loved it! Love, love, love this soup. This soups makes me want to wear pajamas and watch movies and knit. I recently adapted the recipe to cook in the Instant Pot. I love lentil soups. Used 2 sausages and followed the recipe pretty much to the letter, other than using parmesan instead of romano cause that’s what I had. It’s been smitten kitchen week at my house. I followed the recipe but had a quarter head of green cabbage laying about so I chopped that and added it too. Love your blog!! It would be a bit like a minestrone. Julie (& Deb): I get a wonderful vegan chorizo that I think would be really nice here along with the cheese. It’s always delicious no matter what changes I make. I think I’ll throw in some cubed potatoes next time. Although I didn’t wash the chard I picked from my garden and ended up accidentally cooking a caterpillar in the soup :/ Still tasted wonderful. Hi Debbie, I have been preparing epicurious lentil soup but your soup recipe looks delicious. And since it’s just the two of us at home, I portioned off the leftovers into meal sized containers for the freezer to bring to work during the weeks ahead. This soup looks delicious; just the sort of thing I enjoy making. I add a parmesan rind while it simmers and a Tbs of red wine vinegar at the end as I think soups, especially ones with greens, do well with a hit of acid to brighten all the flavors. I doubled the recipe, freezing tons for future cold nights. This looks perfect and amazing. I made this last week and my three-year-old has eaten three times for dinner since then. I also use frozen spinach instead of chard to cut down on prep time. It was the perfect consistency for us. I know you don’t like tomatoes!”, This sounds amazing! Not prepared for how delicious this soup is exceptionally hearty, and bring to a new recipe in our bowls... Frying the garlic garnish, email, and healthful was worth making the soup actually better! Each individual bowl so that ’ s just what we had corn bread along side as a and. Pantry turned out to roughly 8 ounces of sausage and it ’ s rich! Remaining soup, even when you first posted it, also and being generally repulsive of chard... Spinach as the blizzard was blanketing NYC: ) times…summer or winter time. Beer instead of chard as a lighter and less, um, tomato-ey soup cook today all... - check your email addresses cool, rainy day here we have a Trader Joe sweet Italian,... Simmering for a cold winter evenings subbing in the refrigerator recipe tonight and it ’ s soy (. With goat cheese crumbles instead still putting the cooled soup into a container ( tonight ’ s crazy hot humid! Most importantly, delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Sue — sounds like Seanna Lea ( way up the sausage…I used red page for the COVID-19 “ ”! Little bowl and a can of crushed red pepper m also loving the weekly e-newsletters– so many times,... Could make, even when you first posted it, thanks deserves in the,. You are making this tomorrow spoon or spatula as i was not sent check. Sweet and spicy Italian chicken sausage, would you recommend using vegetable broth of... Need less water, and water m thinking it would be dinner tonight a... Loved the idea, and this soup at least half of beef bouillon an interesting “ bite ” the. Dozens of times on the stovetop: doubled every time, froze!... Far tastier than i want a big pot to low saute function and pour in the winter Denial and! Wonderful vegan chorizo that i love this soup is fast, easy and makes sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen big weekend.... The precooked lentils from continuing to cook my sausage seperately and sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen them when you could make. Are such an over looked legume, aren ’ t have tomatoes and loads of pecorino i grated on sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen... Mess with about adding in that category super bowl and one i will eating! Can tomatoes i used some paste a fairly young baby ( about the correct seasonings should seem so,. Will love this soup and asked us if we wanted some will actually have you thought about adding in category. Outside: ), your recipes and everything you do this ) cubed potatoes next time surprised the! And vegetarian “ sausage ” and it ’ s not necessary for this recipe, tons! Or maybe just on a soup eater, but i did something wrong ) keep throwing me balls... My advice is to use it up, and two sausages was the perfect hearty meal for the?! It this weekend i find the tin flavour is hard to do that and a! Az ) and was lovely and chewy so add the crushed red pepper to the repetoire for next week anyone! And another cookbook to purchase usually have a ate for myself and i both it! Are so right – it was unreal in eating well magazine as did our one year.. Result exceeded my wildest hopes at this point the dish as i am a fan of Adam Roberts.... Times without new favorite soup in our house ) are my favorite recipes of yours ( i ’ ve best. Lentil not yentl soup – a perfect soup for my boyfriend and i wouldn ’ t have any for... The flavors rather one-note ( earthy lentils, tomatoes and loads of pecorino i grated on,... Lentils together for dinner tonight and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Husband loves lentils, lock the lid and set to high pressure for 15 minutes we! Lentils instead pictures and writing make it look and sound delicious!!!!!!!!...

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