Lookout with sighted


Club Free Democrats Rokycany and other supporters of building towers will be Monday, 1/2/2010 certainly looks forward to the decision the City Council. Simple design solutions from Vaclav Hatlman, author of ideological intent is Eva Kralova.


Whether the recommendation of the Council gives green light for construction tower Kotel. Whether the apparent view that many of our senior politicians are missing. In local politics, however, thanks to daily contact with representatives of citizens in everyday life in a smaller city, also have a „bottom"a good outlook and hopefully decide by the majority opinion of our readers: on 31/1/2010 is expressed in the survey Rokycanských Listů 612 votes as follows: 412 respondents (67%) supports the construction of the tower Rokycany, 252 respondents (41%) are willing to contribute to the construction of tower.


Already our ancestors knew that the view of the landscape elevates man above the common problems and gives him the optimism and spiritual strength. Let's hope that when our children ask us what we view, answer - excellent - not only from the tower of the Kotel, but also from the Town Hall!