how to make smoked ham

If using smoke, recommended chips include: apple, maple, cherry, pear, plum, pecan, hickory and peach. You’ll be so glad you cured and smoked your own ham, and be warned– you’ll be sorely disappointed with store-bought hams forever after. Or, simmer the ham slice in a little water in the frying pan and then remove the water and continue cooking. ; Place the prepared ham on the smoker, flat side down on the middle rack of the smoker. Cut into the fat beneath the skin but not into … Pump/inject in areas close to the bone and 75mm (3 inches) from the surface. Once you’ve nailed the basic process and understand the science of what’s going on a little bit – taking the next step to making a whole leg of ham from scratch will be less daunting and will have a higher chance of success. Mix the salt, curing salt, sugar and a half-gallon of water until the salt dissolves. When the double smoked ham hits an internal temp of 140 degrees add some of the fruit and onion chunks to the top of the ham and apply the glaze one last time. This is a very simple process and includes a two-ingredient glaze. Once you’ve injected your meat thoroughly, place it in the remaining brine in your container of choice and place in the fridge. For small picnic ham, it should take around 2 hours. Brush the ham generously with the glaze a couple of times during the last hour of smoking, re-covering with the foil to prevent drying out. inject the ham in a grid like pattern on top of the ham every inches. Score the skin side of the pork roast with a sharp knife. So for a small 2kg picnic ham, you’ll need about 4-5 days to cure. For extra flare though, at this stage you can also score and dress your ham, cooking a little longer with an extra glaze. Put the ham, flat-side down, on a rack in a roasting pan. Slow Cooker Glazed smoked ham is tender and beautifully sweet, made with brown sugar, honey, and liquid smoke. Rub the lemon juice on the outside of the ham and let it sit for about 15 minutes before serving. Place your pork in a bowl or pot that is large enough to hold the meat completely submerged in the brine, but one small enough to fit in your fridge. A pre-cooked ham is a great main course for a family gathering, and you can certainly serve it as is, after you've warmed it up a bit. What happens if you cure for longer? The meat tastes pretty similar and the process is a bit quicker and easier first time around. After this, soak your meat in room temperature water for 2 hours to further remove excess saltiness and cure. But you can also make some tweaks and additions by simply glazing and baking it, or turn it into something spectacular with layers of flavor and by using a smoker. Although you can dry-cure your ham, most hams are wet-cured. Ensure the meat is fully submerged. If you are making your own brine from scratch, please refer to our basic brine recipe here. Let the ham cook for another ten minutes, and then remove from the smoker. Here are a few of the sites we used for ideas and tips, Southwestern Smoked Ham and Garlic Smoked Fresh Ham. The pellicle will help your meat more readily absorb a smokey flavour when it comes time to smoking. (If the ham has fat, cut through the fat, but not into the meat.) This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I would have to caution you on a double-smoked, then reheated ham, as you will run the risk of drying it out by the time it's reheated. It can be made as a whole muscle meat product or it can be made into a boneless re-structured product. Make sure you only use a tiny amount and no more than a tablespoon for the entire ham. Brining the ham * 1. Curing generally takes 5-7 days. When making ham, it’s very important you inject your meat with your brine as this ensures your meat will cure thoroughly. Lucky for you I have several different recipes that involve mashed potatoes, my favorite include instant pot sweet potatoes and Instant pot mashed potatoes. Here, the liquid penetrates the meat and keeps it moist. Although smoked and cured hams are generally considered safe to eat without any additional cooking, baking them to an interior of temperature of 140 degrees, as measured by a … ! Meat Block. Both fresh ham and cooked ham … Sign up for the latest news, offers and recipes. Step 3: … Keep it in the fridge until done. Most picnic ham’s will be around 2 to 3kg and this is the perfect place to start. Plus, the ham must be chilled a little bit before slicing, which makes it extra hard and dangerous to slice without a protected cutting board. Smoking the Ham Step 1: Light the Smoker. A smoked ham is a section of the leg of pork that is cured in a brine and then hung in a smokehouse and smoked over low heat for a long time to add flavor. Gather the basting sauce ingredients and ham. Make sure you accurately weigh your meat before you start the next steps, as it’s important for step 2 and 3. Looking to make a picture-perfect glazed ham for your Easter supper?Good idea! Cook your ham until it reaches an internal temperature of 65c. This is basically a jerky slicing tool made perfect to obtain uniform 1/4-inch slices. The ham is injected with brine, then soaked in a brine solution. As a general rule of thumb, allow one day per 500g of meat. For the best results, select a large, whole, precooked ham. Yep, that’s right. You'll need 1 large ham hock or 2 small ones, totaling 1 1/4 pounds, for every 2 bunches of collard greens. © 2020 Smoked & Cured | Misty Gully. Get in touch in the comments section below or email us to let us know how your smoked ham adventure went. If using the Misty Gully Ham Cure – max approximately 130g of the pre-mix cure with each liter of room temperature water. (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. Alternatively, if you’re just using your oven and don’t have a smoker, but would still like to add a smoke flavour profile, then as always why not add some Misty Gully Liquid Smoke? For extra flavor, insert a whole clove into each cut intersection or in the centers of the diamonds of the scored ham. Smoked picnic hams are the perfect size for my family. The most popular meat to use is pork, shoulder (picnic ham) or hind leg (leg of ham), but you can make a ham out of just about any piece of meat from almost any animal. Rub the spice mixture over the surface of the ham. We have cheap but good quality thermometers are available here. ; Using a boning knife, gently score the outside of the ham in a large crosshatch, I like to use 1.5 - 2" squares. This is also the case for spiral hams. You'd be much better off figuring out a way to manage getting the smoker going the morning of, instead of reheating. It’s the perfect food for picnics and hot summer meals when you don’t feel like doing much cooking. First the solution is injected from a brine pump into the thickest part of the meat, preferably near the bone. Tent the scored ham with foil to prevent it from drying out, and place ham in the smoker. For extra flare though, at this stage you can also score and dress your ham, cooking a little longer with an extra glaze. Start Smoking At the three-hour mark, start your charcoal fire. He has written two cookbooks. Baste the ham with the sauce once every hour, re-covering the ham with the foil. It's not uncommon to find hams sold in the 7 to 10-pound range. Line a large chafing pan or baking sheet with tin foil and place it on the bottom rack. If you’re using your oven, place the ham on a roasting rack—cut side down—set inside a pan. A general rule is you need to make enough brine to fully submerge your ham in it’s container + about 25% extra for pumping. Ham comes from the upper portion of a pig’s hind leg. Rinse the ham hock and in a large soup pot, cover with cold water and bring to a boil. [CDATA[ */ //

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