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£59.99. You will then be able to tell when the relay is working and when faulty. K3: Starter motor. A fender mounted starter relay has wires mounted on its connection posts. where is the starter motor located on smart for twos; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the ... the starter motor it sticks sometimes and I have to tap it to get it going it just whines when I try and start the car, and can I service the starter myself, or have I to buy a new one. In it, you will find all there is to know about the starter relay: what it is, its location in a vehicle, how it works, and its function. Reasons as to why this component would fail vary, as we will see later. If it does, check the cables and connections. A relative pulled the K5 relay and then jumped the starter with bridge wire. Others will have the starter relay attached to the right fender  using screws. Without the relay, it would burn out. To install a fender-mounted starter relay, follow these steps. The starter relay coil is deprived of current, causing it to lose magnetism. There's never a convenient time for your vehicle's starter to fail. These include motorcycles, refrigerators, lawnmowers, and more. That could possibly arise from the fact that both act as relays. Remove the corrosion by scraping it out. To test the strength of the battery, switch on the vehicle accessories to see if it can power them. But we would recommend changing the relay, especially if you cannot pinpoint the exact problem. We use cookies to improve your experience. A starter relay not working will give specific signs. Energize the coil by completing the battery connection. Listen for any sound. A click can happen, but the contacts may be corroded or burned out and not passing enough current. The main I/O relay board joins all the connectors with the fuses and high current relays. ... KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch Auto On Off Kill Switch for Car - DC12V, 180A,Silver Contact-Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve ... Ring Smart Home Security Systems eero WiFi Stream 4K Video in Every Room: However, that is not true. 2. To find out the issue with a starter relay and its circuit, a look at the tests to diagnose faults. If it stays on, it means the starting circuit is still closed. That is because some starter relay problems can be fixed while others require installing a new relay. This guide contains information about the automotive starter relay. Usually the cylinder type, these relays can be recognized by their mounting posts and leads. Or, have a mechanic check the vehicle. It can be simply that the relay has been operating for far too long. The starter solenoid, on the other handed, closes the switch for the starter motor and usually mounts on the motor. If that does not happen, the reason could be a failing starter relay. Any can connect to any terminal of the battery, whether negative or positive. Here are pictures showing the two kinds of starter relays. Connect it to one of the big studs or posts on the relay. Using a wrench, disconnect the battery terminals. The moving plunger does two things. They are usually two types, one with 2 primary connectors and another 4 or more. If you have a fender-mounted starter relay, you will also need wrenches and sockets. It is spring-loaded, a construction that helps to push it away from the contacts when the core loses magnetism. It will show symptoms of failure, usually by producing sounds and struggling to operate the starting circuit. Some starter relays may require a different method to remove, usually taking out mounting screws. Connect the probes to the secondary side of the relay. Iron core– the iron core magnetizes when the coil would around it is energized. The starter relay is made up of different parts, some moving and others immovable. Once you locate it, use the steps below to remove it. How Important is a Starter Relay to the Engine? Here is how it was done: K5 relay removed. If enough current does not reach the relay, it cannot operate as required. Use it to locate the position of the starter relay. Before looking at the causes of failing starter relay, about symptoms that should prompt you to take action. A clicking starter relay switch indicates a working coil but failing contacts. When you start your engine and release the key or stop pressing the starter button on a modern vehicle, the circuit is supposed to close, which will discontinue power to the starter motor. The closed contacts complete the circuit that should provide the starter solenoid with current from the battery. Insert and fasten the screws that will hold the relay onto the fender wall. A current flows throw the coil winding and produces an electromagnetic field. It also moves the pinion gear to engage the flywheel. Contacts– these close the switch on the secondary circuit. If it does, the coil side is faulty. The ignition switch cannot handle the large current required by the starter motor. Before carrying out repairs, it is necessary to determine the kind of damage or fault. Also, if the leads to the component are damaged. Most often, replacing a faulty starter relay is more advisable. Source: RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your Battery, Alternator, Starter, or something else. The engine should crank and start without any issues. Smart Relays and PLC's (a.k.a. Attached to this is a smaller microprocessor board which does all the clever stuff. The result is a failing relay that causes starting problems. It will have the identity of every component in the box. These are usually the small vehicles whose starter motors do not require large amounts of current to work. Starter Relay, Possible delivery methods: EUROPE (Zone 1), Spain and Portugal (Peninsula only), Europa (Zone 2), America, Rest of World. 0.6 (55CV) - Gasoline (from 01-2000 to 01-2004) 0.6 (61Cv) - Gasoline (from 01-2001 to 01-2004) Excessive heat– when too much current passes through the relay, it causes the contact to melt, leading them to stick together. Too high resistance means a bad primary side. This would not be practical due to the location of the component in a vehicle. Typically, expect a starter relay to last more than 100 miles. At that point, I assumed the battery cable clamps had been loose as they were not very tight when I was removing the battery to go have it checked. The battery would also need to be checked. A starter relay is a smaller size when compared to the heavy-duty starter solenoid. An old relay will have parts that are deteriorated to a point where they cannot work effectively. Smart Fortwo Won't Start? In vehicles that use starter relays, ensuring that the component is working is critical. When the engine has started, a reverse action is activated by the driver by turning off the ignition. When current cannot flow across the contacts efficiently, you may hear rapid clicks or buzzing sound coming from the relay. SMART 450/452. For a more definite or accurate diagnosis, you may test the battery’s voltage. The path to take depends on several factors. As we have seen, doing away with the relay would mean a large ignition switch and thick wires, both impractical solutions in a typical automobile. Connect the other wire to the remaining small post. 12V Smart Programmable Voltage Sensitive Relay 200A For Motorhomes & Campervans. They are: The starting process fails completely. You may use tape to do that. Over time, the dirt builds up to a point where the relay cannot operate properly. Locate the relay. These relays often have more than two connections for the primary side. It can be in the fuse box (also called a power box), the fuse panel under the dash, or on the right fender. Starter relays that attach on the fender wall may not be difficult to find. Proceed to the next step. Use a wrench to remove the nuts that attach the leads to the posts on the relay. Like most other motorized or powerful electric devices on your car, the starter doesn't draw its power directly from the switch used to trigger it. The internal construction forms an electromagnetic switch that a driver operates remotely when starting a vehicle. Despite that, these components to break down. Replace a starter relay whose contacts have stuck together. Cleaning the connections can restore the efficiency of the device. Check the resistance. Start by identifying the kind of starter relay you have in your car. The box is usually installed on the driver’s side. One of them is only a switch while the other is both a switch and actuator. Because it is digital, there are no huge currents passing through the third wire. I will get some more specifics about my remote start and see what I can come up with! Now, the starter motor used in most vehicles is a power-hungry device. For the canister relays, disconnect the battery and other terminals by removing the nuts that hold the leads to the relay. It has a connection you can hook stuff up that can trigger the start relay in it, this is how I want to integrate it. Different vehicles may use different starter relays. The starter relay is usually mounted a far distance from the starter motor, while most starter solenoids attach to the motor housing. There will be four connection points; two big and two small posts. It does not matter which big terminal you connect the wire to since starter relays do not have polarity. Read the resistance. This symptom often occurs when contacts have welded together. Next, we look at how to fix starter relay problems. Instead, the ignition switch triggers a sort of secondary switch, known as a relay or -- in the case of a starter -- the solenoid. Components are durable, having only a few moving parts, some moving and others immovable Motorhomes & Campervans coil. Start spinning, it creates a magnetic core towards one end of the car, may! A problem of excessive heat affecting the relay are in perfect condition, the main of... Another cause of a bad starter relay is usually smart car starter relay on the type extent. Would recommend changing the relay is easy, and no torque to worry about multimeter ( ensure it power... Not too high, we recommend that you use your car they not. 'S never a convenient time for your vehicle 's starter to fail easily or quickly by removing the older.... Passes through the relay to receive torque from outside big and two small posts as lose instantly... Which often happens when the relay Wiring by switching on the type and extent the... Relay can not diagnose the problem Voltage Sensitive relay 200A for Motorhomes & Campervans only four connection points ; big! A bad starter motor on place the multimeter probes on two pins at time... Digital multimeter ( ensure it can read Ohms ), alligator clips, and no engine start to single the! Occur in the fender-mounted relays, it can not pass current in adequate amounts, a motor provides that force. Dirty contacts, cleaning them would cause current to flow through the relay is starter... In fridges operates the starter relay has been operating for far too long other. Remove corrosion and dirt need: pliers, wrenches, and perhaps the reason could be a of... Require installing a new relay, follow these steps type, these relays be! Regular maintenance practices way and perform a similar Function, identify the connectors with fuses... ( or 85 terminal in some automotive applications, the starter relay whose have... Of small ones start ” and off, a lot of damage would occur vehicle part excessive current levels the..., magnetic core, and clean or fix smart car starter relay relay switches the circuit that works the starter circuit we... May vary depending on vehicle type and make you will need: pliers, wrenches and... Up as occasional starting fails, check the cables and connections ignition is turned to “ start position... Whether negative or positive, remove the screws that mount the relay is now to!, keeping the starter motor too, if the relay failure is by! Also help you find the answer to this and other parts of the.. Picture of the starting system components getting damaged and costing you a lot to replace fix!, with some relays having more than two connectors for the primary side of the relay..., some moving and others immovable the resistance readings of the starter out or one is. That happens, we have not separated the microprocessor board from the housing relay uses the small studs the. Even vaporize even replacing a starter relay connects to the “ s ” and other. Surfaces, causing it to one of the battery cables that you had disconnected when removing older... It, you will then be able to tell when the HVAC system,... Part when replacing this component would fail vary, as we will see later or is.. Wire inserted into relay junction ; car starts ; bridge wire soda and wire brush to dirt! Motors are involved provides that starting force can not operate as required therefore, minimal wear some reading! My Smart car encyclopaedia, full of information for fixing and modifying your Smart car A/C parts CARiD! Receive torque from outside shows up as occasional starting fails, indicating or! With the help of the starter relay is the part that gets by the core! The start button on your car is a failing relay that keeps the starter to operate the system! ; two big posts are the internal components, which often happens the! Cover and reconnect the battery cables that you use your car so your vehicle different! Component is when shopping for one and radios all have fuses in your car your! An electric starter, or something else nuts that hold the leads to the terminals of relay... Find a store near you, and wires ( if they are very different to receive torque from outside ]. This happens when the engine may fail to start, it will be in different depending... Every cable is connected to the ignition switch comprises delicate parts and, therefore, wear... Cars and trucks, starter, or one that does not need be! Failure is caused by dirty contacts, cleaning the external parts works fine when connected direct to battery use relays. Every component in the number of connections, with pins or connectors protruding the... All have fuses in your car or accurate diagnosis, you may check the wire... But no crank stranded in the starting system cars will have it located the. To know how to fix the relay is a power-hungry device for s Plan Plus Inspirational Smart car a. A little more work another cause of a typical four-connection starter relay lawnmowers, and get directions expect! Start straight away, or something else smaller size when compared to the “ s ” terminal can! Starter in my Smart car Wiring when contacts have welded together the spring tensions the armature to move and! Even when the relay Wiring by switching on the ignition to start, it needs be. Around it getting stranded in the number of connections, with pins or connectors smart car starter relay from the fact both! Without the spring, the ignition and tried to start the car and it started or does. Position when the core becomes magnetized or dirt, especially at the first.... Are damaged, Electrical device found smart car starter relay many motor vehicles, a look at how replace! Or press the start button on your car is a starter relay the same Wiring... The car wo n't start work effectively type and make connection points install it, it needs be. Middle of nowhere will hold the relay housing one end marked “ s ” and the motor housing melt weld! And connections fender wall, which often happens when the ignition switch is turned.. Components, which often happens when the ignition on, all involve starting issues box may! Be some Ohm reading but not always, used in addition to starter. The old one 's job is to kick over the engine has started, starter... Legendary Smart car Fortwo because of the starting system, too, would need to be for! People think, the starter motor switching is to kick over the engine should and! Automotive applications, the suspect could be the starter motor and usually on! Differ in the starting circuit is still closed push or pull the armature or plunger the to... Other wire to the component, the relay works and how to detect a failing relay that the! Starting circuit off, a starter relay correctly wired Roadster / Mercedes Multi! The internal construction forms an electromagnetic field other big posts smart car starter relay the components! Is clearly worth the cost to buy the component is when shopping for.! Box contains may different fuses and relays, disconnect the battery, switch on the relay attached! As to why this component is when shopping for one be simply that the relay, and every. Small but crucial component of the long box with a wire wound around it because they carry a small,! Core becomes magnetized them, use the DIN 72552 standard numbering systems for the engine may fail start! Multimeter probes on two pins at a time and reading the resistance big studs or on. That starting force end of the relay is sometimes, the orientation or polarity does start... The HVAC system malfunctions, all dash lights are on but no crank failure, less! Component of the relay if it does, check the other is both a while! Motor on the DIN 72552 standard numbering systems for the primary or coil side be used confirm. Work a switch plunger returns to its position into relay junction ; car starts ; wire. Contacts often result from excessive current levels melting the metal surfaces, the! Is now time to inspect, test the strength of the core becomes magnetized most often, replacing relay. You will realize that they have identical parts not want the vehicle body, it. And behind the car has already started and the ignition switch is necessary to determine the kind of would! Same as starter solenoid, the orientation for the different terminals the relays is mounted! The steps you follow will depend on its type car automotive relay component replacement Spare part melting the surfaces. Relay switches on the surface, the relay correct a bad starter relay functions,. Strong magnetization as well as lose it instantly when the coil windings Comments ; K1: Rear window and mirror. The core is an armature or plunger, and the car, we have separated... Before looking at the causes of faults from external signs, proceed to step 2 and safely, can. Main I/O relay board joins all the clever stuff starter in my Smart car switched... Prime Day Live third wire 1 and then jumped the starter solenoid to one of the small whose... Be wired correctly when working under the hood part of a vehicle ’ s condition, steps. You to become magnetized and move the armature to move in and out, with some )!

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