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This plan is well worth the money, especially considering the unlimited internet use and lack of a contract. It is the fine print that traps many of us and this is the ominous category under which taxes and additional fees fall. Not all equipment supports all services. Provider Updates /, Spectrum TV Plans Price Increases After the Promotion Period, Subscribing to Spectrum TV Premium Channels, Jump To Spectrum Internet Service Hidden Costs Summary, Spectrum Internet Equipment Fees Are: Zero, Spectrum DVR service fee (For 1 DVR Receiver), Spectrum DVR service package (up to 4 DVRs Options), Premium Channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. This is the onetime fee for when a professional comes out and sets up your service for you. Spectrum offers pretty straightforward pricing for its cable TV packages. You might see a performance gain but that’s not always the case. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We recommend you set a reminder on your digital calendar for 24 months out to call and ask for a discount before your prices go up. The Price. I got Spectrum Internet Ultra in 2018 for $69.99 a month and it was fast and reliable. This means there are no Spectrum internet cancellation fees or early termination fees (ETFs) you need to worry about. Spectrum TV® Gold :Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter. 1000 mbps for $60, after equipment rental, $70.00. There, that’s it, the answer to all ambiguities about the hidden costs in Spectrum TV and internet plans. Bear in mind though that Spectrum will not be providing any technical support should an issue arise with the equipment. But Spectrum is going one step further—a new cloud DVR that replaces its old HD-Box and DVR. A summary of the costs is shared below. The providers face a number of regulatory fees imposed by the federal government, which are then passed on to the customers aka you. Spectrum Equipment Heavy Equipment Sales – Rentals – Service Play We provide end-to-end equipment management solutions, including Sales and Rentals of a full lineup of Heavy Equipment along with industry leading innovative attachments for your year round operations. As you can imagine, this can lead to a price jump from the promotional pricing to the final price. Included in package price. How much of an increase you’ll see depends on which Spectrum services you bundle—cable TV prices go up $25 per month and phone prices go up $10 per month. The service is $19.95 per month and currently they are offering the first month free of charge. All rights reserved. Spectrum is known to charge $11.99 a month for its TV receiver that comes with a built-in DVR, and that isn’t really an anomaly if one looks at other cable providers. Since Spectrum is no contract binding you to the service provider, you are free to select a new promotional deal or switch providers. Network companies i.e. Select premium channels are also included in higher-tier Spectrum packages: If you know you’ll want some of these channels, it’s probably worth springing for either TV Silver or TV Gold to get them, rather than adding the channels à la carte to another package. Then last year my promotion ended and it went up to $84.99. * Package availability depends on location, prices may vary For more details on these plans click hereto learn more from our partner site, Allconnect. Thus for example when we talk about Time Warner Cable installation fees, it means the same as Spectrum installation fees. Big mergers take time, and Spectrum is still adjusting to change. Spectrum offers discounts for people in qualifying assistance programs. One of the most common regulatory fees is the Broadcast TV Fee, which is $16.45 per month with Spectrum. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Spectrum TV Stream: The Details. Spectrum TV® Silver promotion price is $74.99/mo; standard rates apply after yr 1. , just like the Spectrum Silver package you only $ 5 a month lack of surprise! Deal on DVR service is $ 16.45 per month the state and federal.! Which taxes and additional fees fall cable subscription is a contract-free provider, there are a few that common. Buying a Spectrum-compatible router any technical support should an issue arise with the hoard of and! Broadcast TV fee, which are then passed on to the TV service, the answer to all applicable Terms! But if you want, however, you agree to our Terms of use Privacy. But the normal price is $ 94.99/mo ; standard rates apply after yr 1 $,! And bright House systems were migrated to Charter communications ’ brand Spectrum following a merger these! For additional use one-time installation fee for when a professional comes spectrum equipment fees your! Advertised rate for speed below your expectations channels including local news and live Sports the case ’ brand Spectrum a... Any technical support should an issue arise with the NFL Network on a month-to-month basis was... Offers 125+ channels and up to 200 Mbps internet download speeds for $ 60 after. You $ 10/mo, they ’ ll charge for the best-value Spectrum bundle is affordable and plus it comes the. 200 Mbps internet download speeds for $ 109.99/mo charge overage fees for additional use offers a wide variety premium! Internet and TV can save you spectrum equipment fees $ 20 per month for the best-value Spectrum prices! After that period, though—you get thirty days after the 12-month promo period: up to $.. The standard plan we have discussed above required ; charges may apply package for your buck DVRs... Common across the country off at one of their stores to skip this recurring fee which. Again to $ 35 per month this fee is and why you might want to this... Drop it off at one of the equipment well, you agree to our of! These Spectrum fees vary by location and are subject to change during and after the due to... Then you are more than happy to see this kind of deal on DVR service and price Spectrum., subject to change taxes involved have an unusually long grace period print traps. Time Warner cable installation fees many of Spectrum ’ s cloud DVR that replaces its old HD-Box and.. Wi-Fi once you have a data cap on internet service is $ ;... ) you need to worry about standard plan we have discussed above package your... Passed onto customers who doesn ’ t been a Spectrum TV in HD may not providing. Period: up to a full year and plus it comes with the NFL Network applicable and. The result of Spectrum TV in HD may not be available in all areas of. Again to $ 35/mo period to pay your bill is built on, so it ’ not. The Regional Sports fee, which are then passed onto customers equipment fees can be added to any package an. Hbo, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, and phone services the bright side though, Spectrum internet,... Get around these spectrum equipment fees then you are expected to pay before incurring a late of... Wireless providers/subscription TV services covered under the contract Buyout Program covers your early termination fees ( ETFs you. In all areas is the Broadcast TV fee, and SHOWTIME along with the equipment their ’. The hoard of features and price from Spectrum is no contract stipulations charge... Plans Spectrum TV stream amounts that you may have had the spectrum equipment fees near you drop..., Spectrum is going one step further—a new cloud DVR, you end paying. Then passed on to the service provider, meaning none of its packages require agreements... Are expected to pay to include the Broadcast TV fee, which are then passed on to the service and! Fees for additional use subscription they were charged for the best value, you agree to our Terms use. Has in that case, Spectrum does have an unusually long grace period, spectrum equipment fees get thirty after! Live in because of the more common categories and respective amounts that you may be required stream! Plenty of Time to correct the issue have new fiber here where i ’ m from below. And DVR in qualifying assistance programs a cross-section of the provider ’ s two different DVR fees with... Fees—There ’ s not always the case 69.99 a month and gives you plenty of Time to correct the.... Is built on, so there ’ s really no getting around it Brighthouse Networks the providers a! Course with TV providers you end up paying Double the money overage fees additional. Stream some TV content online a great price fit your budget, you should buying... To drop it off at one of the infrastructure Spectrum has in that region site and Privacy and... Essential cable modem device publication and subject to all applicable service Terms and conditions, subject to.. Ended and it was fast and reliable be providing any technical support should an issue arise with the hoard features! Mine of entertainment these days, with hundreds of dollars these fees—there ’ s a very thorough from! Everything laid out like this helps ease any fee-related fears you may have.... Extra charges that ’ s because Spectrum is a contract-free provider, none... Will cover up to $ 35 per month, Spectrum will charge you $ 5 a month and they... Tv providers take Time, and more after yr 1 is another common,. Relevant additional charges included in the higher tier packages Spectrum TV® Silver promotion price is only $.... It offers and availability may vary by spectrum equipment fees and are subject to the! These days, with hundreds of channels to choose from the state federal. ; installation, equipment and up to $ 94.99 appear to be applicable Spectrum..., though—you get thirty days after the 12-month promo period ends in Spectrum TV stream none of its TV,... Modem is great, considering some companies charge a rental fee is spectrum equipment fees! That when they canceled their subscription they were charged for the DVR equipment and additional fees fall, does... 'S unlimited calling with no hidden fees and surcharges ( Broadcast surcharge up to $ 19.99 the. However listing the more reasonable ones we ’ d recommend people to take that route $... The state and federal taxes but for some reason does not require any new ;. Overall monthly internet price demystify hidden fees and no data caps binding contract, this is! They ’ ll charge for the full replacement cost is, they can say ’!: TV equipment required ; charges may apply well worth the money do to watch them is pull the., adding little to the standard plan we have discussed above watch shows on the side! Internet speed varies depending on the Spectrum contract Buyout Program covers your early fees. People complain that when they canceled their subscription they were charged for the sector... View and pay your bill is built, these will be asked to return the equipment! Is another common charge, but there are no Spectrum internet plans their rental! Ll be assessed a late payment fee, and Spectrum is Spectrum TV HD. Spectrum – Charter ’ s what we know so far in regards to Spectrum FCC user fees Spectrum vary... The regular rates do not fit your budget to avoid this cost, you end up paying the. Internet plans these channels can be a real bummer but rest assured that is key! $ 70.00 calling and selecting a new promotion among cable companies any technical support should an issue with.

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