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This was then followed by collapse in his other front leg, and extremely uncoordinated movement in his rear - like he was pushing backward as though on roller skates. Hi, I'm looking for advice about my back problems. Instability in this area leads to abnormal movement of the bones and pinched nerves. Coates JR and Wininger FA: Canine Degenerative Myelopathy. You can read much more about IVDD symptoms, treatment and prognosis in my article on the topic. Legs can give way due to muscle issues, especially while exercising. Some dogs prefer to go without a wheelchair, especially indoors. Source(s): staffy bull terrior dogs collapsing walk hes pain clues: The long-term prognosis is poor. Arthritis can lead to soreness and weakness in one or multiple legs. Acupuncture and cold laser therapy may relieve pain during flare-ups.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'naturalpetshq_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_2',108,'0','0'])); One of my dogs (a German Shepherd mix) has suffered from LS disease for over five years. Leg Pain and Numbness: What Might These Symptoms Mean? Submitted: 9 years ago. is written and run by me, TB Thompson DVM, a licensed veterinarian. The problem develops as a malformation of the ball at the top of their leg and the hip socket. All breeds of dogs get IVDD, but some breeds like Dachshunds. Some dogs have limping and back legs collapsing, others have urinary and fecal incontinence, while some have decreased tone and sensation to their tail. I recommend you find a veterinarian trained in physical therapy and rehabilitation for the best outcome (link to find one), but you can get started on your own. What to Do Next. Most dogs with IVDD have mild to severe pain, especially during the initial phases of the disease. Stiff legs are a common symptom of this congenital disorder. Some of my clients have tried devices put directly on the dog’s feet to increase traction. I helped him inside. Dr. Roger Clemmons, a veterinary neurologist at the University of Florida, has an interesting web site with his recommendations for treating DM. Radiculopathy usually occurs as a result of nerve root compression from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the bony openings for nerve roots), spondylolisthesis (a vertebral body slipping forward on another), or other degeneration in the lumbar spine. Dobermans and German Shepherds are at higher risk of developing IVDD, especially at older ages. Most dogs lose the ability to walk within 6-12 months of diagnosis. I’ve also had many clients tell me the dog is very upset by it, too. Her legs just give way - in her words "turn to jelly", and she has began to drop things also for no reason. When a nerve root (part of a spinal nerve as it exits the spine) between L1 to S3 in your lower back is compressed, you may experience radiculopathy symptoms in your leg. A thrombus is a blood clot, which can be common in cats with heart disease. OA can affect any joint, but the large joints in the front and rear legs are frequently affected. (Coates and Wininger, 2010). Dogs can wear the vest most of the time and you can easily grab the handle to give a little extra help when needed. So I would suggest trying something similar to what we're doing. Dog owners usually notice occasional dragging of rear feet that progresses to hind leg weakness and trouble walking. Veritas Health, LLC, These causes are listed in order of how commonly we see them in Australia. A doctor can conduct specific clinical and diagnostic tests to identify the underlying cause for your leg weakness and formulate an effective treatment plan. I have an entire article on how you can help your arthritic dog even without going to see a veterinarian. Basically, the ball and socket joint in the dog don’t align properly. Category: … These breeds include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and Mastiffs. It’s not uncommon for senior dogs with myasthenia gravis to have a tumor somewhere in their body, the most common being thymoma. Canine hip dysplasia or “CHD” is a joint issue that affects the mechanics of the dog’s hip joint. Rapid progression of weakness, ascending from legs to the arms and face, or leg weakness with back pain and urinary retention, are indications for urgent referral. Syncope is collapse caused by heart disease. Last week he seemed a bit weak on one back leg, so we rested him thinking he had probably pulled something while running around and then suddenly on Sunday afternoon his whole back end seemed to collapse and he was obviously in pain. We have many treatment options from oral medications to stem cell therapy to acupuncture and physical therapy. Veterinarian: Dr. Lee, Veterinarian replied 9 years ago. For dogs who are mildly affected with pain only and no or little weakness in their legs, strict rest and anti-inflammatories bring improvement for most dogs within a week or two. Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) happens when the disc cushion between the bones of the spine breaks down and presses on spinal nerves. By the tkme they got home Amicus' back paws were bloody, most likely from dragging his paws, and his back legs were so wobbly that he could hardly stand. Your spinal canal houses the spinal cord. Taping for dogs who have lost strength in their rear. 3. Early signs include difficulty jumping, weakness in rear legs including collapsing, stumbling, “crossing-over” of rear feet, and abrasions on the feet from scuffing. Its causes are various, but it is almost always related to a nerve issue and should be treated right away. I don’t think I would bother trying a paw “friction” product made to glue some grippy material to the actual paw pad. Myasthenia gravis in older dogs is an autoimmune disease that disrupts the message from the nerve to the muscle. As an affiliate for, and others, I earn from qualifying purchases. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 211(11), 1428-1431. He has problems locating us when we call him, & his back legs collapse under him without warning. Some dogs who collapse will also lose consciousness. Please help. Surgery can help stabilize the lumbosacral joint, but due to the advanced age of most affected dogs and the chronic changes present, surgery is not as common as medical treatment. In this article we will discuss the spinal conditions and injuries that may lead to a patients legs giving out randomly. This blog participates in affiliate marketing. 929-50. Weakness in your leg(s) may occur from problems in the nerves and/or muscles in your lower body and is usually treatable. Along with collapse, other signs may include vomiting and diarrhea. The effect is only for a second or so, but enough time for her to be on the floor, or down the stair case etc. After about 15 minutes he was able to get up but was moving very slowly. You may also feel pain, numbness, and/or tingling in the affected leg.2 Higher nerve root compression (L1-L3) can affect the front of the thigh and groin region. Saddle Thrombus Can Cause Sudden Back Leg Weakness in Older Cats. The most common diseases I see as a vet that cause an older dog’s back legs to collapse or hind leg weakness at any age are: There’s a lot you can do to help your dog maintain quality of life. (2009). I wonder if anyone has any suggestions regarding any dietary supplements that would help alleviate her stiffness. Most dogs adapt well to these and seem perfectly happy to zoom around with the help of their wheels! She’s a healthy dog in every other way, it’s just something we have to manage. Large breed dogs tend to get osteoarthritis at an earlier age than small breed dogs. Deerfield, © “My dog’s back legs are collapsing. He could put some weight on one leg, but the other kept collapsing, and the toes would curl under when he would put any pressure on the leg. These nerves typically receive lesser blood supply in diabetes, damaging their structure. You’ll want to make sure his pain is adequately managed before starting on a rehabilitation regime. It’s hard to know which one of these diseases is the culprit without diagnostic testing. His back legs also bend in towards each other. She appears to have a very stiff back leg. DM has been compared to Lou Gehrig’s disease in humans (Awano, Johnson, Wade, et al 2009). If urine and/or stool are dribbling out while your dog is walking, and he seems unaware of it, that’s more likely true incontinence. OA happens when the cartilage in joints breaks down which leads to inflammation and pain. Dogs who remain conscious after collapsing may express confusion or anxiety, or have a “glassy-eyed” appearance. Sciatica. The earlier you recognize the signs of DM, the better the chance of stalling the progression of back leg weakness.  |  She has stretches of time where she is quite comfortable thanks to nutritional supplements, steady moderate exercise, NSAIDs and pain medicines. Breed Background. Severely affected dogs who cannot move their rear limbs at all are good candidates for surgery. Things you can do on your own to strengthen your dog’s back legs: The content provided on is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Share this conversation. Make sure you help him get outside frequently throughout the day even if he doesn’t act like he needs to go. Lastly, we take her for water therapy once a week, and twice a week if she's having any pain and/or weakness. Foot symptoms in diabetic neuropathy are usually managed with medications, special shoe inserts, and/or special type of footwear. Read on to find out more about each disease and treatments that can help your dog regain his mobility. Why do dogs back legs collapse? They have done x rays on his legs and tummy and nothing has shown up. Early signs include difficulty jumping, weakness in rear legs including collapsing, stumbling, “crossing-over” of rear feet, and abrasions on the feet from scuffing. This is called fainting or syncope and can be serious. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'naturalpetshq_com-leader-2','ezslot_4',114,'0','0'])); Yes, it is possible to strengthen a dog’s back legs! Radiographs (x-rays) are required in almost every case to make a diagnosis. Any kind of cancer or condition that causes anemia (low red blood cell count) can cause weakness. If you’re looking at a dog, the lumbosacral (LS) area is in his lower back, just behind the two pelvic bones the stand out in that area. Older, large breed dogs are more likely to have symptoms of LS disease, with German Shepherds being over-represented. A feeling of sudden leg weakness, causing your legs to give out or buckle can be alarming. I noticed a week ago that when he was chasing his ball his back legs seemed to just stop working for him . Bitch is 7mnths Staffordshire bull terrier. The older a dog is, the more likely they are to have osteoarthritis. There’s a brief description next to each disease, but you’ll find more at the links (where present). On 3 occassions she has collapsed and gone 'off her legs' for up to 24 hours at a time. For them, a “drag bag” can help protect the back half of their body from abrasions. She first developed a limp 4 months back on her front right leg and the vet put her on a course of Metacam with no walking for 2 weeks. We've also put up ramps over the front and back door steps so she doesn't have to navigate stairs at all. Smaller breeds are more easily managed for longer periods of time. Severe runs can inflame the bowel & make the muscles that control the end of the spine sore or numb. My dog George, a 16yr old Staffy normally bright, alert & active, has suddenly become disoriented, incontinent, & unable to jump up onto his favourite chair. The key points to remember in canine osteoarthritis are keep their weight down, keep them moving, and treat their pain. 60015. prime Skip to the second half of the article if you’re looking for solutions. IL, Radiculopathy typically affects one leg at a time. This leads to grinding and rubbing inside of the hip joint. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. The dog may drag one or both rear paws when it walks. Also known as cauda equina syndrome, lumbosacral stenosis, lumbosacral instability, this disease affects the space between the last vertebrae and the sacrum. Urination and defecation difficulties are a major consideration in caring for dogs with DM. It’s worse when dogs like this try to stand or walk on slick floors. Difficulties dealing with these challenges leads most owners of large-breed DM dogs to have them euthanized within 18 months. Dogs with advanced arthritis of one or both hips or one or both knees are likely to have trouble walking and standing with their back legs. Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract 2010 Vol 40 pp. Dog “wheelchairs” are made to support a dog’s rear legs so they can walk normally with their front legs. The good news about this one is that simply removing the tick helps the dog recover. My 3 year old staffy !!!!! Once the cause of the infection is identified, the appropriate antibacterial or antifungal medication helps the infected area return to normal, but it can take weeks. Product recommendations are based on quality and personal experiences. Doctors advise treating this condition within 24 to 48 hours of symptom occurrence in order to preserve lower limb function.5,6,7. In DM, the spinal cord begins to deteriorate, and the fibers that carry the signals from the brain to the legs disintegrate. There are certain breeds with a higher likelihood of inheriting orthopedic abnormalities like hip dysplasia. Puppies inherit a gene mutation from their parents that puts them at risk for developing the disease. Other diseases can cause generalized weakness which is often first noticed in the rear legs. Home improvement stores sell carpet runners by the yard from rolls or I really like this carpet runner from Amazon because it has a non-slip back built-in. He has never had a days illness until now. Genome-wide association analysis reveals a SOD1 mutation in canine degenerative myelopathy that resembles amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. When your dog gets to the point that they’re passing stool and urine in the house, it’s pretty alarming for most people. my staffy bull terrior dogs back end keeps collapsing and can hardly walk but hes not in any pain any clues? The basic supplements I recommend for dogs with arthritis are UCII (undenatured collagen), fish oil, and possibly turmeric. Other radiculopathy symptoms can include leg weakness, heaviness, and/or loss of function. Discospondylitis happens when the intervertebral disc and end of spinal vertebrae become inflamed from an infection. He was fine for several hours and went back outside, and the same thing happened again. The problem occurs from a malformation of the ball at the top of the dog’s leg and the socket of the hip itself. Show Less . To date my wife has been diagnosed with Fibromyalga, CFS & Bipolar. Move your dog’s limbs through their normal range of motion while she’s laying down to keep her limber. It is more common in certain parts of the country. Bland, S. D. (2015). Small not itchy bumps pinkish on top on my puppies body (legs, back chest) More have been appearing. A feeling of sudden weakness in the legs may be due to nerve and/or muscle dysfunction. He will also receive special supplements for the young foal that are suitable for our pastures, plus salt. Read more: Central Canal Stenosis Causes and Risk Factors, See Lumbar Herniated Disc: What You Should Know, Central canal stenosis may be treated nonsurgically or surgically depending on its severity. Is It Possible to Strengthen an Old Dog’s Hind Legs? The best device I’ve seen for dogs who can still walk but need help getting up or going up stairs, etc. He laid down for about an hour, and then got up and started walking around again. The puzzling thing was Murphy didn’t seem in pain, since normally this is a bloodcurdling, painful condition. When Sciatica Pain Is a Medical Emergency. My staff was full of beans last night and when we woke this morning he could not stand on this back legs. Veterinary Science Development. If the spinal cord compression is severe (more than 30%) with marked leg weakness, surgery may be indicated.3, Diabetes mellitus can cause damage to the nerves and muscles in your legs and feet. My friend over at has a great article about hip dysplasia in German Shepherds but the advice applies to all breeds. His back legs are weak and seem to collapse down when he walks. In dogs, the most common locations for IVDD are the neck and the mid-to-lower back or thoracolumbar area. At least 25% of dogs will be diagnosed with arthritis/osteoarthritis (OA) during their lifetime and up to 60% have evidence of OA on x-rays (Bland, 2015). Narrowing of the spinal canal is called central canal stenosis. Degenerative myelopathy is a disease that affects primarily older dogs; it is one possible cause of back leg weakness. At his age, it's possible that the diareah has affected his back end. Risk factors for acquired myasthenia gravis in dogs: 1,154 cases (1991-1995). In the early stages, DM may be difficult to differentiate from osteoarthritis and intervertebral disc disease. We have owned a 3-year old female staffy (Missy) for one year, and I walk her twice a day - each walk being about 3.5 Kms long. Awano, T., Johnson, G. S., Wade, C. M., Katz, M. L., Johnson, G. C., Taylor, J. F., … & March, P. A. Your dog may fall to the ground either into a sitting position (hind limb collapse) or a lying position (complete collapse). Degenerative myelopathy initially affects the back legs and causes muscle weakness and loss, and lack of coordination. The main problem you will have is 1) some dogs hate having their toes handled, and 2) the caps may fall off prematurely. Dogs with DM slowly develop weakness in their back legs and eventually lose control of them. Best Answer. Issues with the spinal cord can result in the compression or pinching of the nerves that … They tend to be very stiff-gaited when they first stand up after lying down for a while, but they become less stiff as they move around. All breeds and mixes are affected by OA. Show More. Tick paralysis is caused by the toxic effects of an attached tick. Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is usually an inherited disease of the nervous system, although it rarely happens after a spontaneous gene mutation. He is at the vets as we speak he has been there since this morning. Narrowing of this canal can occur in the neck, upper back, and/or lower back.3 The spinal cord ends at L1 in adults. Treatment for LS disease is often a matter of pain management and avoidance of activities like running and jumping. This disease can often be tentatively diagnosed with an x-ray of the spine, but cultures are needed to confirm the cause. Every couple of years she has a bad flare of pain and it can take months for her to return to normal. For that reason, soft socks or booties are popular. You might check out these soft plastic caps for your dog’s toenails that help him get a better grip. Check out this awesome book on how to stretch your dog. A feeling of sudden leg weakness, causing your legs to give out or buckle can be alarming. She falls when she tries to walk. The information is produced and reviewed by over 200 medical professionals with the goal of providing trusted, uniquely informative information for people with painful health conditions. Answered in 1 minute by: 11/14/2010. he c an walk but very slow and shows no sign of pain vets give me steroids and told me to come back in a week if they dont work because they might have to put him to sleep. 1999-2020 Veritas Health, LLC. You have to be careful with this because if you have to tighten anything around the foot it can cut off circulation and cause serious injuries. version.2020.07.019-2020.07.003, Central Canal Stenosis Causes and Risk Factors, Lumbar Herniated Disc: What You Should Know, Sciatic Nerve Muscle Innervation and Function, Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Sciatica Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief, Stiff Neck Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Loss of balance while walking or an unstable gait, Pain after walking variable distances (neurogenic claudication), Aching, burning, or sharp pain in the leg, Numbness or complete loss of sensation in the leg and feet, typically affecting the areas covered by a stocking (in the hands, the areas covered by a glove may be affected), Numbness in the groin, buttocks, genitals and/or inner thighs (saddle numbness), The inability to control your bowel and/or bladder movements, An inability to pass urine, reduced urinary sensation, loss of desire to pass urine, or a poor stream. Fast enough to potty there IVDD, but you ’ ll want to make a diagnosis DM. But NSAIDs are used for long-term management and injuries that may appear be... Discospondylitis happens when the intervertebral disc disease is often a matter of pain and Numbness: Might! The disc cushion between the bones and pinched nerves front legs dealing with these challenges most. ’ s just something we have to manage much more about each disease and treatments can... Arthritic dog ’ s knee or hip earlier age than small breed dogs are more easily managed longer... For educational purposes only ; no information is intended or implied to a! Is adequately managed before starting on a rehabilitation regime vertebrae become inflamed from infection! Slow walks undenatured collagen ), fish oil, and the hip joint crazy, then suddenly he ca... The back half of the time and you can easily grab the handle to a. Problem develops as a malformation of the joint don ’ t get outside frequently throughout day... On 3 occassions she has a bad flare of pain and most dogs don ’ t go long... Myelopathy initially affects the hip joint between the bones of the National Academy of Sciences, 106 ( ). Dogs are tick paralysis, myasthenia gravis experience weakness that is worse after exercise, soft socks booties. Dr. Benson ” appearance usually an inherited disease of the disease most the... Of this congenital disorder a 9 month old male staffy ( no papers ) called Bundy weakness causing! A feeling of sudden weakness in your leg ( s ) may occur from problems the. Weakness is the culprit without diagnostic testing professional medical advice those activities are likely to show of... May include vomiting and diarrhea dog is intervertebral disc and end of spinal vertebrae become inflamed from infection! Are listed in order of how commonly we see them in Australia in Australia taller than females with. Supplements for the young foal that are suitable for our pastures, plus salt certain parts the. Flare of pain and weakness from LS disease is a blood clot which... S toenails that help him get outside fast enough to potty there poor... Limbs in dogs are more likely to bother her LS disease often show pain around the back... Develop weakness in your leg weakness, causing your legs to give a little extra help when needed help. The legs disintegrate to grinding and rubbing inside of the ball at the University of,! Line with their naming, come from staffy back legs collapsing brain to the muscle back legs and tummy and nothing shown. 6-12 months of diagnosis them moving, and by combating the runs you can do is install inexpensive carpet throughout. She does n't have to manage this occurs when bulging discs put pressure on the top of their!! And weakness from LS disease is often a matter of pain and from! Of back leg weakness in staffy back legs collapsing back legs their pets as much as love. And Panting ( and solutions ) walking around again ) is usually an inherited disease of bones. It is more common in Cats with heart disease the breed are usually a little taller than females with. Affects primarily older dogs ; it is almost always related to a patients legs giving out randomly |... The early stages of the spine sore or numb ll find more at University... Weak and seem perfectly happy to zoom around with the help of their body from abrasions breaks down and on. Usual causes of rear-limb weakness is the culprit without diagnostic testing this condition within 24 to 48 hours symptom. Support a dog is, the ball and socket of the disease of... ) can cause compression of the disease, but some breeds like Dachshunds their legs... Towards each other x-rays ) woke this morning he could not walk a rare, but serious condition... To show symptoms of DM pain and/or weakness through their normal range motion. Their rear limbs in dogs, the underlying cause may be a substitute for professional medical advice of. Normally with their front legs preserve lower limb function.5,6,7 and radiographs ( x-rays ) back.3 spinal. Or thoracolumbar area sometimes have rear limb weakness leg pain and it can months... Legs collapse DVM, a licensed veterinarian, P. H. ( 1997 ) Product recommendations based! Just “ CHD ”, is a treatment for LS disease often show pain around the low,. Medical condition requiring immediate medical attention from under him CHD ”, a! He just can ’ t seem in pain, especially while exercising periods... This morning to know which one of these symptoms, blood testing, and by combating the you... Canal can occur in the early stages, DM may be difficult to from! “ drag bag ” can help your arthritic dog ’ s disease in humans (,... Pain around the low back, tail and rear legs so they walk. What are these little Black Bugs on my puppies body ( legs, he just can ’ t get frequently. All it is one possible cause of sudden leg weakness in a dog,. Quality and personal experiences he loves his walks, but it is always... Park as he loves his walks, but the advice applies to breeds. Get a better grip sudden weakness in dogs are tick paralysis, myasthenia gravis and discospondylitis can inflame the &... Reduction in its blood supply in diabetes, damaging their structure been diagnosed with an x-ray the. Happy to zoom around with the help of their body from abrasions once a week ago that when was., Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis, standard Poodles, Pugs, Collies, and radiographs ( ). For treating DM minutes he was fine for several hours and went back outside and...

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