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I'm not saying I've become an extrovert in some manic way, just that I'm no longer shying away from socializing when it's available. I grew up with severe social anxiety as a child (6-11) which led to mental illness in my teens (11-17) and then a big drug abuse problem (18-24). Lion’s Mane is well on its way to being a critical element of treatment options related to this process. Those compounds should be listed on the label in worthwhile quantities to make it an interesting supplement. Side effects are mild and may include stomach discomfort.. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of Hericium erinaceus in medicinal amounts during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Host Defense also offers liquid products. Press J to jump to the feed. Case loads of this stuff could be shipped around the world and used to help with stopping the blight of dementia in its tracks. 100% vegan product. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. IMO wasted money, also because NGF-molecules cannot pass the BBB. ***NOTE: Please don't expect instant results with Lions Mane. Our Lions mane is 100% vegan friendly. 'Polysaccharides' was until 10 years ago the best a vendor could do if he wanted to give an indication of the quality of his mushroom supplement. Lions Mane's nootropic effect however is mild and only secondary to the anxiety/depression benefits. All research points to the alcohol soluble terpenes, and the most powerful terpenes (erinacines) are found in the mycelium. I'm happy I can afford to purchase these supplements, they're not cheap indeed. I feel like I respond more emotionally, more smiles, more laughs, more curiosity. The immunological effects of the bioactive compounds in biomass are 1/10th of a regular extract research says. The human study that exists used a dose of 1,000 mg with 96% purity extract three times a day (total of 3,000 mg extract). Dat is veel; er zijn dan ook maar weinig paddenstoelen met een vergelijkbaar groot therapeutisch potentieel. De wetenschap heeft in de afgelopen decennia veel onderzoek gedaan naar de eigenschappen van Lion's Mane. I noticed this same effect when trying Noopept some years ago. THE mycology guy has a bunk product? In one clinical study in which lion's mane mushroom 1 g was taken 3 times a day over 16 weeks, mild stomach discomfort and diarrhea were reported. Especially interested in the Time Health Lion’s Mane. It is a grey area, there's only animal data available so we're in the dark re. https://harmonicarts.ca/product/lions-mane-organic/. But if you still want to give it a shot here are the options: The best option I can think of is to use distillation; the same approach used to extract essential oils from plants. Research and clinical trials support its wide variety of perks. This is considered to be an effective dose of lion's mane. It's biomass based, and 65 - 70% starch. Smelled like mushroom, because thats all it is. For example, in 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to Pure Nootropics, LLC, for making unsubstantiated claims about a variety of their products, including for their lion's mane powder. No explanation. It's one le the best noots I've used to recover from SSRI induced damage. Not a good choice either from a rational POV. Company Number: 10528815 – VAT No: GB260385607. Not that I'd be surprised but I also....want to believe. https://www.ceddit.com/r/NootropicsDepot/comments/9kz6ib/lions_mane_81_specs/, If you're looking for something against hair loss, which I'm not sure of, the best products I ever found are french (I made a lot of research on the topic). People can cook with the … Has anyone ever tried growing it? Lion’s mane benefits: Neurological Health The study Lion’s Mane, Hericium erinaceus and Tiger Milk, Lignosus rhinocerotis (Higher Basidiomycetes) Medicinal Mushrooms Stimulate Neurite Outgrowth in Dissociated Cells of Brain, Spinal Cord, and Retina: An In Vitro Study took a look at neurodegenerative disease, which impacts nearly 100 million people worldwide. This product is manufactured in the UK to GMP standards, ensuring the highest quality. Lion’s mane extracts protected against alcohol-induced stomach lining … 2013;15(6):539-54. doi: 10.1615/intjmedmushr.v15.i6.30. I know the cost would be insane. P.S. Time Health Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales. Might NGF help for something like this? ️CERTIFIED ORGANIC, VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE. Now that I have accumulated some vocabulary I can way better understand your post, I thank you a thousand times for the time you spent on this ! Edit2: I don't work for any brand or Paul Stamets. ;). I feel alert and in tune, but not at all hyper. After using it for 6 months I notice an improvement in short term memory and better concentration span for sure. But it's great to know. Time Health’s High Strength Lions Mane extract is grown traditionally and naturally (not grown in a lab on substrates) without chemicals or pesticides on large hardwood sticks. But you might be disappointed because of the low yield. Allow the liquid to evaporate and the remaining deposit is about 1 gram. Over Lion's Mane Lion’s Mane bevat ruim 70 bioactieve stoffen. Users often experience long-lasting effects that continue for the duration of supplementation. Usually, social contact tires my brain and I become lazy using only few words or saying as less as possible. My educated guess is as good as yours. Totally different smell. Check youtube for detailed setups. While we might officially favour mushrooms of the ‘magic’ variety, we are big fans of fungi in all its forms. Company Number: 10528815 – VAT No: GB260385607. I rarely find myself irritable, snappy or unsociable anymore. Know a guy who uses Lions Mane, coffee and nicotine as his pre-workout. It is cheaper to buy a supplement with good specs. OP can really work on civility and tone of speech in delivering objective facts only. all costs money, also in a country such as China. All Lion's Mane extracts are actually about the same price per gram. It was about 3 months in I started noticing a difference. What works? Don't be fooled by marketing talk!!! The other shit is just filled with Rice. That being said, the chaga and lion’s mane coffee is actually decent. I have nerve damage in my ear, which has caused me to suffer from dizziness and imbalance. Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is unique in the mushroom family both in appearance and function. Lion's Mane is highly anxiogenic and depressing for me. I was really hoping I wouldn't notice any good benefits from this as it's an expensive supplement for me and it will surely make my wallet lighter if I use it all year round. This means that Lion’s Mane consumption could lead too increased quality of life and economic productivity. Some lion's mane supplements have been marketed with unsupported claims, such as the promotion of weight loss, brain health, and the prevention of heart disease. Take too much, I've noticed headaches (2g+). For the time being, lion’s mane should not be used in an attempt to stop blood clotting; however, we recommend caution with lion’s mane if you are taking any medication that thins the blood . together with the beta-glucan. I am able to end my days and go to bed without worrying whether or not if I fulfilled my duties as an adult human male, but I'm happy and content that I tried my best. Thanks for the writeup, I've been curious about this. Contents0.1 What is Lions mane mushroom?0.2 Constituents of Lions mane mushroom:0.3 Health benefits of […] You do know the Host Defense products do not contain mushrooms (meaning fruiting bodies) and are not extracted so bioavailability is poor? Some advice from Neil deGrasse Tyson here but if OP wishes to respond with what Richard Dawkins said, then okay, good luck and see ya bud. The price is the same as oriveda, ± US$ 1 per gram. But I also take Maca at night, and have I'm already a rabbit with Wellbutrin and Methylphenidate. Good specs are the best marketing from a vendors POV. In my personal experiment with lion’s mane, I have found this to be the case. Then sieve and allow the alcohol to evaporate. That deposit is what is in the capsules; the actual extract. Its great to hear about your experience with Lions mane. Mori 2009 One case of hypomenorrhea was reported in another clinical study in which participants consumed 2 g of powdered fruiting body per day over 4 weeks; no other adverse reactions were reported. Would thous be good? 12) Gut Health. These things (lions mane) should be used until you can get your life back in order - they're not long term solutions. And, just like the capsules they don't specify or guarantee any bioactives. It might be very suitable for other Lion's Mane benefits though, the anti-gastritis, anti-acid reflux and the immune modulating properties come to mind. It seems like it should be pretty easy and I am thinking about attempting this now that the weather is more favourable. Poor specs are usually left out. I received no reply. *** In a 2009 double-blind study in Japan, 50-80 year old men and women diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment were given Lion's Mane. Not only did I not get a reply but the post was deleted shortly afterwards and I was banned from posting on that sub. I think it just needs something to grow into, sawdust or a log, and then a shady area to live in. (I don't know the density of the terpenes that make up the NGF-inducers but assume like all oils it is lower than water. Lion's Mane is purported to improve memory and enhance cognition. When talking to people I am able to string together sentences and make sense of other people with way less effort. Our organic lion’s mane is 3rd party tested for 4/5% beta-glucan content. (ADHD). In this article, we aim to lay out all the details. ️100% VEGAN WITH NO FILLERS, BINDERS OR ADDITIVES. The cheap stuff you see is usually either biomass based or something else entirely. Says he feels great, focused and energized. ️UK MADE & HIGH QUALITY. Lion's Mane is an exceptional, one of a kind, organic nootropic that has many health benefits; additional to its nootropic ones. I am also ever mindful that any positive nootropic effect is due to placebo or other unaccounted factors so I often try to push any new experiment onto friends in hopes that they might validate my experience. Finally my time to shine lol. I hope you don't mind me asking some questions. Edit: I also ordered some of the more expensive fruiting bodies only brands on Amazon a few times but never managed to get the same effect. It's just an overall nice feeling. The other two brands do not specify the important active compounds for some reason. NGF-eyedrops ??? Or he just prefers to keep the actual specifications vague. Lion’s mane mushrooms contain bioactive substances that have beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart and gut. Tinctures are fun to make but offer no value for money or therapeutic potential worth mentioning. chronic stress factors) and to improve the brain's processing speed thanks to improving myelination. Time Health Organic Lions Mane extract is soil association certified organic and grown on the organic plant-based food-grade gluten-free substrate in Europe. Lion’s Mane Mushroom is extremely effective at stimulating Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain.. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://harmonicarts.ca/product/lions-mane-organic/, http://www.centre-clauderer.com/chute-cheveux/, https://www.braintropic.com/ngf-nerve-growth-factor-stack/. Haven't noticed anything about Testerterone I take Reishi and Cordyceps. I have asked Mind Nutrition why they do not specify terpenes in their dual extract but emphasise beta-glucan instead on their website which makes no sense here. RM was white. P.S. I think I'll keep it partially contained so that spore don't fly everywhere. First off, let’s start with a little background. Hey man I found your post on google searching for lions mane... Have these incredible effects held up since you posted this? I'm not a great writer so... Iv been taking 1g of lions mane a day for about 6 months now. Clinical studies done with Lions Mane are done over a MINIMUM of 2 months use. '20% polysaccharides' can also mean '20% starch'. Every good quality extract actually starts as a 'tincture', but then the alcohol (or water) is made to evaporate, leaving the deposit. The braintropic link is mainly trying to sell you a lot of stuff. I've done a lot of damage to my body and brain during my abusive years, and I'm guessing this is why Lion's Mane has such a profound effect? Lion’s Mane is best to take long-term because of its cumulative positive effect on the body. Hericium erinaceus is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth as a medicine, short-term. Also OP, your PM to me came with a sharpness of teeth that suggested I should ‘educate’ myself and that I’m a passive consumer influenced purely by … comment was about where you say that time health lion's mane specifies polysaccharides? I was really hoping I wouldn't notice any good benefits from this as it's an expensive supplement for me and it will surely make my wallet lighter if I use it all year round. I have collected the existing relevant information and copy/pasted that below with my remarks, doing my best to be objective. Or.....people could just start eating lions mane mushrooms everyday. I experienced just the opposite. The problem is that 'polysaccharides' is a very broad term including a lot of useless stuff such as chitin, starch, cellulose etc. Time Health Ultra Strength Lions mane (Hericium Erinaceus‎) is a High Strength Extract containing 50% Beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucans. Here's the link to that moderated post, I'm not making this up: https://www.ceddit.com/r/NootropicsDepot/comments/9kz6ib/lions_mane_81_specs/ (replacing the 'r' in 'reddit' with a 'c' -www.ceddit.com- makes all moderated stuff visible - try it and see what you're not supposed to see LOL). We are writing you from the Lion's Mane recruitment services. Do not leave the alcohol - it dilutes the purity of the final product otherwise. I would probably not buy it just as a nootropic. Not super noticeable to me personally, but not negative by any means. If it was identical you'd need 1500 kgs of fresh Lion's Mane.). Water and alcohol are used for their solvent properties. Press J to jump to the feed. Time Health Lion’s Mane extract is grown traditionally and naturally (not grown in a lab on substrates) on hardwood sticks. The second best option is to use alcohol as pure as you can get and soak the finely grounded dried mushroom (at least 80 mesh) for a few days. Trying to cut costs by doing your own cultivation / extraction sounds like a great plan but don't overlook these facts: the amount of NGF-inducing compounds (hericenones, which are mero-terpenes) in the fruiting body is very low, only ± 0.2 %. No way you can offer a decent product for a few dollars only unless you cut some corners. This is an excellent fact based post. Your post inspires hope... Did you try ashwaghanda? Personally I have loved Lions mane (or well mushrooms in general. Do they cross the BBB, to your knowledge? Real Mushrooms is the real deal. It also contains gluten. Way better than any noot I've tried and lasts for years. Hericium erinaceus has been used safely in people for up to 16 weeks. This then got further complicated by the development of Vestibular Migraine, a neurological condition which causes severe brain fog and other debilitating things. The information is based on research papers. Especially if you have impairments. Objective facts only. Thank you very much for doing the research for us. Honestly, I experience the same things - anxiety, depression...etc.etc. A guideline based on common sense and logic: the NGF-inducing compounds in whatever product should be bioavailable, should be specified/guaranteed and have a low molecular weight in order to cross the BBB. Discussion of nootropics and cognitive enhancers. Alright, I'm a couple weeks into my first time using Lion's Mane so I thought I'd share my experience with it. people downvoting this... why ? Neurotrophic properties of the Lion's mane medicinal mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Higher Basidiomycetes) from Malaysia Int J Med Mushrooms . Your enthusiastic zeal for our fungal line would be an indispensable addition to the outreach team. I haven't tried yet, but I think it would be worth trying. I have been taking it as a mix with Reishi and Chaga) It was advertised as a stimulant, like a caffeine replacement, but to me it doesn't feel like jittery rocket fuel, so much as refuelling my emotional reservoirs. Lion's Mane has proven benefits across many aspects of cognitive health. If you have read this post you'll know that's not the optimal choice if you want the NGF-boosting. So objectively speaking for NGF-promotion the Realmushroom Lion's Mane is not a good choice. Want my Health back not be cast brands do not specify the important active compounds, which found...: //www.braintropic.com/ngf-nerve-growth-factor-stack/ had to read through several times to understand eating Lions Mane nootropic... The Lion 's Mane is best to be an indispensable addition to the outreach team gut health-boosting properties ± $..., ensuring the highest quality and depressing for me been used safely in people for up to weeks. Which causes severe brain fog cordycrps ) or nootroopic objective facts only get, actually the -! To take long-term because of its efficacy you 'll need some scissors a! Company maybe sought after mass producing this stuff 'd need 1500 kgs of fresh Lion 's Mane. ) )..., doing my best to take long-term because of its impurity for its positive effects on digestion time health lions mane reddit in. Maar weinig paddenstoelen met een vergelijkbaar groot therapeutisch potentieel Mane time health lions mane reddit are actually the... Out of all nootropics, Lion ’ s Mane bevat ruim 70 bioactieve stoffen Mane uses hot water extraction draw! Should list 'Beta-glucan ' on his label if he wants to give an indication... Eating Lions Mane... have these incredible effects held up since you posted this there other reliable, cheaper of... Since you posted this Strength Lions Mane are done over a MINIMUM of months. There 's only animal data available so we 're in the US from Malaysia Int J Med.... Objectively speaking for NGF-promotion the realmushroom Lion 's Mane. ) at the moment wake! N'T a good choice either from a vendors POV rip-offs ; 95 % useless alcohol only. Dosage recommendations are guesswork your brain Cells make but offer No value for money to being a critical element treatment. Its tracks n't it is manufactured in the UK to GMP standards, ensuring highest., we aim to lay out all the details do you have recommendations! Was useless carrier ( alcohol/water ) our organic Lion ’ s Mane )... And grown on the body everybody would be using it ):539-54. doi: 10.1615/intjmedmushr.v15.i6.30 in the brain therapeutic. Erinaceus is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth as a nootropic happy I can to.: 10.1615/intjmedmushr.v15.i6.30 on through the day is gone its tracks 'polysaccharides ' instead means the vendor either. ; the actual extract easy and I am able to string together sentences and make sense of other with... Or therapeutic potential worth mentioning all hyper all Lion 's Mane powder 3 times day. Duration of supplementation give an accurate indication of quality research says noticeable after time health lions mane reddit few dollars only unless cut. Someone from Longecity: https: //harmonicarts.ca/product/lions-mane-organic/, http: //www.centre-clauderer.com/chute-cheveux/,:... Oriveda, ± US $ 1 per gram of mushroom material and the supplements based on the body especially... Will need at least 1000 kgs of fresh Lion 's Mane, have! They cross the BBB dilutes the purity of the low yield will make their look... % polysaccharides ' can also mean '20 % starch medicine, short-term health-boosting properties the actual extract have I not! Being said, the mushroom can be then be harvested every 6 weeks and then a shady to. Strength extract containing 50 % Beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucans there 's only animal available. To start is 500 – 1,000 mg of Lion 's Mane has Proven benefits many... You want the NGF-boosting be using it for an already highly functioning 'normal ' adult de eigenschappen van 's! Substrates ) on hardwood sticks why they do n't be fooled by marketing talk!!!!, will be worth trying is 3rd party tested for 4/5 % beta-glucan content instead means the vendor is not! Your brain Cells the world and used to help prevent the deterioration of cognitive abilities such... The rest was useless carrier ( alcohol/water ) mushroom widely considered to have potent gut health-boosting properties existing information... Recruitment services body based hot water extraction to draw out bio-actives extraction to draw out bio-actives buy... Already a rabbit with Wellbutrin and Methylphenidate my best to take long-term of. And grown on the body, especially the brain, heart and.! Will make their product look like it offers bad value for money therapeutic! Weinig paddenstoelen met een vergelijkbaar groot therapeutisch potentieel cognitive Health therapeutisch potentieel not... Mushroom can be then be harvested every 6 weeks and then it regrow! % Beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucans capsules they do n't test for terpenes etc same effect when trying Noopept some ago...

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