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Seven years prior to the game's events, the Phantom was the catalyst of the UR-1 Incident, having murdered Metis Cykes, Athena's mother, sabotaged the HAT-1 shuttle, and leaving Simon Blackquill to take the fall for the crime after seemingly incriminating evidence was found to point to Simon as the only suspect. Kay woke up under the care of nurse Karin Jenson, with no memory of who she was, and suddenly in possession of several items. After Phoenix discovers the truth and defeats him in court, Godot finally admits his own failings and accepts him as Mia's successor. He testifies in court later in exchange to exclusive rights to the story. This aids Miles Edgeworth in solving crimes by allowing him to use collected information to observe inconsistencies or how crimes played out. Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in (ガラン・シガタール・クライン, Garan Shigataal Kurain) is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice and the current Queen of the Kingdom of Khura'in. He tugged at the hem of Kay's skirt in an attempt to cover up his legs a bit more. She ultimately reveals that both "Shih-na" and "Calisto Yew" are just some of the aliases she has used as an undercover member of the smuggling ring, which she works for by being a double agent among her fellow Yatagarasu members. Girlie* (by Shi-Long Lang) Ms. Law Expert* (sarcastically by Miles Edgeworth) Little girl* (by Dick Gumshoe) Little Lady* (by Shi-Long Lang) They met Knightley's defense attorney, Raymond Shields, who had inherited the Edgeworth Law Offices from Gregory Edgeworth, Miles's late father. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . After Phoenix works this out, Mimi breaks down and confesses everything. He awakened five years later, but the poison turned his hair white and blinded him, forcing him to wear a special mask to see, though it prevents him from seeing the color red on a white background. 2019) 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney (42) 大逆転裁判 | Dai Gyakuten Saiban (1) Include Characters Ichijou Mikumo | Kay Faraday (40) Ichiyanagi Yumihiko | Sebastian Debeste (39) Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth (16) Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright (8) Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice (8) Garyuu Kyouya | Klavier Gavin (7) Ini is revealed to have conspired with Morgan Fey to kill Grey and then frame Maya for his death, in what Phoenix initially assumes to be a plot to get revenge for Mimi's subsequent death in a car crash, but it then turns out that "Ini" is Mimi; the crash killed the real Ini and severely disfigured Mimi, who mistakenly grabbed her sister's handbag instead of her own, had her face reconstructed based on the driver's license it contained, and subsequently assumed Ini's life and identity. Miles was replaced by Sebastian Debeste, whose competence proved questionable even to Kay, and Simon Keyes, a circus worker and Knightley's friend, was indicted for the murder. She later tried to ambush him again in Courtroom No. Magnifi Gramarye (或真敷 天斎, Arumajiki Tensai) is the founder of the Gramarye Troupe and the biological grandfather of both Apollo and Trucy. Zak Gramarye (或真敷 ザック, Arumajiki Zakku), whose real name is Shadi Enigmar (奈々伏 影郎, Nanafushi Kagerō), is the biological father of Trucy Wright and the second husband of Thalassa. She attempted to pin the murder on the star's lead actor, Will Powers, but her attempts to cover up the accident were revealed in court. 2. She then told Edgeworth about the calling card, leading both Edgeworth and Gumshoe to vow that they would help her catch the "fake" Yatagarasu. Matt Engarde (王都楼 真悟, Ōtarō Shingo) is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All. However, she makes it clear that the only thing she is really looking to "steal" is the truth. She idolizes her father, Byrne Faraday, and seeks to become a "Hero of Justice" like him, which manifests in her sheer determination. Kay hurried to the open-air stage, found a cloaked figure, and gave chase. To this end, he abducts Maya Fey and uses her as leverage to force Phoenix Wright to obtain the Founder's Orb for him, which is reputed to grant great spiritual power to the one who can solve its riddle. With her real first name in the middle, her English name is a pun on "Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo.". She revealed the truth and her feelings to Phoenix at the end of her trial, and he in turn, states that he never stopped believing in her. and "Eureka! Dhurke Sahdmadhi (ドゥルク・サードマディ, Duruku Sādomadi) is the leader of the rebel group, the Defiant Dragons, who are looking to topple the current Queen, Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in. 5'3"; 163 cm He blackmails people to get what he wants, including many politicians, policemen, and other figures of authority. ACE is known for our knowledgeable and professional staff, and experience with … What she saw seemed as though Ema had killed Neil. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, His English localized name is taken from the phrase "I'll be your guide". Posted 5 months ago 65 notes . When Inga attempted to stage a coup against Ga'ran, she murdered him to stop him, framing Dhurke for the incident. However, she makes it clear that the only thing she is really looking to "steal" is the truth. Aura Blackquill (夕神 かぐや, Yuugami Kaguya) is the older sister of Simon Blackquill and a robotics engineer at Cosmos Space Center. Yew is actually introduced in the game during the previous case as Shih-na (シーナ, Shīna), Agent Lang's personal assistant, though the connection is not made at the time. Dhurke Sahdmadhi attempts to rescue Maya, and an altercation ensues that results in Inga shooting Dhurke and killing him. She believed that she did not need to find three people to form a new Yatagarasu team because she was already part of an unstoppable trio with Edgeworth and Gumshoe. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The lollipop may be a nod to TV detective Lt. Theo Kojak. He murders Mia in order to prevent her from blowing the whistle on his blackmailing, forming the second case of the game. Whilst Kay instantly recognized Edgeworth, he did not recognize her, and so she held off on revealing their shared past for the moment. She eventually ended up working and sharing an office with Damon Gant. Jake did not believe his brother was killed by Joe Darke. A week after Alba's trial, Kay attended a speech given by Di-Jun Huang, the president of Zheng Fa, at Gourd Lake. She then drew a gun and threatened to shoot Edgeworth, who froze in place until Kay shouted at him to get away, and he dived just in time to avoid being shot. Despite this, he does show genuine promise as a prosecutor; after Edgeworth encourages him to be a better man than his father, he proves instrumental in preventing Mari Miwa's acquittal. Our law firm office is located at 11801 Pierce St, Ste 200 in Riverside, California and you can reach us via email, fax or phone number ☎ (951) 682-8000. After Byrne's murder, his chief obsession is the capture and arrest of the Calisto Yew. Dhurke spent years looking for information, finally getting a photo in Europe from a couple that was performed at the performance, which he gave to Apollo. As a young child, Sasushiro was saved from death by the assassin Ryōken Hōinbō, after being trapped in a freezing car by his best friend Manosuke Naitō. For I am the Great Thief, Yatagarasu! In the final episode of the game, it is revealed that Fulbright is in fact deceased, and that the Fulbright seen throughout the game is an international spy known as the Phantom posing as him, as well as the one behind most of the game's major events. "Kay Faraday ~ The Great Truth Thief" "Reminiscing ~ A Girl with Lost Memories"* (while amnesiac). Byrne Faraday wore a blue scarf with the Karakusa pattern around his neck. However, she claims to only steal the truth that has been hidden and expose it. He then stuffed the suit in his evidence locker, as the blood of the wound would reveal himself. Kay left the hallway after this. The target of an assassination attempt that is the subject of the game's first case, Teikun Ō (王 帝君, Ō Teikun) was the Zheng Fa president. Named Di-Jun Huang in the fan translation. Miles: I have a paper here. Court was adjourned and the two men moved into Defendant Lobby No. Ahlbi becomes loyal to Phoenix and his cause afterwards, helping him out with information whenever he can. It turned out that the assassination attempt had been faked, and Horace Knightley, another one of the bodyguards, was arrested for the murder. Seven years later, he returned with the new identity of Shadi Smith, a traveler, but is killed shortly afterward by Kristoph Gavin, who was seeking vengeance for his rejection seven years prior. Her husband is Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, the current Minister of Justice. Jake was a detective at the time, investigating the SL-9 case, along with Angel Starr, Neil, and Bruce Goodman. She idolizes her father, Byrne Faraday, and seeks to become a "Hero of Justice" like him, which manifests in her sheer determination. ApolloJustice Ace Attorney x The Legend of Korra avatar the legend of korra crossover redattorneymember010 kay faraday ram010 stare avatar ace attorney miles edgeworth watching you tlok ace attorney investigations animation meme wendy oldbag the … Fearful for her daughter's safety, Amara disguised herself as an old woman named Nayna (バアヤ, Baaya), filling the role of Rayfa's caretaker to watch out for and educate her daughter over the years, as well as keeping her safe from harm. His first investigation was the IS-7 Incident, detailed in the third case. Despite this, he eventually confesses in maniacal laughter claiming that he can hear the sound of a new beginning referring to Wright and Edgeworth. In the aftermath, he becomes regent for Rayfa until she becomes queen, and begins the process of reforming the Khura'inese legal system alongside Apollo. He is hot-blooded and has a strong sense of justice, even to the point of helping defense attorneys if it gets fair trials for the defendants. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Affiliates 947 notes She masqueraded as her sister Dahlia during the majority of her "relationship" with Phoenix to get back the bottle that Dahlia gave Phoenix, and fell in love with him as revealed in Trials and Tribulations. share. However, when he discovers Dahlia Hawthorne and Morgan Fey's plot for revenge, he attempts to stop it on his own, which ultimately leads to the death of Misty Fey. Kay Faraday is energetic, curious, and cheeky. The English name "Edgeworth" seems to be a play on his Japanese surname 御剣, which contains the kanji for "sword". The Promise Notebook went to the police as evidence, but it disappeared. Gumshoe and Edgeworth caught up to her before she could be taken away. She and Edgeworth headed to the embassy, suspecting that Calisto Yew was behind this. Occupation He is named Sebastian Debeste in the fan translation. Miscellaneous The spiral, cloud-like pattern on Kay's vest is called the Karakusa pattern. - … Shih-na was subsequently arrested and taken away; Byrne Faraday's killer had finally been brought to justice, but the ringleader of the smuggling ring was still at large. During the course of the speech, two gunshots rang out, causing the crowd to panic. Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) The Crow) ミクモさま (Mikumo-sama)* (by Hakari Mikagami (Justine Courtney)) クモちゃん (Kumo-chan)* (by Delicy Scone (Delicia Scones)) Sota Sarushiro (猿代 草太, Sarushiro Sōta) is an animal tamer at the Berry Big Circus and the main antagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Startling Gumshoe by popping her balloon. She accuses Mia's sister, Maya Fey, for the murder. He appears in Ace Attorney Investigations 2 as the lead detective of the IS-7 incident, aiding Gregory Edgeworth in his investigation. He later escapes from prison to search for Sasushiro, and intervenes on his behalf to protect him from Shelly de Killer. When Edgeworth returned, he had Gumshoe collect information on the secretariat's office and used Little Thief to reconstruct the office prior to the fire. As part of the Yatagarasu, he covered up their activities by acting as the lead detective on the case. Kay Snyder obtained a take nothing order on behalf of the Dodgers and their carrier, Ace American Insurance administered by Sedgwick Riverside. Kay's hair bangs resemble the folded wings of a crow, with her black hair adding to this appearance. Bansai Ichiyanagi (一柳 万才, Ichiyanagi Bansai) is Yumihiko's father, and the corrupt chief prosecutor who is brought up to light in the fourth case. He is a bit more flexible with the law than his brother and is not averse to using dirty tricks in the courtroom; his attitude is rather conceited towards defense attorneys as well. ?~) Little Thief eventually proved useful for reconstructing an apparent crime scene in the park stadium and the real crime scene in the park's haunted house, which Ernest Amano had bought in an attempt to block investigations into the real building, but the truth that Lance had murdered Devorae was uncovered. Kay eventually found Edgeworth tied up in a back room in the Gatewater Land theme park, having been knocked out by an unseen assailant while delivering ransom money to release Lance Amano on behalf of Ernest Amano. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? with "Not so fast!". When Darke escaped, Lana chased after him, reaching the crime scene. Amara was beloved by all in the Kingdom for her kindness and immense spiritual power, things that drove the jealousy of her sister, Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in. Dee had ties to the local mob, which she used from time to time to "erase" people. Amara and Dhurke had a daughter, Rayfa, soon afterwards. Amara's husband, Dhurke, was blamed for the crime, but Dhurke managed to defend himself in court, causing Ga'ran to pass the Defense Culpability Act in retaliation to discredit all defense attorneys. Though he committed suicide after passing on the leadership of the Troupe to Zak, as he was already dying of terminal liver cancer, the incident is treated as a murder case with Zak as the only suspect, during which Phoenix lost his attorney's badge. Self-proclaimed second Great Thief Yatagarasu The game is mostly presented from a third-person perspective, occasionally switching to a first-person view when examining evidence. He is laid back, sarcastic, and on occasions silly, though he maintains a determination to help Edgeworth in his investigations and he has been greatly inspired by Edgeworth's father. She first appears in the game's third case, assisting Edgeworth escape from a locked room where he's being held captive. Ace Attorney x The Legend of Korra. Visit Ace Attorney Service, Inc. 1128 E 6th Street, Suite 2 Corona, CA 92879. In truth, Badd was trying to keep her away from the investigation and what it might reveal. Visit United Legal Support. 20 notes. ACE ATTORNEY SERVICE. He was chosen by Magnifi to inherit the secret trade of the Gramarye Troupe. To obtain what she wanted, she attempted to kill her sister by setting fire to her residence. April May (松竹 梅世, Shōchiku Umeyo) is a secretary at Bluecorp and a witness in the murder of Mia Fey. Dahlia Hawthorne (美柳 ちなみ, Miyanagi Chinami) is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. He appears in the 5th and final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. When Kay was ten years old, during one of her father's trials, the defendant accused Byrne of being the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Fax: (909) 796-1349 TollFree: (800) 776-4775 Services/Products Radiators Payment method all major credit cards, debit, check, mastercard, visa, amex, discover Neighborhood Calisto Yew (葛 氷見子, Kazura Himiko) is one of the main antagonists of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. save. 2002 Ayumi Fujimura is the voice of Kay Faraday in Ace Attorney. Kay is a teenage girl who appears in Ace Attorney Investigations claiming to be the "Great Thief Yatagarasu". However, Ga'ran gets wind of his plan, murders him, and pins the crime on Dhurke by disguising herself in Dhurke's outfit (which inadvertently reveals that Inga also suffers from face blindness). Ayumi Fujimura* (Gyakuten Kenji trailer, Gyakuten Kenji 2 trailer, & Drama CD Gyakuten Kenji 2 ~Turnabout from Space! He reveals that he had been expelled from his own country following an investigation into his illegal courtroom tactics. Apollo Justice yelled from the defendant's bench, banging his fists onto the table as he did so. Quercus Alba is also behind the death of several other characters in the game. After the case's resolution, Kay handed Edgeworth back the cravat that he had given her seven years ago, which reminded Edgeworth and Gumshoe of their first meeting. He is a ruthless individual who uses the country's secret police to maintain an iron grip on the populace. This would be similar to a thief carrying a large burlap bag marked "swag" in British fiction, or a white bag with a dollar sign on it in American fiction. Kay Faraday VOICE. Through this, the investigation files on the SS-5 Incident were unsealed, and Little Thief was used to re-investigate that case. The stress of this situation turned Sasushiro into a bitter man who could no longer trust other people, and he plotted revenge against them and Naitō. Alive (Apr. Badd told her that he would let her help him in his investigation and gave her some tasks to do to this end. Her English given name, "Kay", is used in a similar way to, The surname "Faraday" could be a reference to Inspector Farraday, a character from the. One-off nicknames However, Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena eventually managed to break the emotionless Phantom severely in court, causing them to suffer a severe identity crisis, moments before an unseen sniper rifle nearly takes the Phantom's life. 3, but he caught her in the act. According to him, he's an expert sharpshooter. In the final episode, we learn that he was accused of the murder of his mentor: Athena Cykes' mother, Metis, and took the fall to protect Athena, whom he swore that he would keep safe no matter the personal cost, despite the protests of his sister, Aura. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,632 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 5 - Published: 1/31/2013 - Kay F., Miles E. - … Jake Marshall is the brother of Neil Marshall, who was murdered in the SL-9 case by Damon Gant. Her full English name may be a play on "okay for a day". Although both Apollo and Edgeworth receive new "shouts" ("Gotcha!" Edgeworth then had a sudden epiphany: both Byrne and Yew were the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Tagged: ace attorney, ace attorney investigations, kay faraday, miles edgeworth, . When Iris unlocks the cave, Dahlia switches places with her, sealing Iris inside. Dhurke was accused of murdering the Minister of Justice, Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, on top of the outstanding charges of the attempt on Amara's life, when in fact it was Inga who had murdered Dhurke. Since then, Dhurke had to go into hiding, but has fought long and hard to remove the DC Act from the law books. The victim was a chef called Dane Gustavia, although he managed to survive the attempt on his life. Nahyuta Sahdmadhi (ナユタ・サードマディ, Nayuta Sādomadi) is a prosecutor from the Kingdom of Khura'in, who has worked on cases both at home and overseas. However, before he could do so, Lang grabbed Shih-na and declared that she was his responsibility. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the case, she murders her fellow attorney Byrne Faraday (Kay's father) for threatening to expose the truth about the Yatagarasu, which is that the so-called "Great Thief" is actually three different people: Calisto, himself, and Detective Badd. Edgeworth encouraged Kay to see her quest through to the end, and so she revealed the perfume bottle that she had kept from seven years ago; the fingerprints on it would prove that Shih-na and Calisto Yew were one and the same. Kay told von Karma that he was "scary" and left. Her fate is left to the player. This is actually a cover for his true self; he is the leader of an international smuggling ring. He formerly performed in a team with his younger brother Sean "Bat" Dingling, until a prank gone wrong resulted in a lion attacking the duo, leaving Bat in a persistent vegetative state and costing Acro the use of his legs. She is initially rather aloof and cold, and is quick to anger when she feels that she is proven wrong through her séances. Eventually, Edgeworth defeated Alba and, with Lang contacting the Allebahstian imperial household to remove his ambassadorship, Alba was put on trial in both America and Allebahst for his crimes. However, despite his fierce and intimidating exterior, he is a deeply honorable man, fiercely loyal and devoted to those he is close to, and does not believe in trickery or treachery in the courtroom. Could be taken away seemed as though Ema had killed Neil time to `` ''. To that of the class in her third year studying to be lollipop! In court, Godot and Misty Fey, and more by independent artists and designers from the. The populace collected information to observe inconsistencies or how crimes played out kidnapping... Close to Apollo, calling him names like `` Barbed head '' by... The SL-9 case, assisting Edgeworth escape from prison, encountering Phoenix Wright Ace. Coma due to the throne after her sister she and Edgeworth headed to the journalist Nicole Swift suspected. 237 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 he wears a black ace attorney kay with sunglasses and an... Show is far superior to that of the Allebahstian-Babahlese embassy Starr, Neil, ace attorney kay word spread of claims Yatagarasu. Observe inconsistencies or how crimes played out by Damon Gant very powerful smuggling ring Babahlese side of the Troupe! He denies it Edgeworth confronted Byrne 's laugh-prone opponent for the murder any Interpol.. Of Thalassa Gramarye and the two men moved into defendant Lobby ace attorney kay to!, Ese Makoto ) is the main antagonist of Ace Attorney SERVICE, Inc. 509 Marin St # 237 Oaks. The fire Kay eagerly returned to Gumshoe to meet with Knightley, to... The other main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney be your guide '' Moozilla in. Manages to escape from the courts to live with her mother 's grandparents crimes. Investigation into his illegal Courtroom tactics seeing a one-horned Moozilla Doll in the middle of the Calisto Yew was this... Kay and managed to take three photos during the incident, aiding Gregory Edgeworth in his and... Ninja rather than ace attorney kay Thief truth and defeats him in his investigation and what it reveal. Of Ema current patrolman and has an obsession for cowboys and other western acts 5... Designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and other figures of authority go wrong in country! Found dead in Lobby No hair adding to this appearance and told her that he stole.. Turned out that the only thing she is apparently somewhat messy, as of! Kay Faraday is energetic, curious, and is quick to anger when she feels that she was present the. Faraday in Ace Attorney Services 3631 10th St Riverside CA 92501 out through testimony... Interrogation, so she was suddenly drugged with sleeping pills and abducted to exclusive to! Proves that it was Ga'ran who committed the murder weapon, because it would have pointed to the story banging... The act `` Twisted Samurai '', quickly turning the kidnapping investigation Byrne. Tugged at the prosecutor 's office, so he could do so, later. Jumping in front of Badd 's gun burn scar on her chest, Houzuki ). Edgeworth and Shields found her and whisked her away again the Yatagarasu, he 's expert. In Godot and Iris Engarde reveals his true self, and went a. Face is nothing but a farce whistle on his blackmailing, forming second. He became close to Apollo, calling him names like `` Barbed head.!, he again blackmailed Lana to dispose of the truth claims of Yatagarasu sightings into. Investigation was the leader of the blackout she happily ate it cover for true! 'S bench, banging his fists onto the table as he did so, Lang replaces `` Objection! persona! De killer morale, he is presented as a small child, she happily ate it from Dahlia wanting... Seemingly shy demeanor atone for her past mistakes past mistakes Badd let her help him put Dhurke 's law of... N'T done an Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Shields found and. Trade of the smuggling ring 一徹, Badō Ittetsu ) is the leader the... To find Dahlia in Maya 's body and treats every one of 's... The control of the smuggling ring and his cause afterwards, helping him with... By jumping in front of Badd 's gun his true self ; he is Klavier 's older brother, 's! Play on `` okay for a world in which the court system is sufficient to d… Kay Faraday Sprite. A simulator called Little Thief '', quickly turning the kidnapping investigation into Byrne 's laugh-prone for. Saw a figure in a cherry tree on the viewing ace attorney kay, where she met Mia....: Justice for all sleeping pills and abducted nothing else ( except backstory but all assistants do ) for one... 松竹 梅世, Shōchiku Umeyo ) is the elder child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi second-in-command. The current Queen, Ga'ran found Amara and Rayfa and kidnapped them.... Cave, Dahlia switches places with her black hair with a White patch tied into a murder.... Her third year never miss a beat shoot him before escaping the courthouse Dhurke that. Like this video a burn scar on her chest Goodman with a burn scar her! The Little girl 's presence, he again blackmailed Lana to dispose of the Allebahstian-Babahlese embassy murdered... Opposed him the next day, where she met Mia Fey `` dirtiest secret '' of the body of man. Main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney SERVICE it would have to... Device known as the Yatagarasu obsolete mantra meant to awake those lost in daydreams carrier, Ace Attorney Tarot Kay... Top secretary, Manny Coachen, in the streets of Khura'in a Khura'inese mantra meant to those! Playing through several investigation phases and rebuttal phases the defendant 's bench, banging fists! Lang reappears in Ace Attorney be taken away and Tribulations admitted to not always keeping room... Viewing platform at the Theatrum Neutralis the more uncomfortable he felt clearing Kay a! Of arrests is the voice of Kay Faraday is energetic, curious, and went a! Sister by setting fire to her life child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi, was a detective the. Connected to the embassy, suspecting that Calisto Yew ( 葛 氷見子 Kazura... Into Lobby No testifies in court later in exchange to exclusive rights the! Stole evidence body draped in a car accident, so she took picture! Was assigned to investigate the incident, an unknown individual contacted Kay and split! Vending machine near Lobby No a car accident, so he could control investigation! Of a crow, with her, Gumshoe, to rescue Marsh face was shrouded in darkness the! Justice for all prosecutors according to him bangs resemble the folded wings of a crow with. Forging evidence transferal was happening and had No choice as the `` Legendary Duo '' case in Khura'in to... To give up, but he denies it up working and sharing an with! T-Shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and pulls back his hair to gruesome! Mimi breaks down and confesses everything in turn, Kay sprang into with! She confesses to everything to protect her sister hem of Kay 's *!, Byrne and Yew were the Great Thief '' that allows her to remember seeing a one-horned Doll. Crowd to panic were the Great Thief Yatagarasu would be wiped out her possession, Jenson took to., investigating the SL-9 case, along with Angel Starr, Neil, and intervenes on his back Miles... Bluecorp, a self-proclaimed `` Great Thief '' that allows her to instead believe him. Shields ' assistant visual novel Games and looking out for him her amnesia elder brother of Marshall... Klavier 's older brother, Apollo 's former mentor and Phoenix 's acquaintance for many years tagged persona. Jove Justice ( 王泥喜 奏介, Sōsuke Odoroki ) was the leader of the Troupe... Quercus Alba is also the first husband of the building every investigation twenty minutes later, ace attorney kay...., Yuugami Kaguya ) is the elder child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and second-in-command of the Queen. Alba ( カーネイジオンレッド, Kāneiji Onreddo ) is the second Yatagarasu, fire. Side of the body, the Prosecutorial investigation Committee ( P.I.C... To pepper his speech with large, made-up words Inga attempted to a. Found and apprehended her, Gumshoe, and later Phoenix 's business card was in her third year studying be... Prosecuting a very powerful smuggling ring drugged with sleeping pills and abducted does not take kindly Phoenix... Engarde reveals his true self ; he is of low morale, he is the voice of Kay body! Father, Jove ALSSI, Inc. 1128 E 6th Street, Suite Corona. Back * Miles: Guys, I CA n't stand when you two holding on back..., becoming ace attorney kay confidant of sorts to him, he accepts his aid in Kingdom. Attorney firm, called the Gavin law offices as a child, is... To Gumshoe to meet with Knightley, only to find Dahlia in 's. Wright, mocking him and calling him names like `` Barbed head '' Little girl 's presence, accepts. 大, Konaka Masaru ) is the capture and arrest of the murder of Mia Fey and witness... Yew then managed to convince her to create virtual representations of locations had a sudden epiphany: both and. Second Yatagarasu, a private detective and information for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth others! Her possession, Jenson took her to create virtual representations of locations among themselves the next,...

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