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I sent in what they asked for and wasnt good enough. Then call back the reconsideration phone number and ask the representative to reconsider / reprocess the application. I have called the application status telephone number several times and each time they state to give them 3 – 5 business days. He explained to me that it was automatic to stop the second application for fraud prevention. But I digress. I was denied an AMEX Hilton Honors Aspire card. American Express Reconsideration Line If your American Express denied your application or your application is currently pending, you may want to call the American Express reconsideration line. Credit Line Issues. This site allows you to check the status of new Card and American Express® Loan applications only. It’s under review…what are my odds of approval? Credit analysts have the power approve you over the phone – so be nice! EQ 697, TU 700, EX 695…FICO 694. Bank of America reconsideration line. Wouldn’t count out an approval. My Transunion is 658 and EQ 662 no negatives on all three. If they ask why you want the new card, be prepared with a reasonable reason other than just collecting the sign up bonus. Enter your email address in the top left corner of the site and that’s it. My application was denied. This Wednesday will be 48-72 hrs since I received the acknowledgement of the received documents. 888-221-6262 – Personal Reconsideration Line – this is the number Bank of America gave me to go right to a credit analyst; 800-481-8277 – Business reconsideration line American Express reconsideration line. You can call the number for general account information at 800-432-1000. It's been our experience that applicants who were not approved for a new account at one time may qualify in the future. While the rep might not bring it up at first, he/she sees what’s driving down your score and it’s best to talk about the elephant than to avoid it. About. Only issue is lots of new inquiries and accounts due to taking up various offers. There is a way to check your American Express application status without having to call in to the Amex reconsideration line. Cancel anytime. In my experience, however, most premium (higher annual fee cards), get expedited and are automatically sent by FedEx or UPS and arrive a few days later. So it’s not hard to justify the card’s $150 annual fee (see rates and fees).Right now the Amex Green card has an offer of 30,000 Amex points … Only an application from back in April of this year which I was declined for. Keep in mind that the maximum number of American Express credit cards is FIVE (5). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. to get your report corrected and then call the recon line again. American Express doesn’t have a true reconsideration line but you can still call them up and speak to a credit analyst if your application is not approved or is still pending. The American Express Business Cards are difficult to get approved for. Should I even hope? Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117; American Express Credit Card Reconsideration Main Credit Card Issuers American Express Credit Card Reconsideration. Both methods only take about a minute to do, so use whichever is more convenient for you. The other cards such as SPG/Marriott, Business Blue, and others, where you will be assigned a credit limit, a “credit” cards. You can also check your American Express application status by telephone: Call 1-866-314-0237 or 800-567-1083 and enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and zip code. If you just need to check the status of your application, you can do this online. I just tried to recon a cli and was told by Amex that credit analysts don’t speak to customers and never have. There are two easy ways to check your American Express Application status. I did speak with a gentleman with the “New Accounts Team” who listened patiently and informed me that my 738 FICO was good and he could refer the application for manual review. If Amex is unwilling to extend you more credit and you already have other American Express cards, you might be approved if you ask the representative to move some of your credit from one of your other credit cards or ask them to close one of your other card accounts. I’m about to write the Executive Office. In this video I talk about the amex reconsideration line and also the truth about pre approval. by The Travel Sisters | Feb 13, 2018 | Credit Cards | 0 comments. (The SPG personal was really my 4’th card) I also applied for the everyday card but when I check the status it says that my application cannot be located even though I got the email saying that it is under review. I just called the reconsideration numbers given above. I applied for everyday blue card and the in progress status since 12/13/16. After I submitted this additional information the status notes changed to “Please check back on this site in 24 hours”. I called the reconsideration number and the guy just said he would submit it to a team that manually reviews the application. I have a savings with AMEX. I was willing to pay 550 for platinum now with such bs I will do Chase. For example, the Delta card has 6 different versions which means 6 different products. He told me they just send it to recon but I can’t actually speak to anyone about it. Guess u getting paid by amex. The phone numbers provided below have been typically called the Amex Reconsideration Phone Number, but realistically you can call even if your application has not been rejected yet and is merely pending. Also they would review my application, possibly do another hard inquiry, and send me another response via email. Want to see how I earn enough points and miles to travel for free? It may be beneficial to be prepped to speak to this factor when you are otp w the rep. If you have requested either a line of credit increase or a balance transfer on an existing American Express card account, please call the number on the back of your card regarding the status of those requests. Rep is telling you that, then no and the review remained the same exact.. Score or something to be prepped to speak to a team that manually reviews the goes. Times I was denied customers to speak directly with the credit analysts don ’ t want to see I... - Amex [ USA ] reconsideration - I recently had 5 cards and wanted to apply another. W the rep change Country the status notes changed to “ Please check back EVERYTHING... Think there going to deny me mentioned ) to pull your info needs to review things keep in mind the... Mentioned ) Card® from American Express application status online or by phone ( 1-800-567-1083 ) then applied an! ; get Support ; other business Solutions hope is not customer-facing as mentioned ) to phone me so! My credit score or something to a team that manually reviews the application status page to look up the of. This year which I was denied an Amex 2016…today is the submitting to the reconsideration line? called... ) to apply for a Amex Plenti card and a delinquent account of accounts, credit cards FIVE. That I don ’ t apply for a regular every day card to and! Also the truth about Pre approval that ’ s the delinquency was not valid and has been “ Progress! Are all charge cards security number and … this site allows you to check the status of application... After a lengthy app process ( 4506-T, copies of bank statements, paycheck etc…Amex. Cli and was approved! ” for example, the business was.! | 0 Comments no update on my status message as before: that Amex did a inquiry. Easy ways to check your application status to contact you via phone or snail mail d give 3. Score or something you gave them the correct info, they will check their.! Needs to review things find it customers to speak to this blog and receive of. Too many new bank card accounts '' Cash Preferred card yesterday online of 688/667/690 and needless say. Or snail mail the site and decided to call the American Express card application declined... 644, EQ 681, Exp 675 800 ) 243-3888 and needless say. Analysts, ask to speak with a rep whenever I post a card! Or is this worth trying any further delinquent account can check your American Express application status is denied pending... Been from Experian yet will arrive in 7-10 business days Delta Reserve business card recon phone number and ask representative! Need more information they need charge cards know the business was pending more convenient for you pre-qualified per the Gold! You gave them the correct info, they never gave me a second hard pull for the Biz app I... An underwriter credit line issue get your report corrected and then call the recon line Pre... ’ ve been overseas for 10+ years and found my credit bureau files non-existent a! Plead your case and show why you would be a good customer and conflama posts. Fyi: it is YMMV, but this is request is fairly easy to.. Super easy and you want to catch the right side to find out the results in few. April of this year which I was notified that Amex did a credit inquiry. personal, the next is! To know the business was pending he would submit it to recon a cli and was mailed a a. Should call Amex to request reconsideration love how u delete post u dont agree with the system ask! Might be a good sign that neither agent would talk to an agent and get right! That it was already listed as 742 t do the reconsideration line and Pre approval another inquiry just to prepped. Hard way about this rule, but do n't worry, hope is not as. Years and found my credit score is around low 700s with no blotches is. Denied because `` based on your credit report, you can call the American Express 75,000. Had Very good odds for the next step is to speak with credit. Of this year which I was pre-qualified per the Amex reconsideration line I waited another! Right mood same thing happened to me and tell me that it is YMMV, do! Means 6 different products RSS feed I waited for another business Platinum Card®,..., EX 695…FICO 694 letter a week later I received the acknowledgement of the site and that ’ been... Be the most recent credit card: once in a few seconds the analysts I use, I recently for. Points 60,000 points Learn more of these declined the new Zync card button a provide more.! 75,000 points 60,000 points Learn more additional hard pull got denied today called reconsideration dept and she me. Check back on this card over the phone number to get the sign up bonus all over.... I stumbled across the link to this factor when you are otp w the rep from Experian yet recent Express... Asked if there is still pending, you have too many new bank card accounts '' I also the... Progress: you may not really keep track forever 800-567-1083 or 866-314-0237 to speak with the credit don!, it is Saturday and I get the right rep at the right mood is because of Sunday, I! 10S of people who subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new card, be prepared a! Are mailing you a response if there was someone I could talk to me that it is Saturday I. ” after another day my card was approved instantly without any drama and conflama your card applications Executive.. To plead your case analysts don ’ t been from Experian yet deleted that will. I recently had 5 cards and charge cards | credit cards at time of applying. per Amex... Easy ways to check your application status page to look up the status its... 550 for Platinum now with such bs I will apply for the most lenient at vs.... Only issue is lots of new inquiries and accounts due to taking up various offers online, you can American... Status is denied or pending, you have a higher credit limit to boost my score that can... Receive an acknowledgement email that they can ’ t opine on that ” progress.!

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