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Another American Seafoods vessel docked in Bellingham at the time, the Northern Jaeger, also had 21 crew members test positive, the health department reported. They include Seattle-based Trident Seafoods, which operates vessels and a network of Alaska processing plants. Another American Seafoods vessel’s crew expresses worry about COVID. American Seafoods is based in Seattle and has a fleet of six vessels. Three of its six-vessel fleet have now had positive cases of COVID-19, including 92 people on the American Dynasty, four on the American Triumph, and 21 on the Northern Jaeger. ©2020 The Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Wash.) Visit The Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Wash.) at Seattle-based American Seafoods, after most of the 126-person crew aboard its American Dynasty tested positive for COVID-19, has decided to screen the crews of two additional vessels.. American Seafoods staffed the ship with an additional paramedic to assist crew members during the sailing, while the vessel plans to hug the coast … American Seafoods is based in Seattle and runs six vessels that fish for pollock, hake, and sole in both the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. American Seafoods employs about 1,000, according to its website, and is based on First Avenue near Pike Place Market. American Seafoods Company is one of the largest seafood companies in North America and one of the largest harvesters of fish in the world. When in Seattle, the vessels dock at Terminal 91 near Magnolia. American Seafoods has been buffeted in the past two weeks by test results from crews of three other vessels unloading frozen fish in Bellingham, Washington. Eighty-six crew members in one of American Seafoods' fish processing vessels have tested positive for COVID-19, the fishing company said on Sunday. By Undercurrent News June 12, 2020 17:44 BST . The coronavirus pandemic has hit the US pollock fleet harder than any other sector of the seafood industry, thanks to an outbreak on three major factory trawlers owned by American Seafoods.American Seafoods' outbreak also caused a Trident processing plant in Bellingham, Washington, where the vessels were offloading Pacific Hake, to shut down for a day as a …

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