hand pour soft plastic molds

Silicone hand pour lure molds are the most economical and easiest to use of the soft plastic lure making molds. Body is .250" wide and .312" tall. } } Soft Plastic Molds : Paddle Tail Grub : Paddle Tail Shad : Triple Twist Grub : Triple Twist Shad: Miscellaneous Molds : Keel : Mushroom : Pyramid : Sling Shot Balls Jig, Sinker and Soft Plastic hand pour molds Some IE browers may or may not display pictures Items on Ebay currently General Job Sop Machining services . "My partner and I were on Fayette County Lake in central Texas. FREE Shipping by Amazon. (function() { $28.00. We encourage you to direct any questions you may have, by email to [email protected] due to the high volume of phone traffic. Silicone molds are a soft pliable material and are open pour molds. } Model: Handing Pour Mold V257 7 inch / 175 mm. } function setColor(name, value) { We have RTV silicone molds we’ve used hundreds of times with little to … Handing Pour Mold V257 7 inch / 175 mm. 5. d = document.getElementById(name); Every Craw mold is precision CNC machined one at a time. if(document.all) { command = 'animateloop(\'' + name + '\', ' + length + ', 0, 1, \'' + col + '\')'; //--> Quick View. Do-It Essential 5" Swimbait mold. Made by Enforcer Bait Molds. Click below to choose from the many different types of bait molds available, from Senko Worms to Swimbaits and Beavers to Craws you can pour your own … Regular price $240 00 $240.00. Add to Cart Compare. function MM_findObj(n, d) { //v4.01 First; Previous ; HOT MILL GLOVES. But we have spared no expenses and have cut any corners in making these molds. RTV molds are the best value in open-pour worm molds. Molds – I used the BTS Molds 637 open-pour 3 1/2-inch swimbait mold for this article, but there are others out there. Soft Plastic Worm and Fishing Lure Molds. Your baits will come out very shiny and symmetrical. } Soft Plastiс Lure Mold Making Injection Do-It Molds Googan Drag n Drop Worm 4'' $22.00. worm mold frog baits 5'' hand pour soft plastic tackle craft lure making 2 molds. 4.3 out of 5 stars 10. d = document.all[name]; var value = getContent(name); $0 Shipping. var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array(); We expect 99.9% usable products every shot. I have to many some are new and others are proto types used to make others Go start pouring& catch some Bass Check out my! Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. if(window.location.href == "http://www.proluresonline.com/"){ 1.7 Inch Epic PreyBait Hand Injection Mold. $('#btnWL').parent().hide(); Price $59.99. Use our soft plastic worm molds to make your own special soft plastic baits. Condition: New. Menu . 115.00 . Hot mill gloves are an inexpensive way to protect your hands and wrists from burns when handling hot work. var d; 4.5" Bluegill Swim Bait. 6" Fat Treat Worm - Laminate Plate login . $40.00 $ 40. Price $74.99. Silicone molds were one of the original molds made for hand pouring and LureCraft has the LARGEST SELECTION OF HAND POUR MOLDS IN THE WORLD. lure making kits; molds. PRO - Low Cost, Easy To Use, Long Mold Life, Good Surface Finish, No Mold Release. all lure molds; silicone hand pour molds; resin closed pour molds; resin injection molds ; injectors; custom mold design; about mold types; plastisol. fatty 6 inch stick bait worm soft plastic lure hand pour mold . RTV Silicone Rubber Molds - The best value in open-pour worm molds. function getTestDriveNum() { We have many Soft Plastic Bait Molds available in three types; Aluminum Injection, Silicone Open Pour and Polyester Open Pour Molds. Epic Bait Molds provides both a retail line of soft plastic lure molds and completely custom, one of a kind, mold manufacturing. Shipping to: 98837. 2 piece, 14 cavity injection mold. Enforcer Bait Molds. login . var str = ''; Pour your own baits for years to come. thanks for lookin' and see my other molds and lures I … (x=d[n])&&d.all) x=d.all[n]; for (i=0;!x&&i

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