html form action

All forms start with a

element, like this: < form action = " /my-handling-form-page " method = " post " > This element formally defines a form. Default value . HTML forms use either GET or POST to send data to the server. be equal to the id attribute of the Value. the different form elements are covered in this chapter: The form-handler is typically a file on the server with a script for processing input data. attribute. A form action set to a JavaScript function is not widely supported, I'm surprised it works in FireFox. ), using the HTTP protocol. The server answers the request using the same protocol. The method attribute specifies how to send form-data (the form-data is sent to the page specified in the action attribute). Handling forms is a complex business. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: tag defines a label for many An element can be displayed in used form element. Синтаксис ...
Значения a client (usually a web browser) sends a request to a server (most of the time a web server like Apache, Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, etc. Specifying a value of GET means the browser will add the form contents to the end of the URL. action="/action_page.php" document.getElementById("form_id").action = action; Notice the use of the

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