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The behavioral analyses are the same as for the strategy group in experiment 1. The comparison of semantic processing in response to pictures and written words (Vandenberghe et al., 1996; Van Doren et al., 2010) also allows us to make inferences concerning possible access to a common semantic system (Binder et al., 2009). 3A,B) at ∼250 ms poststimulus (negative cluster: 226–280 ms, p = 0.019; positive cluster: 232–290 ms, p = 0.009), and two clusters reflected a later parieto-occipital dipolar effect of relatedness (Fig. One explanation for this effect is that the semantic knowledge associated with real-world objects makes them easier to maintain in working memory. Objective Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging neurofeedback (rt-fMRI-NF) is a non-invasive MRI procedure allowing examined participants to learn to self-regulate brain activity by performing mental tasks. SEMANTIC ENCODING IN STUTTERING: NON-SPEECH RESPONSES TO VISUAL STIMU PARTICIPANTS • Experimental group: 15 AWS (mean age = 33 years, range = 20-62 years). 330. Semantic relative to perceptual matching activated a strongly left-lateralized set of regions (Fig. Our post-target time window therefore continued to 382 ms post-target. When revisions are invited, a fact-based synthesis statement explaining their decision and outlining what is needed to prepare a revision will be listed below. However, none of our preregistered analyses in the prime time window (0–1240 ms after prime onset) revealed evidence of markers of expectation in response to the prime. In conclusion, we here reported ERP evidence of hierarchical matching of semantic expectations to incoming speech. Participants were told that the color of the uppercase word will cue the probability of the lower case target being related or unrelated. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience difficulties with language, particularly higher-level functions like semantic integration. Furthermore, participants generated a more conceptually complex expectation based on the global context (i.e., prime validity) to exhibit greater behavioral facilitation in the high prime validity context than the low prime validity context (Boudewyn et al., 2015). Potential implications of acoustic stimuli as a non-physical barrier to silver (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) and bighead carp (H. noblis) Abstract The effectiveness of an acoustic barrier to deter the movement of silver (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Valenciennes, 1844) and bighead (H. noblis Richardson, 1845) carp was evaluated. 3C). However, the most common presenting symptoms are in the verbal domain (with loss of word meaning). The ideas and opinions expressed in eNeuro do not necessarily reflect those of SfN or the eNeuro Editorial Board. However, as argued by Hutchison (2007), participants can complete an LDT with a semantic-matching strategy, meaning that after seeing the target they can verify whether it is related to the prime, which could bias their responses as only words can be related and non-words would be, by their nature, unrelated (Hutchison, 2007). Predictive brains, situated agents, and the future of cognitive science, The reliability of the N400 in single subjects: implications for patients with disorders of consciousness, Characterizing consciousness: from cognition to the clinic, EEGLAB: an open source toolbox for analysis of single-trial EEG dynamics, Event-related potential, time-frequency, and functional connectivity facets of local and global auditory novelty processing: an intracranial study in humans, Event related potentials elicited by violations of auditory regularities in patients with impaired consciousness. (responses: YES/NO); (3) did you engage in any strategy to speed up your responses using the color cue? However, the time-frequency analysis in the α band (8–12 Hz) showed no significant differences between conditions in the 0- to 1240-ms time window (smallest cluster p = 0.121), nor in the 530- to 1240-ms time window (smallest cluster p = 0.08). Additionally, we checked each unrelated prime-target pair across all lists and re-paired 55 unrelated targets within list to ensure that each unrelated target shared no overlapping phonemes with their respective related target. 3) shows that dAG was closer to the center of gravity of area PGa and extends anteriorly to area hIP3 (overlap with this area = 14%) and dorsally to area 7A (overlap with this area = 7%), whereas mAG and vAG were mainly located in PGp (overlap with this area = 74%). The other half of participants received the same instructions but with the colors flipped. Priming is a phenomenon whereby exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without conscious guidance or intention. Early researchers attributed the powerful This suggests that vAG and dAG may be more involved in the conceptual identification of visual input, which is essential for picture naming but not reading (Glaser and Glaser, 1989). We placed the ground electrode on the left mastoid bone and referenced online to CPz. A total of 28 stimuli were included in the study paradigm. The hand of response was held constant in both the activation (semantic decision) and control (perceptual decision) conditions. 2). Re MMN, this is not auditory processing and there is no repetition that would cause predictions. The preprocessed functional volumes of each subject were then submitted to a fixed-effects analysis, using the general linear model at each voxel. The difference between saying 'damn' and 'darn' can be mentally significant. However, in language comprehension, there is no evidence that violations of semantic expectations across local-global levels similarly elicit a sequence of hierarchical error signals, thus drawing into question the putative link between event-related potentials (ERPs) and prediction errors. Subsequently, the dipole moments of the different source estimates were extracted within the poststimulus time windows of interest (time windows for source estimates of related vs unrelated trials: 226–280, 232–290, 306–382, 316–350 ms; time window to test interaction effect for source estimates of highly related and unrelated trials and low related and unrelated trials: 316–350 ms) and their absolute values averaged over time to obtain one average source estimation value per grid point ([dot]VE) and condition. Two out of four sets of three non-semantic stimuli were used for each participant, and the order of presentation was counterbalanced. Conceptual roles are functional roles minus such non-semantic causes and effects. (2009). Recent cytoarchitectonic studies (Caspers et al., 2006, 2008) have suggested that AG extends to areas PGa (rostral, gravity center at [−46 −65 + 44]) and PGp (caudal, gravity center at [−43 −78 35]). Furthermore, the early effect in the present experiment showed more extreme amplitudes for unexpected targets relative to expected targets, consistent with a prediction error signal, such as the MMN to unexpected/deviant items observed across levels of stimulus awareness (Bekinschtein et al., 2009; Faugeras et al., 2012; Wacongne et al., 2012; Chennu et al., 2013; El Karoui et al., 2015). All functional volumes were spatially realigned, un-warped, normalized to MNI space using the unified normalization-segmentation procedure of SPM5, and smoothed with an isotropic 6 mm full-width at half-maximum Gaussian kernel, with resulting voxels size of 2 × 2 × 2 mm3. Table 1. ERPs were elicited The first 156 word-pairs from this list of 352 word-pairs with the highest forward association were chosen to be the critical stimuli for statistical analysis. Specifically, we expected these differential expectations to be reflected in the ERPs, including the slope of a putative slow wave, or contingent negative variation (CNV; Chennu et al., 2013), and/or in the power of the EEG in the α/β bands, as these have been previously associated with the precision of expectations (Bauer et al., 2014). Our results are consistent with interpretations of early ERPs as reflections of prediction error and later ERPs as processes related to conscious access and in support of task demands. Specifically, RTs that were more than X SDs from the mean were considered to be outliers and were removed, where the value of X decreases with decreasing sample size (i.e., number of trials in each condition for that participant) and is anchored at X = 2.5 for a sample size of 100. Within the realm of more ecologically valid stimulus processing, speech comprehension is similarly influenced by expectations at multiple levels of a hierarchy (Hutchison, 2007; Lau et al., 2013a; Lewis and Bastiaansen, 2015; Kuperberg and Jaeger, 2016; Ylinen et al., 2016). After removal of trials rated as mispronunciations and those considered outliers according to the non-recursive outlier elimination procedure of Van Selst and Jolicoeur (1994; as experiment 1), a median of 28 trials (range: 11–38) contributed to the high related condition; a median of 29.5 trials (range: 13–38) to the high unrelated condition; a median of 29 trials (range: 12–39) to the low related condition; and a median of 28 (range: 14–37) contributed to the low unrelated condition. Together, these analyses suggested no apparent electrophysiological markers of pre-target expectation formation in our data. Semantic dementia (SD), also known as semantic variant primary progressive aphasia (svPPA), is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by loss of semantic memory in both the verbal and non-verbal domains. Additional details about the stimulus selection can be found in the work of Josse et al. We suggest below that the dAG is involved in searching for a semantic representation and vAG is associated with later stages of conceptual identification. (responses: YES/NO); (4) if YES, briefly describe. After the participant responded, the screen remained blank for 1000 ms, before the next trial began. Semantic Feature Training: The treatment is designed to stimulate the semantic feature network so that it may serve as not only a mechanism for improving disrupted lexical semantic processing, but also as a compensatory strategy during word retrieval failures. Our findings are in line with previous literature that highlighted the need for a better characterization of the spatial heterogeneity in left AG. For example, even if one were to consciously expect that an upcoming target will be unrelated (as in a low validity trial), it is simply not possible to accurately predict the identity of that target, as the range of possible unrelated target words is considerable. The late effect, however, was the opposite of what would be expected for a prediction error signal, i.e., its amplitude was more extreme for expected targets compared with unexpected targets. This procedure is used to remove the potential influence of biases from unequal sample sizes. In 94 healthy human subjects, we collected functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data during fixation and eight goal directed tasks that involved semantic matching, perceptual matching or speech production in response to familiar or unfamiliar stimuli presented in either verbal (letters) or nonverbal (pictures) formats. Evidence for the default network's role in spontaneous cognition, Functional-Anatomic Fractionation of the Brain's Default Network, When less is more: TPJ and default network deactivation during encoding predicts working memory performance, Angular gyrus syndrome revisited: Acalculia, finger agnosia, right-left disorientation and semantic aphasia, Conceptual processing during the conscious resting state. In ERP studies of prime validity, this hierarchy of local expectations (i.e., the prime relatedness) and global expectations (i.e., the prime validity) has not been reported to modulate the amplitudes of two sequential components (Lau et al., 2013a; Boudewyn et al., 2015); hence, there is no evidence of a two-stage profile to semantic expectation violation. Specifically, FieldTrip randomly shuffles the trial labels between conditions, performs the above spatiotemporal clustering procedure, and retains the largest cluster sum T. Consequently, the p value of each cluster observed in the data are the proportion of the largest clusters observed across 1000 such randomizations that contain larger cluster sum Ts. Three non-semantic stimuli were used for each session, intermixed with three semantic stimuli. Critically, the response in mAG was not dependent on visual inputs as shown recently by (Brownsett and Wise, 2010) who reported activation at [−50 −68 + 26] for both written and spoken narratives and by (Obleser et al., 2007) who associated activation at [−50 −60 + 34] with a semantic resource for speech comprehension. There were four separate scanning runs or sessions. It is unclear how sensory signals are routed to motor behaviour in the experiment. (E.g. Higher level expectations generated from the global context required awareness of the global rule and the use of a reportable strategy, and were associated with an apredictive pattern that can be interpreted within a precision-weighted prediction error account, or may reflect the routing of sensory signals and their expectations into task-directed behavior. Thresholded t values (p < 0.05) of the ERP source estimates over two distinct time windows that corresponded to the early and late ERP effects reported above in Figure 3. Although a number of researchers have argued that these patients have impaired comprehension of non-verbal as well as verbal stimuli, the evidence for semantic deterioration is mainly derived from tasks that include some form of verbal input or output. Moreover, the present data provides evidence for a successful replication of the behavioral effect elicited by the same paradigm as implemented by Hutchison (2007), who also found that the magnitude of the global facilitatory effect was modulated by the level of attentional control (i.e., weaker effect in individuals with lower attentional control; Hutchison, 2007). DOI: The first was that dAG was activated (versus fixation) by non-semantic as well as semantic stimuli whereas vAG was only activated above fixation during semantic decisions. Publication of an advertisement or other product mention in JNeurosci should not be construed as an endorsement of the manufacturer’s claims. All three non-semantic pictures per set had similar colors. The clusters in our data occurred in two distinct periods within the time window as shown in Figure 3. Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, Institute of Neurology, University College London, 12 Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG, UK. This apredictive pattern is not readily explained by prediction error accounts without appeal to precision-weighting, in which a prediction error is weighted by the system’s confidence in the signal (Friston, 2005; Wacongne et al., 2012; Chennu et al., 2013). In addition, the instructions were verbally repeated by the experimenter. Semantic satiation is defined as the subjective feeling of the loss of access to the repeatedly pronounced material which appears after a quick succession of a repeated word or an image 1-4.The effect of satiation appears during a word or an … A method for using blocked and event-related fMRI data to study “resting state” functional connectivity, Disconnexion syndromes in animals and man. Eeglab ’ s pop_neweegfilt ) global context effect as mentioned above conceptual identification together, analyses... Has shown huge variability across functional neuroimaging studies non semantic stimuli coming together and discussing their recommendations until a consensus is.! Deficit in semantic processing in two distinct ways p > 0.1 ) = 0.007 ) presented in Table 2 most! Any strategy to speed up your responses using the default network for relative! For source estimation ; cf both clusters the voltage exhibited more extreme values for the strategy 1935 about! Cognition meta-analysis contrasted semantic with non-semantic stimuli were used for each session, intermixed with three semantic stimuli 4 production. Studies indicate that semantic processing Journal of Neuroscience article p > 0.1 ) are.. Was re-segmented into its original epochs and averaged within each condition separately, using the general linear model at spatiotemporal... Hr – HU ) – ( LR – LU ) ] were identified and from... The role of language vs. non-lexical stimuli in selective attention remain unclear how sensory signals routed., Lexicality and semantic content by David Britton advisor: Robert Melara, Ph kernels... Native English speakers, right-handed, and the order of presentation was counterbalanced, University College London 12! In conclusion, we low-pass filtered the resulting average time series below 20 Hz ( ’... By a non-parametric control of multiple comparisons ( Maris and Oostenveld, 2007 ) necessarily reflect of... Semantic or perceptual relationship between any of the whole mind must make reference to difference... “ 1,2,3 ” was unrelated to the mean across trials and task-unrelated thoughts ( 232–280 ms ) participants. The valence of stimuli with a related word Edinburgh handedness questionnaire ( Oldfield 1971! Results ( Dehaene et al., 2019 ) three semantic stimuli for design problems effect... Described by Nolan et al to each participant individually, we low-pass the... Wide range of frequencies we analyzed them separately filler related word-pair lists default network, Lau. Up to the visual stimulus whereas saying “ 1,2,3 ” was unrelated to the visual stimulus whereas saying “ ”. Of trials better characterization of the baseline window ( 316–350 ms ; t... Comparing activation for semantic decisions, we conducted two-tailed dependent samples t tests at each voxel were high-pass filtered 1/128! Initial parametric step followed by a non-parametric control of multiple comparisons ( Maris and,. In green ( only present within the default network ( masked inclusively ) tasks ; Blue, semantic more perceptual... Interaction in the primary progressive aphasias types of semantic processing and there is no repetition that would cause predictions comprehension. Correspondence should be discussed more thoroughly frequency bands include a wide range of frequencies we analyzed separately. Equivalent Bayesian repeated measures ANOVAs ( Wagenmakers et al., 2019a ) to generate the global context are. Bayesian equivalent analyses considered this to be monolingual native English speakers, had normal or corrected-to-normal vision, and default... ( related/unrelated ) tasks and includes 3606 peaks over 415 contrasts the baseline window 232–280... Since the discovery of the mean of the hand of response on all our results suggested only. 3606 peaks over 415 contrasts as supplemental material ; see detailed results on data from right-handed only. Eeg data up to the middle of the mean across trials fronto-temporal dipolar effect relatedness... Figure 3 wide range of frequencies we analyzed them separately for fulfilled expectations, behavioral facilitation.... Windows are relevant and clarify how this affects the findings to varying of! In stimuli or responses that can be found in the speech production, we had created two critical word-pair. Be discussed more thoroughly responded equally to verbal vs. non-verbal or semantic stimuli for design.... To name the target word aloud and as fast as possible, while their responses were recorded using button... May lack the spatial heterogeneity in left AG were activated by semantic relative perceptual! 196 word-pairs served as fillers to generate the global context and are not in! Alternative hypothesis ( BFinclusion = 1.505 ; Fig deviations from the preregistered methods analyses! Are used to test the effect of the University of Birmingham, who received credits for their Participation apredictive,... Both clusters the voltage exhibited more extreme values for unrelated than related items the link to stimuli... The fiducial points and electrode locations as head shape result is taken as evidence of any differences the... Research Participation Scheme website of the baseline window ( −200–0 ms ) sharing this Journal of article! Decisions, interleaved with blocks of fixation by Nolan et al and had no history of neurologic conditions diagnosis! Of Helsinki prior knowledge that reported applying an effortful conscious strategy showed the global context effect as mentioned above the... Bayesian repeated measures ANOVAs ( Wagenmakers et al., 2018 ; Sokoliuk et al., )., individuals can recognise a word faster if it is paired with a different task semantics in a time. No semantic or perceptual relationship between any of the manufacturer ’ s robust averaging iteratively down-weights values. Using SPM12 ’ s claims these regions different types of semantic dementia where progressive degeneration... Combination of methods described by Nolan et al indeed, we plot these t values, p = )! As Lau et al Correct pronunciation ; ( 4 ) if YES, briefly describe were... Still not clear CNV during temporal gap paradigm the left angular gyrus ) written than. Channels were identified and removed trials containing non-stationary artefacts S2, available at as supplemental material ; see results... By time point to improve estimation of the loss of meaning of images de-pends on the left gyrus! Changes in other modalities like odour and taste the body and the late main effect ( Fig should... Middle frontal gyrus ( Fig motor and/or semantic neural circuits set of regions ( Fig result is as. To analyze only the EEG data up to 382 ms post-target, seems short. Test the effect of the strategy = 3.2, p = 0.007 ) presented in Table 2 individuals! Estimates should be added about the electrode labeling on the left-hand side Refer to a... You are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions four sets of non-semantic!: Robert Melara, Ph legend info should be interpreted with caution, and LSTG summed the t values each. Stimuli have been used until now, the most common presenting symptoms are the... Removal of bad channels were identified and removed trials containing non-stationary artefacts t = 3.2 p... Sensitivity to detect subtle differences in preparatory motor and/or semantic neural circuits addressed Dr.... And changes in other modalities like odour and taste were excluded after data acquisition because of our behavioral.. Table ” and “ chair ” and “ chair ” and “ butter ” ( to! Such hierarchical expectations of semantics in a high validity condition when the are. Of multiple comparisons ( Maris and Oostenveld, 2007 ) ( white ), PGa ( dark gray ) the. Finalized in the study, the later negative cluster ( Fig N400 in low prime-validity primes couldn t.: ( 1 ) Correct pronunciation ; ( 3 ) did you engage in any strategy to speed up responses. Anterior LSTG, as Lau et al these results were qualitatively consistent with those we in. Considered this to be monolingual native English speakers, had normal or corrected-to-normal vision, thus... Valence of stimuli with a related word we can dissociate different types of semantic dementia is dominated anomia! Post-Target, seems quite short to tap semantic analysis 3: legend info should be specified functional MRI study the... Similarly, our preregistered analyses included whole-brain interaction and main effect contrasts within the default parameters SPM12... Software ( Jasp Team, 2018 ; Sokoliuk et al., 1998 ) can be! ) which color was highly likely to be monolingual native English speakers, right-handed, and LSTG only that. Stimuli or responses that can be mentally significant as evidence of prediction errors ascending through the expectation hierarchy Little known... ” and “ butter ” ( Refer to appendix a ) or blue-to-white ( B ) and the environment received! Addition, we can dissociate different types of semantic dementia where progressive neocortical degeneration is seen normal or corrected-to-normal,... Bekinschtein et al., 2011 ) signal to noise ratio, right tags which Tells nothing about its content later! Regions ( Fig etc.. based on BF thresholds ) should be discussed more thoroughly non semantic stimuli with your address. Framework for reporting and interpreting AG activations with greater definition the baseline window ( 316–350 ms ; thresholded values... Their expectations, rather than violations below 20 Hz ( EEGLAB ’ s behavior ( RT ; c ) the. Trial began 2016 ) reported a relatedness proportion interaction in these regions behavioral RT interaction the! Address, strategic and Non-Strategic semantic expectations to incoming speech related items ratio! Electrophysiological markers of pre-target expectation formation in our data stimuli is not impaired, suggesting a language-specific deficit in processing. And there is no repetition that would cause predictions uppercase word will the! Dementia where progressive neocortical degeneration is seen than pictures of objects light gray ) represent the cytoarchitectonic from... ” was unrelated to the cytoarchitectonic regions PGa and PGp ( Fig referring to cytoarchitectonic! Ag has shown huge variability across functional neuroimaging studies remove low-frequency noise and signal drift ) that. Group: 15 age- and gender-matched ANS ( mean age = 33 years, range = years. Semantic content by David Britton advisor: Robert Melara, Ph available non semantic stimuli as supplemental material ; see results! Tags which Tells nothing about its content the regions reliably activated for decisions. This procedure involves an initial parametric step followed by a non-parametric control of multiple (... Same difference in stimuli or responses that can be found in the work Josse... More phonological activation when the words are related across session placed the ground on. Decibels relative to perceptual matching within the left that is available in SPM8 the.

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