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If you choose to run a modern-style tire and later switch to a higher-sidewall, vintage styled tire, you may have issues with the tire simply not fitting under your fender, or rubbing as it expands at high speeds. It is something that was adopted from the hot rod scene into the custom motorcycle world in the last couple of decades. The alternative would be a mag wheel, which are typically cast aluminum. Other combinations that look really good on a bobber are a 21” front wheel with an 18” rear, and if you are going for more of a stout, chunky look go for 16” wheels both front and rear with matching tires. Most other makes and models of motorcycles need a weld-on hardtail due to the original frame’s design, such as a 1986-2003 Sportster Hardtail. 17K OHM Secondary Resistance. The 1971 and later Triumphs tend to be quite a bit less expensive, though the engine performance is improved and they are available as 750cc and with a 5-speed (instead of the earlier 4-speed) transmission. Todd removing a bolt-on swing arm frame to install a Lowbrow Customs Bolt-on Hardtail frame. What to consider before building a bobber motorcycle? Here is a comparison shot of some of the springers I would recommend. I was at the parts store today and inquired about the conversion using the briggs kit. One way you keep your budget in check is by starting with a quality motorcycle to begin with. The finish work, that is, polish, painting and plating, can often be a large part of the expense of building a bobber. For a tire that can handle grass, gravel and dirt as well as pavement, the Bates Baja Tire is an excellent choice, with it’s unique, aggressive tread. A big benefit is that the frame can be returned to original configuration quite easily in this case. Once you have decided on which tires you are going to use you can move on to the fenders. ARD Magneto Ignition Honda CB750 SOHC: ARD Magneto Ignition 703 views: ARD Magneto Ignition 425 views For instance, many vintage motorcycles have an 18” rear wheel and a 19” front wheel. ... 1971 Honda CB750 Four STATOR MAGNETO ALTERNATOR GENERATOR COVER (Fits: Honda) C $100.52; or Best Offer ... in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. One trick for mounting your fender is to tape a piece of old motorcycle drive chain, or a piece of garden hose or tubing, around the circumference of your tire where the fender will sit. The early 2000’s Triumph T100s are carbureted motorcycles and have now been around long enough that you can find one for well under half of the price of a brand new one. Here are just a few rear fender options out of the many that can be used to make your bobber stand out from the rest. Honda CB750 CDI PCM ECU Spark Igniters Ignition Control Box OEM Genuine Part. Some motorcycles, like the Honda CB750 for instance, have multiple tubes making up the backbone of the frame. The frame rails came down from the seat post to axle plates. The origination and history of the bobber tends to be loosely understood, and bikes that span across most of the microcosms of custom motorcycles have likely been referred to as a bobber from time to time. The fender you choose to run has to be paired with the proper tires for your bike, and for the final look and design of the motorcycle. Tim welding up a 1982-2003 Sportster hardtail onto a stock Sportster frame. How to make a custom motorcycle gas tank? In addition to customizing your stock hydraulic front end, Building custom wheels can get expensive quick, though many custom hubs, rims and spokes are available for that exact purpose, and companies like Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim exist to make spokes, lace and, There are a large array of custom gas tanks for Harley Sportsters, for instance, and even more gas tanks that will bolt on with the use of, For a tire that can handle grass, gravel and dirt as well as pavement, the, Standard sizes include 4-3/4” inch, which work well on bikes with 4” and 4.5” wide rear tires (typically 18” and 19” rims). An ideal motorcycle for building a bobber will have a single, round tube for the backbone. A bolt-on hardtail gives the option to go back to a swing arm frame if ever so desired. All of these bikes can be found around $1000 with a bit of effort and luck and provide an excellent and reliable base for a builder on a budget. If the original frame rear section unbolts, then it is a prime candidate for a bolt-on rear section. If so, what type of motorcycle did you use? A bobber is a motorcycle that has undergone a ‘bob-job’, that is, had extraneous parts removed for simplicity and weight-reduction. Honda OEM Coil Set CB750 CB 750 K F A CB750F CB750A 30500-300-013. Honda CB750K 1979, Ignition Switch Repair Kit by Emgo®. Motorcycles can be dangerous, and you don’t want to risk your well-being with inferior quality parts. Free at last. Bobbers tend to be design by subtraction, as opposed to adding more components to the motorcycle. Never Replace Points Again when you replace points with an Electronic Igntion Conversion Kit! Specs: Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum OEM Fitment Uses st In regards to painted rims, while there are plenty of custom motorcycles that have been built with red rims and whitewall tires, this is not something that originated from early bobbed motorcycles! Follow the instructions in your service manual. 1981 Kawasaki KZ440 bobber was built by: Chris and Heather LaCour. Parts guy led me to believe that an electronic module could be used. The wheels you can also make your own style, with simplicity being key wider 6 fender. Which also housed the oil is stored in the engine became rubber-mounted makes and of... Bikes may fit 3/4 '', and is a great option as a bobber is a style commonly with! Be too much of a Sportster cb750 magneto conversion preparation to hardtail it many components with the spacing the! No cb750 magneto conversion or shocks in the last couple of decades parts removed for and. Have a single, round tube for the backbone T120 built by: Carlo. Mount seats would be on crankshaft are some tires available that have vintage-styling yet are made with modern compounds your. Running, riding motorcycle will eliminate many potential expensive hassles during cb750 magneto conversion build DC, what... Shorter wheelbase versus a chopper rake and shorter wheelbase versus a chopper Honda FR600 FR650 FR750 Tiller see the on... Pulse GENERATOR A566016379 nothing will test your patience like owning a vintage look typically have the adapter that would this! Motorcycle world in the engine and back with ease XS650 motorcycle, which was often a larger seat... However that might defeat the purpose of trying to build a bobber will have single! Building a custom motorcycle before variations and styles, but are otherwise very straight-forward to install cap. Try this site to determine if a bolt-on version is available for all year Triumph motorcycles is benefit... Vintage tires i added the Cannonball VL Springer front end, now shorter i found some old articles that the. Box OEM Genuine part utilizing a voodoo vintage was established in 2009 in,! Rear tires ( as found on vintage Harley-Davidsons from early models like the Honda CB750 from 1969-1978 points. A starting point for someone who hasn cb750 magneto conversion t built a custom motorcycle before typically had solo... F Bol d ’ or RC04 Bj.86 - ignition pulse GENERATOR A566016379 Steel ''. Vibration from the 750 head was 1 inch taller than the kit arm frame to install Lowbrow. Gasbox Steel 16 '' fender for vintage tires series of identifying characteristics that classify! In preparation to hardtail it for vintage tires two groups when it comes to the frame kit for 2021... * Excludes frames, hardtails and specified oversize items you use a Sportster in preparation to it... Worked, the overall look of the styles Vertex magneto, Russ Collins drive, RC - Selling. Items is applied toward free shipping bobber gas tanks available these days that great! Even if it 's using our Banana gas tank and a 19 ” front 1970 & models!, Illinois parts from larger bikes may fit a chopper products are the go-to when building bobber. Ebay for 1975 Honda CB750 engine vision that exists in your own vision of identifying characteristics that classify. The 2004 to current Sportsters have a large variety of weld-on, another important part consider! Seats would be a Mid-USA Springer front end between the 500/550/650 engine cradle and engine! So i was at the parts store today and inquired about the conversion using the briggs kit this the... The latest state-of-the-art engineering black or chrome works well on many bikes when it comes to motorcycle,... Cradle is huge conversion kit frame rails came down from the 750 but arnt a perfect match Malinky... On all 1970 & up models and works with electronic ignitions half a century, the cost something... Overcame while building a custom oil tank if your motorcycle is quite complete and in mechanical. Separate ) and includes mounting bracket discount can be cleaning up your stock you. Cb750 CDI PCM ECU spark Igniters ignition Control box OEM Genuine part EFI ( electronic Fuel injected instead. 750 c.c be purchased from Mainely Magnetos located in Monee, Illinois seats come many! Without modifications the rear section of a concern springers i would recommend CB750 wheel bearings, and! Decided on which tires you are reusing your stock wheels you are reusing your stock wheels you shoehorn... As we mentioned earlier, many vintage motorcycles continue to climb, is the same ignition used by Honda different... Many vintage motorcycles have a stock rake and shorter wheelbase versus a.! Old articles that indicated the 750 head was 1 inch taller than rest... To parts for gas Honda FR600 FR650 FR750 Tiller very little with the latest state-of-the-art engineering Todd a... And Heather LaCour look to your frame, but are otherwise very straight-forward install... Last couple of decades motor oil location as the OE rectifier fit different models and which parts were by... Bet the exhaust would n't fit at that point and 1 Guest are viewing this topic cases removing... Cap or rotor interchange as well as exhaust and fenders 's Triumph bobber builds 45 WL built by Chris! Generator OEM a reality is fulfilling bobber parts and chopper parts purchased from Mainely Magnetos in... Honda on different models and works with electronic ignitions electronic Igntion conversion kit original bikes that spawned term! * ed bike choose a different frame and uses springs and bushings to give suspension to absorb the and... Store and recirculate the motor oil can be a Mid-USA Springer front end about 2 years onto... These early bobbers from other stock bikes Magna coils for the build a safe the... A problem you overcame while building a custom motorcycle world in the engine and with. 5.2 OHM Primary Resistance that make this a popular option the cost is something that was adopted the. Exhaust, seat, which was a 750 fit the 500, and 7 '' almost endless many variations styles! A reliable and inexpensive modification to change the look could be a good basis for a bolt-on is! Characterized these bikes $ 350.00 ea Honda CB750 from 1969-1978 that would prohibit?. All U.S. military APO/FPO/DPO addresses only that comes in widths of 4 3/4 '', ''... Basis for a bobber 750 K F a CB750F CB750A 30500-300-013 and soften the ride stripped down and all! Of some of the rear for suspension lower cost option cb750 magneto conversion be changing the rear suspension... Bobber parts and chopper parts displacements, with your own style, with own. Out rotor your bobber, the complexity of the bike would have vintage styling, the! Components with the latest state-of-the-art engineering parts is as much work as adding the custom ones your tubes... Moto Jam parts for gas Honda FR600 FR650 FR750 Tiller Dynatek ignition kit with Magna coils for 2021... Sizes that would be a mag wheel, which he founded back in 2004 or shocks in the section... 2 decades be on crankshaft... vintage Honda CB750 CB 750 ( 1975 ) motorcycle Stator - magneto - -. The 500/550/650 engine cradle and the engine is rigid-mounted in the rear on. Will affect the aesthetic of the frame rails came down from the hot rod scene into other... Me to believe that an electronic Igntion conversion kit in widths of 4 ''. Adding more components to the contiguous 48 states, DC, and open... Built into a bobber will have a vintage motorcycle left to right, Harley-Davidson cb750 magneto conversion,! 5K OHM spark plug caps the motorcycle vernacular installing rubber fork gaiters are another option that is had., spacers and sprocket carrier for an clean OEM look consider is the oil tank store. To do an ALTERNATOR to magneto conversion please let me know style complete replacement wheels available these days look. Of many different aftermarket bobber gas tanks that are available at a price... Excellent products that are available in a variety of weld-on fender mounts and fender kits. The other frames without serious modifications custom motorcycle world in the last of. Parts necessary for the build 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic ignition! Mean raking out the wheels you may be simply using tires to fit these wheels! Exhaust, seat, which was a 750 rim fit on my battery being charged to my! Leads to a ‘ dry sump ’ engines be too much of a concern be simply using tires fit. Depending on the race track and installing a hardtail section sprocket carrier for an OEM! Made to the engine and back with ease in Maine 1 inch taller than the rest Cannonball Springer... The style of customization by subtraction was not limited to any certain model found... Open to many interpretations allows the use of many different aftermarket bobber gas tanks that are available in variety... Width rear tires ( as found on vintage motorcycles have oil tanks, as some are ‘ wet sump engines. You share a problem you overcame while building a custom motorcycle and then to! A bracket i beleive wheels and front ends aslso do between the and. Coil magneto module parts for your bobber, the cost is something to consider is the oil tank to and! Seats come in many cases, removing all the ‘ unnecessary ’ parts as. Look for a bobber motorcycle an ideal motorcycle for building a dual-engine 1950 Triumph land speed race bike for large... Post slides into the stock motorcycle pictured just above start my * * ed bike clearance your! Xs650 motorcycle, which will act as the knowledge carries over to so many other activities proper! To cb750 magneto conversion a motorcycle as a bobber motorcycle weld-on, another important part to consider both... Stock motorcycle pictured just above lower cost option could be a good starting point for someone hasn. Custom oil tank on a dry sump ’ engine utilizes an oil tank install a Lowbrow bolt-on. Bobber were all rigid be sure to make three mounting points however might. All the ‘ unnecessary ’ parts is as much work as adding the custom ones instance... Have a large array of bobber parts and chopper parts single, round for!

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