how much exercise does a lab puppy need

Id love to know about this too as I have a 16 week lab pup who has to go up and down stairs several times a day to get into the garden and have been taking him on a couple of short walks a day too plus a longer walk occasionally but we do stop for lots of rests ….. Hi Pippa, The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, how to crate train your puppy in our in-depth guide, Labernese – A Complete Guide To The Bernese Mountain Dog Lab Mix. We noticed Linus was stiff getting up in the morning and decided to try adding glucosamine to his diet. Now I have to monitor him closely and feel he’s missing out on vital exercise because it. My puppy had the same timings as yours, and I have been making steady progress with pushing her breakfast back. From 3 months and older, there’s a much spoken rule of thumb called the ‘five minute rule’ I found on numerous sites on the web during research, and seen in an article by the UK kennel club: “A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown, i.e. As Labradors get older, many develop arthritis, dysplasia and other health issues that can prevent a Labrador from enjoying or needing exercise as much as they used to when young and healthy. How much exercise does a puppy need? Can you provide the research for over exercising puppies? She also has 2 walks on lead. I have a concern about a dog in my neighborhood. But im wondering how much do they need every day? She has always laid down to eat. So, it’s probably not worth the risk and better to be safe than sorry? Experts often suggest using the rule-of-thumb of 5 minutes for every month of age up to two times per day. Make should also keep their mind active. However if I walk him(at his pace giving him the opportunity to run, sniff, sit/watch, etc) two to three times at 2-4 miles a walk he’s calmer at home, but still full of energy, and will sleep through the night. Limping or lameness in any way and to any level of severity. Any tips on how to give him enough ex cerise but not to possibly damage his development? It will definitely help to ramp up to that level of exercise, much as it’s advised a human should do. If so, you could try to organize lots of time for your dog and theirs to spend together. This article was originally published in 2012 and has been extensively revised and updated for 2016, Slater MR, Scarlett JM, Donoghue S, Kaderly RE, Bonnett BN, Cockshutt J, Erb HN. So a maximum walk for a four month old Labrador might be about a mile. We have brought her home and have been trying to get her to play fetch or run circles or just get excited to play. While this will help socialize your pup, it can also be dangerous, especially if it's not current on shots. I really do think you should seek professional help, hopefully if only to get the all clear but you need to be sure. How Much Exercise Does A Lab Puppy Need? The results are clear: she’s been fully housetrained since she was 3 months old; she has NEVER chewed on anything of ours (rare for a lab puppy); she waits for our signal before eating or going outside; she is so friendly and sweet; and she’s just a good girl with lots of energy at specific points in the day. I don’t want to overdo it so could i just check… if i took him for his 20 minute walks twice a day – does this exercise include free running at the park, off leash? At 9 weeks old, don’t worry about it. So please avoid this. We jogged a mile and then on and off for the rest of the time. Our first Jack is now four and when he was a pup he was very nervous about getting into the car. Thanks. What better motivation and need is there to keep yourself in shape? I should say that if the exercise she’s getting on some days isn’t enough, she will soon let you know with her behavior. We have a one-year old red fox lab named Scout, and she’s as clear as can be. Yes, you can throw a tennis ball extra far with the Chuckit, but two reasons why I love it: 1. So being overweight and getting on in years, she may just not be able to exercise as she used to, may even have soreness in her limbs or diminishing mobility. She loves being unleshed around a body of water! No way is an hour enough for a young field lab. And if he does start to get aggressive and reactive, you should speak to a professional behaviorist ASAP. Play After ensuring your garden is puppy-proofed , it can become a great space for your pup to tear about and let off some steam. :). As puppies do, he loves to jump about and run around the house however because we have slippery flooring I fear he is going to damage to his joints. If I do not crate them and leave them at home would they tear apart furniture etc?. Believe me, you would know! You don’t have to bend over to pick up the ball (great for my old body). Any advice on exercise or other easy to find breeds that may be compatable very, VERY welcome. So if you are going on any training / practice walks yourself beforehand, take her along too. He pants but not excessively like he does at the park after playing fetch. I give her dissolved 325 mg of aspirin and by the next day, she’s fine. He seems to like it. On the contrary, a certain amount of free running exercise is a good thing. We walk her 3 times a day, the walks are usually 20 min each depending on how often she stops to smell everything around her, Shes 35 pounds. Think about the overall energy your puppy is expending rather than focusing on walking alone. I love him so much and would hate to hurt him or shorten his life with overdoing it. With puppies, their bones, muscle, and joints are still growing and developing. It’s definitely known that too much running up and down steep slopes, stairs, and too much jumping could cause damage to weak and growing bones and joints, so you should avoid too much of this at all costs. And strenuous exercise such as stair climbing, and chasing balls should be limited or avoided altogether in puppies under three months of age. They both get 1 cup, 2x a day, (each dog gets 2 cups a day). The amount of exercise that is “enough” depends on your dog’s age, breed, and health. And in your case your Lab needs to learn a bit more respect around other dogs. Thank you very much for your kind words, Lesley. Then another day we left him out and another pair of my flip flops were destroyed. I would not personally ever take a five month old puppy for a two hour walk. In the morning he fetches 10x then i/s back in his crate and our house for normal indoor behavior. They’ll be able to out-perform you so it’s unlikely you’ll exercise them too much, they can go all day. It’s a good thing they need extra exercise because so do I! Your lovable labrador retriever is America’s sweetheart, continuously ranking as the AKC’s most-popular breed. Although with the youngest Myfanwy ( Welsh for beloved) I do use common sense as she is still growing, bones eg. You can see some teeth coming through her gums. As a Chewy Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. We can really only pet her without her trying to chew or bite our hands or fingers if she’s really tired and just laying there. You don't want to damage their muscles, bones and joints while they are growing so fast. “A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown, i.e. With that said, the temperatures are approaching the 80’s and Abby cannot seem to handle the heat. At 2 years he has reached or is very near full maturity, so no need to limit activity like you would for a puppy. My Summer is a 2 year old yellow dudley. But if the first consideration is your Labradors age, how much do puppies and the elderly need? – Yep, But Why Are They Swollen? So, the answer to the question, “How much exercise does a dog need every day?” varies based on a few different factors. I have recently got a black labrador puppy (10 weeks old) and I am already worried about his joints. I would never bring him out in the middle of the day in summer, run mostly early mornings. There’s no absolute concrete answer to this as it depends on your Labradors age, their overall health and even their genetics as Labradors from a working line will usually need more exercise than those from show lines. A lack of nutrition can lead to stunted growth and overfeeding can also cause health problems. Am I doing him any harm? And keep an eye on children who may inadvertently exhaust a puppy by encouraging him to play when he needs to sleep. I like to hike. I couldn’t possibly say. The walks should be pretty long, between 30 and 45 minutes per walk. If he goes too far, he’s getting valuable feedback that he should and will remember. You shouldn't exercise a puppy too much while he is still growing (up to 18 months). Then I started putting her back in her crate until maybe 15 minutes before breakfast time. How much exercise does a Goldendoodle puppy need? However if we leave it at that he’s up all night ready to play. But you know you dog better than anyone. Particularly if they’re restless and destructive, try upping the amount of exercise you provide and their behavior should improve. This will severely lessen the impact of walking and delay the onset of pain or inflammation. Shes pitbull and vhocolate lab and she is gorgeous! Normal play, especially with other dogs / puppies, a bit of light fetch, swimming…but mostly walking. It is the total exercise that counts. Thank you. Another good tip is a few hours after such exercise, give him a massage. I have my own dog walking business and he comes on walks with me. When Scout was 8-9 months old, she could do up to thirty retrieves in one game. Like you said he is still a pup, however it is good that he runs around to use up the excess energy. The advice you would get from a vet isn’t something you can replace with others advice from the web I’m afraid…so please, really do find a way to get her to the vet. A healthy, adult Labrador generally needs at least 80 minutes of high-quality exercise per day. I need to know if walking my 15 month old lab to the same place everyday will make her bored we walk three miles and then play tennis ball twice a day is this ok and why is she bored? Now Georgie is normally the sweetest, well bred dog a person could ask for. Playing fetch? Until they harden and are described as ‘closed’, they can easily be injured resulting in stunted or irregular growth. How Much Exercise Does A Lab Puppy Need? Of course, it’s important to tailor this to each individual dog – some more energetic dogs will need longer, and more relaxed dogs … Any advice? Thanks :). There is a small yard though, enough for him to have a good run around, but anytime we bring him outside to play fetch or anything he will play for a few minutes and then just lay down and forget about his toy and start trying to eat sticks or pinecones. And then you may need to make a change. We walk once a month on a Saturday with a group of friends on all types of terrain and she has no problem with this (about 7-8 miles on average), but I would just like to know your thoughts please on whether we are expecting too much of her to walk these distances with us every day for a week or whether this is well within her capabilities? Hi I have a 6 month old Male Labrador who is very active. Puppies under three months old do not need any kind of ‘walks’  at all,  and most won’t be walked in any case because they will not have completed their course of vaccinations, This concern about excessive exercise has arisen because it is widely believed that exercise is a factor in the development of serious joint disorders. We had been trying for months to get him better but simply cannot, and we couldn’t ever take him off lead or to a dog park! Your puppy’s breed will also have a big impact on the amount of exercise they need so keep this in mind. Despite the many rumors floating out there, the answer to this question is – it depends. And also, are there puppy exercise limits you should be aware of? 45 mins is about the bare minimum and the longer couple of hours now and then tops it up very nicely. QUICK TIP: One of our favorite inexpensive toys for exercising our Labs is the Chuckit! It sounds OK to me. The Labrador Retriever should be evaluated as a working gun dog, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dog’s ability to work. I’m worried I’m over exercising him. More Help How Much Exercise does a puppy Need Every Day? Take water along for them and don’t run them into the ground in extremely hot weather. Stuff like running, jogging, playing fetch and so on. All females. Easy to find was on the list as well. Thank you for sharing the article. He is excellent at recall and loves playing with the children (though we messed up the lead training along the way somewhere as he constantly pulls ) if we reduce his walks to the 5 mins a month theory he comes home and is restless and is bouncing of the walls. However, this was the schedule I was planning on keeping throughout her lifetime. Dog Ball Thrower. Unfortunately I cannot predict whether or not any harm will have been done, and hope he is OK. Best wishes, Pippa. I’ve also noticed the muscle above her hips area seems to be getting harder, but after reading about HD, I’m very concerned. I got him when he was 10 yrs old so I don’t know how much exercise he got previously. Hahaha We don’t notice anything unusual in his mobility. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All of the Labs we’ve ever worked with or owned had good amount of energy at 5 months old. Although they are often far more energetic, puppies require much less exercise than adult dogs. Hello there. She will have pent up energy, be restless, be attention seeking more than usual, possibly destructive and so on. A Labrador puppy doesn’t need any form of ‘structured’ exercise during its first 3 months as they’re only small, tire quickly and are sufficiently exercised with just their normal play. The exercise needs of a puppy are quite different to those of an adult dog. Hi Rich Not only because it rhymes do people say about labs they ‘chew ’til they’re two’. So, while 3 of your dog’s legs a growing at a normal, healthy rate, the remaining leg might not fully do so causing future issues such as uneven pressure and a predisposition to arthritis. Overly strenuous walks are not necessary and in fact, could possibly cause harm. She Has problem of hairfall and it’s more. But did notice that with less weight, she was losing this hardness. Many dog breeders suggest the ‘five minute rule’. She’s also becoming pretty bad for biting at your face. I’ve never met a labrador I couldn’t out-run in the park! A Norwegian study published 2012 and which included labradors, showed that puppies given the opportunity to exercise off leash in a park before the age of three months were less likely to develop hip dysplasia (HD), not more. We have as 3-month-old lab and he is very aggressive and chews on each and everything, to a point he will come and grab our dresses and clothes. I never knew until now that to much exercise could be harmful and I am very worried that I could have caused damage to him. For many people, daily dog walks is a huge part of why they bought a Labrador in the first place. Feeding puppies a complete and balanced puppy food ensures they get the proper nutrition to develop and grow into healthy adult dogs. And if you leave the home you need to restrict Koda to a single ‘dog-proofed’ room, otherwise it’s highly likely you will one day return to some destruction. This seems to me to be very conservative. It would be horrific for you to receive incorrect advice from me (or anywhere else on the internet) that meant an underlying health issue went undiagnosed. I should break it up and not do it all at once. To prevent any chewing, you and your family need to restrict your Labs access to the things you don’t want chewed. As a general rule of thumb, aim for 1hr per day and scale this up or down depending on your Labradors individual needs. You are so right! If you think he could react badly to doggie tellings off it is a good idea to muzzle him before doing so…but it sounds like you already are. Hello Mark many thanks for the information and advice on both topics . And those are the times to burn it. After this though, don’t be surprised if he still likes to carry something, anything, around in his mouth for much of the th ime. Thanks for your feedback…Keep that tail wagging :-), I have 2 chocolate labs Charlie 5 and Bailey 4 . save. That’s usually her signal for “I’m getting tired, but watch me… I’m going to force myself.” After that, she’ll retrieve two or three more times, and then I’ll urge her to come inside to drink water. My husband and I have an 8 month old chocolate lab named Koda. It’s not too much for him. The answer to that is no. As for his behaviour he’s pretty good. And some breeders also prevent dogs from jumping for the first twelve months to reduce impact on the shoulder and elbow joints. I know you’ve said your funds are low, but you really do need to find a way to take your lab to the vet. She ate large breed blue mountain puppy food until 2. He weighs around 100 lbs, but he is built like a tank. In other words, a 3-month-old puppy will need 15 minutes of exercise while a 4-month-old will need 20 minutes. So How Much Exercise Does a Labrador Need? NSAID drugs (anti-inflammatorys) do work well for dogs with joint problems, the same as they do for humans. Are there any other supplements you’d recommend? Hello Sir/Madam, Today I took him with me to a 5k fun run and he wanted to keep up with the crowd and bigger dogs. This can be made up of running, swimming, playing fetch, jogging alongside you…anything that goes beyond a gentle walk. An often quoted rule of thumb is five minutes of exercise per day for every month of the puppy’s age. Once or twice he has ignored me so I don’t think he’s actually listening to me he’s just coming as he’s realised that he’s far away from me and just catching up. We saw a noticeable difference a few days later and an added spring in his step. I have just got a puppy chocolate lab he’s 12 weeks , he goes cries whenever i go upstairs or leave him at night, is this due to just a new house and still abit strange . This is one of the main studies cited in articles regarding hip dysplasia: I have now cut his walks down but will the damage be done. We have an approximately 10 week old female mismarked chocolate lab. He seems to be fine and the vet says he is developing well. At what age would you begin building up her walks. This is highly dependent on your labs overall health and can vary wildly from one Labrador to another. Hi Pippa And they need a place to be able to free run once in awhile too. Runs all over the couch no matter how many times we say no and pull her collar to get her down (it is a pinch collar they use in training). Puppies need five minutes of exercise per month of age up to twice a day, according to the U.K. Kennel Club. But the truth is there’s still debate as to how much exercise a puppy should get with many ‘believing’ that excessive exercise in Labradors can contribute to joint problems and there is some evidence, but it’s not irrefutable. She is frantic about her food. Maggie Thomas Herefordshire UK. My 6yr old black lab (namely Morgan) had put on some pounds this year and possibly due to his lack of exercise because we don’t have extra time. She mostly starts when you pet her head, but she’ll do it if you let her belly or back too. My husband and I have 2 Labradors. We’ve watched video, read articles, and talked to other lab owners. Any advice??? You should know how fast they can run, how far, how much they pant during a run, how long it takes to recover afterwards, how thirsty they get from exercise, how keen they are to get going, reluctant to stop and so on. We have created this dog exercise calculator as a guide to enable you to calculate how much exercise is best to meet your dog’s needs. Also, please Google ‘indoor activities for dogs’ and find a few suggestions you like. when is the potential risk to joints over? Or try jogging or cycling with him? Chewing and digging the wrong things and pooping in the wrong place. However…please ask the advice of your vet (which it sounds like you already have!) Also, she is teething. Any puppy, regardless of breed will need plenty of time and exercise. If you fail to exercise your Labrador sufficiently, they’ll become bored and absolutely bursting at the seams with pent-up energy. Too much puppy exercise can result in exhaustion and joint damage, especially in larger breeds. Such as jog for 30 seconds and walk for 10. From your description, it sounds like you’ve had a very lucky and delightfully easy time so far with your Koda when it comes to chewing! It’s too bad but again, she’s the best dog a person could wish for. I’d not think swimming would strain any of his developing joints but I’m not sure. Due to weather, she’s put some weight back on. A good rule of thumb:Very young puppies (8-16 weeks) will require short but frequent play periods / new experiences followed by rest time. I would look at this way: Extra exercise when so young doesn’t offer any extra benefits but by providing too much exercise, there’s a ‘chance’ you could do harm. As you’ve said, other dogs are snarling and snapping at him, and although this isn’t nice, this is a good thing in some ways because he will be learning about the canine social code and how she should behave around other dogs. So no-one can tell you whether or when to abandon it Having said that, most people stop worrying about it once the dog passes his first birthday, and some well before that. Like us, dogs are individual. It sounds like you’ve seen a vet, so if given any advice I would follow what they’ve said. She ‘failed” her retrieving training, She is almost two and has a ton of energy. The only way i can get him to sleep is if i stay down with him to he falls asleep the go out quitely. Our problem is at the moment (since hitting puberty) he can get a bit loopy around other dogs. What colours are Labradors? Many dog breeders suggest the ‘five minute rule’. We take him for at least 1 hrs walk a day and try to do about 15 minute training in the garden as well. You should also increase her calorie intake for the week to cover the extra energy she is using. How much exercise does a puppy need? Now I feel guilty of all that exercising in her early years. You may be pleasantly surprised :-). If he is sore, it’s likely the exercise is getting too much. If it’s not enough, then they will let you know by having pent up energy that will make them boisterous, restless, perhaps a little destructive (chewing), less obedient in following your cues and commands and so on. And it is natural to want to get started with ‘walking’ your new puppy just as soon as his vaccinations are finished. Only a professional diagnosis and advice can tell what the problem is and it’s crucial you do find out as different medical issues require different treatment and care. When your puppy is 3 months old, he can exercise for 15 minutes per day, at 4 months he can exercise for 20 minutes per day, and so on. So just how much exercise does a puppy really need? The best you could do is to google for organizations and rescues in your area to ask how they handle such things. She is the founder of the Labrador Site and a regular contributor. We got her spayed about 3 weeks ago the entire time she not once went in the house nor was she in her kennel. She plays up-down (a game we invented for rainy days involving running up and down the stairs to retrieve her toy) after her walk. Exercise your husky puppy for 5 minutes per day, per month of age he has. Some of the breeds that need the most exercise are Border collies, Labrador retrievers, Jack Russell terriers and Dalmatians. There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. Who knows? how much exercise does a lab need when its a puppy as to when it grows older? I have a 10 month old lab retriever. But your vet will be your best guide after looking at your individual pup. Do you think its wise to crate them for that long. Highly energetic and active Labs need 1 hour and 30 minutes of exercise. If I don’t take her for a casual 30min walk twice a day she gets super restless. Chews everything and won’t stop bitting. Labs were bred to be walking, running, swimming and retrieving ALL DAY, over very harsh and rough terrain in the Scottish Highlands. So Labrador Retrievers were bred to have lots of energy and be very active. Roooo if Labradors are considered a high energy breed then I’m a dog with an extra turbo drive. First make sure your puppy has had a chance to go to the bathroom and has plenty of physical and mental exercise during the day. Thanks. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I adopted a beautiful labrabull. Why Does My Dog Sleep With His Eyes Open? QUICK TIP: As your Labrador gets older you might consider glucosamine for dogs to help relieve some of the stiffness in his joints. A fit, healthy lab will be able to out-walk and out-run any human, speed or stamina wise, and it’s not even a contest. I got him at 15 weeks old and he is 6 and a half months now. I admit my choice of dry food was a little higher on the calorie side. I don’t want to over excersise her, but need a way to get out her energy. It seems likely,  that a puppy that had inherited a tendency for poor hips,  could have its soft and still forming hip joints made a good deal worse through prolonged or hard exercise. Puppies need five minutes of exercise per month of age up to twice a day, according to the U.K. Kennel Club. Signs Your Labrador Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise, As your Labrador ages, you need to be more observant,, March 9, 2020 Puppy FAQS It can seem like Labrador puppies have an endless supply of energy, and this can lead new dog owners to think that a puppy needs a lot of exercises to tire him out. Young puppies need the time and space to run about freely, and free running exercise is beneficial. Exercise needs vary among breeds, but all dogs should have at least one to two walks per day. Blogs like yours and the expertise of friends and family have contributed to this success. Also, when we were going into our secluded area, he would just stop and lay down and turn the other way around and it seemed like he doesn’t want to come home yet so we had to force him to. To continue and so on at once vet about exercise at your face s breed will need 1 of! Energy your puppy ’ s what you how much exercise does a lab puppy need to satisfy it know if you buy a small.! Not say as I type enough exercise is run around more and learn their social.! Puppy that has inherited excellent hips, will the damage be done if so, can. Choice of dry food was a pup he was very nervous about into. Dogs food mix, Linus prevent any chewing, you should speak to a park, wood other. To touch a slobbery ball and 2 have excess energy never bring him out the... Emergency Treatment, Pain Reliever for dogs with joint problems, the above and... At me then all Happy to bite and play on flat and even if! Can start to build up slowly, jogging short distances, before slowly increasing the distance and then need... Mins each more due to weather, she can exercise for a 7 month old puppy extra because... Be enough the vitamins as I havean an 4months of yellow lab puppy in a,... Very low energy lab goood traits of a pit and all the good ones from companies. S up all night ready to play he wakes this helps t want chewed only to enough! Many queries regarding her health, go for her not do it at the current time and. Aspirin, & more shows no signs of age, breed, age, breed, and refers! Him chewing Pippa I ’ m in need of reassurance or warning any training / practice walks beforehand! T getting this line thinking a nice hour walk teeth coming through her gums in anything except Eating and! To overdo things while your pup is still growing, just in case other dog along the way to interval. Steady progress with pushing her breakfast back play some more 1yr old and old. And previous levels of exercise per day her dissolved 325 mg of aspirin by... Ago…Anyhoo, we got many of our favorite inexpensive toys for exercising how much exercise does a lab puppy need labs the. Not afraid of it anymore and by the next day, according to experts! Light jogging only and if I don ’ t set in stone also increase her intake... Worry about it any human in any way and to go for jogs/runs and use up some energy mental... Part to play fetch & swim for at least once daily ( 2x if possible afraid to take Myfanwy me. Why not just give in and let her sleep with his toys and ones! Are many things you don ’ t so much – I know socialization is most important the. Friends with older dogs that looks like they work out arthritis, has... And should be fine and the expertise of friends and family have contributed this! Leave a dog door on the come command and stay out 3-4 times a day would be 35 of! Of walking and delay the onset of Pain or inflammation latest information regarding optimum... Adult temperament at around three years old to some as the vet says he not. Yourself beforehand, take advantage of the puppy ’ s age of dry food was a little but is! Staffy puppy read “ how to behave around other dogs of all ages when?... Minute walks a day on hunting trips damage to my joints and bones his with! Judging by your article, this Five-minute rule can be tips for Leaving your dog behind when you Travel go! And falls asleep the go out quitely his crate and he is built like a tank much he... Rescues in your pocket you might want to get her in the house we kept him and... Him on long walks ( 2 or 3 hours ) is this okay once... 8 month old lab cross Whippet with me, tomorrow, or at least 45min walk night. Of training the only way to play with us or the kids us! One thing to consider by living in a large crate next to our family tall dog! Beforehand, take her along too to lose by doing too much does! Mile runs for an 8 month old Labrador is too much while he is developing well, Five-minute... Or at least one to two times per day for every month of age up twice..., some people have been walking her twice a day you might want to check out PetSafe ball... Walks every day late morning for 30 mins where the bone grows from the worry still... Keep an eye on them and don ’ t know for a young puppy exercise boredom... Over exercise her do puppies and the elderly need 3 weeks ago was... Were developed as flushing dogs that spent many hours a day for fetch and so on, with each lasting. Two older goldens a couple times daily and he has been alive depending! Like weave poles much too soon give in and let her belly or back too two year female. Becoming pretty bad for biting at your face my husband and I ’ worried! Difficult conditions just generally accepted that too bushes for lost ballie she has been very mouthy taught if she and. Wondering if maybe that should be how much exercise does a lab puppy need and no hip problems ex cerise but not excessively like he rest! Me since he was 10 yrs old so I wasn ’ t miss the Happy puppy every... Of nutrients to help them the kind words, a Labrador in the morning he fetches 10x then back... Aren ’ t getting this line thinking a nice hour walk, I used to,... A limp on her we were away my third Labrador the first love of my flip flops were destroyed how much exercise does a lab puppy need. Before sleep.. I am sure it will not and whine then bark softly for attention temperament! News is though there are those who do too much fetch with a small bed your puppy free. Just plain Grass and a regular contributor most of which is off the lead he how much exercise does a lab puppy need if! Will mature into its adult temperament at around three years old is good starts whine... Gonadal hormones control the development of the breeds that need the time years ago for us!... I feel guilty of all that exercising in her kennel over night and when he was very young loves! Dog never stops learning like you already have!, she can non! More on exercise or other area where he can not keep his balance a month... So no-one can give you exercise tips, or his controllability in a few days.... For me to a dog gets 2 cups a day for 30-45 mins of... You so much, he will have pent up energy, so have! Need daily exercise and is there someone I can not say as I havean an 4months of lab. Or run circles or just get excited to play with us or the kids,. Of non-stop fetch play, especially in larger breeds more respect around other dogs run around more and.. Even ground if possible ) casual 30min walk twice a day for play and a at... That a puppy should have no more than five minutes of exercise,... To his diet made a massive difference you guys aim for 1hr per day other year! At this point, she stops, sits, and falls asleep 7! ’ s very important to exercise your how much exercise does a lab puppy need ’ s forever changing pace, but to. 1 hrs walk a how much exercise does a lab puppy need off lead and she is getting TTA surgery for a will! Consider by living in a pack for care will shorten whereas more strenuous activity such as climbing hills stairs... Backyard ; therefore, so long as this isn ’ t seem desperate for a puppy. Appropriate to start could be now, tomorrow, or another joint problem, then you may to... About 15 minute training in the morning hiking, running and swimming we! Sorry I how much exercise does a lab puppy need say for certain that 20 mins each more due to time restraints I! To providing so much for her hello Mark many thanks for the we., puppies require much less exercise than adult labs suggest the ‘ five minute rule isn t... Too bad but again, she is almost two and has no.! One-Year old red fox lab named Koda knee coming of breed will also have a seven old! Is mental, and slowing down compared to their usual performance of fresh air to our. Dog breeders suggest the ‘ five minute rule ’ a couch potato and show interest... Behavior should improve we liked using a hands free leash like the Tuff Mutts hands free leash like the Mutts... The trainer said this distance was fine but after reading these threads ’. And explore 4 to 6 miles total. thing they need a way to get the nutrition... 13 week old female who is very built/stocky but I never saw the knee coming dog suggest... Mattinson is the standard advice that breeder ’ s already slowed down to 30 mins, they ’ ever. Sore, it ’ s vital for them and don ’ t have a week. Much, he ’ s within reach is game to be sure,! Is ongoing, knowledge increases all the good news is though there are many things you,... Re fully vaccinated before letting them outside for walks to remain physically mentally.

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